Man got death sentence for showing squid game in school, child jailed

Netflix's latest web series Squid Game is becoming quite popular. The audience has liked it very much. Meanwhile, in North Korea, a man has been sentenced to death for distributing copies of the squid game. Not only this, other convicts involved in the case have been sentenced to life imprisonment and rigorous imprisonment for watching the show illegally. This includes a child.

In fact, media reports quoting North Korea's news agency RFA have said that this accused smuggler acquired a copy of the show in China and brought it back to North Korea. There he allegedly sold copies of the show on USB flash drives. First a school student secretly bought this drive and saw it with a friend.

 The report also mentions that the friend who saw the same told many other friends as well, along with he shared the drive. Then suddenly it was revealed and everyone was caught. The court has sentenced the accused under a new law. Not only this, the committee investigating this incident has also dismissed the principal of the school, his teacher. Altogether 6 others were sentenced to five years' imprisonment.

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