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Dictator Kim Jong Un lashed out at officials who failed to prevent the corona epidemic

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has slammed the ruling party officials for not taking effective measures against the corona epidemic. He has said that the authorities have played with the security of the country and its citizens by not carrying out its prevention work properly. However, in the news published by the country's news agency Korean Central News Agency, no mention has been made of what happened after Kim said such a thing. Nor has it been told in this news how the threat to the safety of civilians arose. According to South Korea and US officials, North Korea has never told how many cases of corona infection it has here. On the contrary, it has been repeatedly said from North Korea that no case of its infection has been reported there. However, in view of this epidemic, North Korea closed the borders and imposed many restrictions. Not only this, he had also stopped his domestic visits for some time. According to the news, Kim Jong-un had called a meeting of the