The market of speculation about the health of dictator Kim Jong Un heated again, know what is the reason this time

Speculation has started once again regarding the health of North Korean dictator Kim Jog Un. The reason for this has been a photo of him, which has recently surfaced. In this they are already feeling weak. It is being said that his weight is less than before. According to South Korean news agency Yonhop, this picture of him was released by North Korea's state media on Saturday only. This photo of him is from when he addressed the Politburo meeting of the ruling party last week. During this meeting, he had come in front of the media after about a month. During this it was believed that he had lost some weight. NK News has analyzed his before and now photos.

  A Seoul-based website published a large image of him on Tuesday. In this, his left wrist was looking thinner than before. In this photo, his favorite watch is seen tied tightly to his wrist, which is about 12 thousand dollars. Experts have also seen this image by mixing it with a photo taken in November 2020 and March this year. Let us tell you that 37-year-old Kim is a chain smoker. His father Kim Jong Il died of a heart attack in the year 2011. It is believed that due to their lifestyle and weight, they are facing a lot of problems.

NK News quoted South Korean intelligence agencies as saying that Kim's weight is about 140 kg. At the same time, after coming to power in the year 2011, his weight has increased by about 7 kg. However, till now it is not clear whether Kim, who is looking thin in the latest photo, has happened due to some disease or she has really paid attention towards losing weight, whose results are visible. However, experts on the news website believe that he is showing some seriousness about losing weight and he has decided to lose weight. He also believes that his standing position has also improved a lot.

Let us tell you that the economic condition of North Korea is very bad and there is a lot of food and drink there. The situation has also worsened due to reduced trade with China during the Corona epidemic. At the same time, international sanctions also remain a big obstacle in his way. These sanctions were imposed by North Korea after ballistic missile and nuclear tests.

 Let us tell you that the market of speculation has been very hot many times regarding Kim's health. A lot was said about him some time back also. At that time, there was talk of surgery in the media in his critical condition and there was even speculation as to who would sit at the top of power in his absence. Similarly, in the year 2014, even after he did not appear in front of the media for a few weeks, there was similar speculation.

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