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Speculation has started once again regarding the health of North Korean dictator Kim Jog Un. The reason for this has been a photo of him, which has recently surfaced. In this they are already feeling weak. It is being said that his weight is less than before. According to South Korean news agency Yonhop, this picture of him was released by North Korea's state media on Saturday only. This photo of him is from when he addressed the Politburo meeting of the ruling party last week. During this meeting, he had come in front of the media after about a month. During this it was believed that he had lost some weight. NK News has analyzed his before and now photos.

  A Seoul-based website published a large image of him on Tuesday. In this, his left wrist was looking thinner than before. In this photo, his favorite watch is seen tied tightly to his wrist, which is about 12 thousand dollars. Experts have also seen this image by mixing it with a photo taken in November 2020 and March this year. Let us tell you that 37-year-old Kim is a chain smoker. His father Kim Jong Il died of a heart attack in the year 2011. It is believed that due to their lifestyle and weight, they are facing a lot of problems.

NK News quoted South Korean intelligence agencies as saying that Kim's weight is about 140 kg. At the same time, after coming to power in the year 2011, his weight has increased by about 7 kg. However, till now it is not clear whether Kim, who is looking thin in the latest photo, has happened due to some disease or she has really paid attention towards losing weight, whose results are visible. However, experts on the news website believe that he is showing some seriousness about losing weight and he has decided to lose weight. He also believes that his standing position has also improved a lot.

Let us tell you that the economic condition of North Korea is very bad and there is a lot of food and drink there. The situation has also worsened due to reduced trade with China during the Corona epidemic. At the same time, international sanctions also remain a big obstacle in his way. These sanctions were imposed by North Korea after ballistic missile and nuclear tests.

 Let us tell you that the market of speculation has been very hot many times regarding Kim's health. A lot was said about him some time back also. At that time, there was talk of surgery in the media in his critical condition and there was even speculation as to who would sit at the top of power in his absence. Similarly, in the year 2014, even after he did not appear in front of the media for a few weeks, there was similar speculation.

US President Joe Biden will meet his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in the Swiss capital, Geneva, on June 16. China's eyes are also fixed on this meeting. The special thing is that the meeting of the two leaders is taking place at a time when there is a conflict and differences between the US and China regarding the origin of the corona virus and on all issues. Not only this, in the G-7 meeting, all European countries including America have prepared a roadmap to crack down on China. On the other hand, there is also tension in the relations between Russia and America. In such a situation, it is expected that this meeting of the heads of the two countries can lead to a softening of the strained relations between America and Russia. Biden's meeting with Putin also means a lot in this context.

 Signs of the restoration of better relations between America and Russia in the future

Recently, while giving information, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that the top leaders of the two countries will discuss a wide range of issues as we seek the restoration and stability of a better US-Russian relationship in the future. This dialogue will be about ending the ongoing tension between the two countries and positive initiatives in the relations. Let us inform that US President Biden had sent an invitation to Russian President Vladimir Putin, taking the initiative to improve relations between the two countries. The press secretary said that the steps taken so far by Russia harm America's sovereignty. We will defend our national interest. Earlier in the past, President Biden spoke to Putin on the phone. He expressed concern about the sudden Russian military activities in Ukraine and Crimea.

Biden's agenda

  On the other hand, the diplomatic implications of the US President's meeting with Putin are also being extracted. America's strategy is to put pressure on China to end the origin of the corona virus in China, the growing dominance of the dragon in the Indian Pacific region and the South China Sea. Apart from this, he wants to isolate China in the world regarding Hong Kong and Uighur Muslims. In such a situation, this meeting of Biden and Putin is being seen in a special dimension. Now it will be interesting to see how he can disrupt the friendship between China and Russia.
 America's first target will be to change Russia's position on the issue of China. If he fails in this, his goal will be to improve relations between America and Russia. If Russia and America come closer, there will be direct or indirect pressure on China. This meeting of Biden is being viewed with a special perspective. Especially for the origin of Corona, America completely blames China. In such a situation, it will be America's agenda to persuade Russia for this.
  Apart from this, many other reasons are being considered for the meeting between the two countries. In this, there are issues like sanctions imposed by the US on 32 Russian entities and Russia's involvement in the 2020 elections and the supply chain software hacking of the US network. However, Russia has denied these allegations.

The leaders of seven of the world's richest countries have made impressive promises to vaccinate the world against the corona virus, give their share of large sums of money and technology to stop climate change. The group has pledged to provide more than one billion doses of the vaccine, 500 million of which will be donated by the US.

At the conclusion of the summit, host UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said vaccines would be supplied to countries both directly and through an international 'Covax' initiative. US President Joe Biden said that helping the world fight Corona is a continuous and long-lasting project.

 G-7 pledges to donate vaccine doses

 There is a clear agreement among G-7 leaders that their commitment to donate vaccine doses will not die down. Despite this commitment, the World Health Organization (WHO) has said that 11 billion more doses are needed to vaccinate at least 70 percent of the world's population.

try to show better than china

  The G-7 leaders tried to show from the summit that international cooperation is on the rise again after the turmoil caused by the pandemic and the volatile nature of former US President Donald Trump. These leaders sent the message that this group of wealthy democracies is a better friend to the poorer countries than totalitarian China.

 The issue of Brexit remained shadowed

The summit, which took place in the coastal city of South West England, was clouded by Brexit. European Union leader and US President Joe Biden expressed concern over UK-EU trade rules that have led to tensions in Northern Ireland. However, the overall atmosphere in the conference was positive. The leader was seen smiling in front of the camera.

 The British Queen gave a banquet

The last time the G-7 summit was held in France was in 2019. Last year the conference was to be held in the US, but could not take place due to the pandemic. On the first evening of the conference, Queen Elizabeth II hosted a banquet in which all the leaders were seen talking.

  Relief in friendly countries due to America's return

 It was clearly seen in the conference that its allies are feeling relieved by the withdrawal of America. America has returned to international affairs, leaving the Trump administration's 'America first' policy. Biden said, 'America is back and the world's democracies are together.' French President Emmanuel Macron said: "It's great to see Biden be part of the club and he is willing to cooperate." India, South Africa, Australia and South Korea were invited as guests to the conference.

Agreement on minimum tax for multinational companies

 The G-7 countries supported a global minimum tax on multinational companies and agreed that they would work together to counter China's anti-market economic policies. The US lobbied for a minimum tax.

 Johnson calls harmony in G-7 a boon for democracy

  British Prime Minister Johnson has said that the summit between the leaders of the G-7 grouping on climate change, democratic values ​​and fighting the corona virus epidemic was excellent. Johnson said the group of wealthy democracies will demonstrate the value of democracy and human rights to the rest of the world and help the world's poorest countries develop themselves in a way that is clean, green and sustainable.

 Differences over allocation of $100 billion for Corona affected countries

 Attempts were being made to resolve differences in the G-7 countries on the proposal to allocate $100 billion (Rs 7.20 lakh crore) from the International Monetary Fund to help the countries suffering from the Corona crisis. It is reported that Germany and Italy have not supported this proposal.

The US, along with its international allies, will continue to pressurize China to be transparent about the origin of Corona and to provide accurate information. US National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan said that along with this, we will also continue our investigation process. This statement of America comes at a time when China on Monday rejected America's demand for compensation.

 We will also take cooperation of our international partners

 Speaking to reporters at the White House, Sullivan said, "We, along with our international allies, will continue to pressure China to be transparent." We will not accept what China has said that it will not participate in this process also. He said President Joe Biden would also discuss the issue with international leaders during his first foreign trip after taking office. Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Tony Blinken said in a meeting of lawmakers that there could be two sources of origin of the corona virus. The first is that it may have been manufactured in the laboratory. Second, it can also be of natural origin. Responding to a question from Foreign Affairs Committee member Steve Cabot, Blinken said President Biden has ordered a detailed investigation into the matter.

Biden to attend G-7, NATO meetings

  Sullivan said President Biden will leave for a visit to Britain on Wednesday. After that he will also go to Brussels and Geneva. During his visit, he will also interact with global leaders apart from attending G-7 and NATO meetings. During the meetings, issues such as the impact of the Corona epidemic, security challenges and the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan will be discussed. "We believe the President's visit comes at a time when the situation in the country is improving," Sullivan said.

Constructive talks held with Pakistan on Afghanistan issue

 Sullivan said that there have been constructive talks with Pakistan through intelligence and diplomatic channels on tackling terrorism in Afghanistan and the Afghan peace process. Sullivan said the peace process would be an important issue during the NATO meeting next week. We want to make sure that Afghanistan does not become a stronghold of Al Qaeda or IS again and that no terrorist group can attack America again. However, he did not give details of the talks with Pakistan.

Meeting with Russia only for dialogue

  Sullivan said the purpose of President Biden's summit meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva is to make Russia aware of America's views. Biden and Putin's meeting is scheduled to take place on June 16. Sullivan said that if you anticipate any significant achievement from the conversation, you have to wait a long time for that. Therefore, there is a need to think about the summit meeting that mutual views will be conveyed in it.

Called to demand compensation from China

 Let us tell you that China on Monday rejected former US President Donald Trump's demand to give 10 trillion dollars as compensation to the US and the world for the death and devastation caused by Corona. It said the accountability lies with those leaders who neglected the lives and health of the people. Let us tell you that Trump has once again blamed China for the corona virus. Trump has asked all countries of the world to demand damages from China. Former US President Trump called on the US and all countries to demand compensation from China for the damage caused by COVID-19. Speaking at the North Carolina Republican Convention, Trump said that the time has come for America and all countries of the world to demand compensation and accountability from the Communist Party of China. We must all declare in one voice that China will have to pay for our losses. They have to pay.

Joe Biden has arrived in Britain on his first foreign tour since becoming the President of the United States. Here he has arrived to participate in the G-7 conference to be held in Cornwell. The conference will run from June 11-13. His journey is very special in many ways. Let us tell you that Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Britain and America are included in the G-7. The G-7 may be of three days but their tour is much longer than that. Biden will then meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Ziva on June 16. This meeting is going to be very special in view of the bad relations between the US and Russia for a long time. During this, both will keep their controversial issues face to face openly.

  In this conference, some specific issues like availability of corona vaccine, trade, climate change and rebuilding of infrastructure in developing countries will be discussed for the world battling the pandemic. It is also being said that pressure will also be put on the supply of vaccine in this. Let us tell you that this conference is taking place at a time when many countries and global organizations are constantly asking that rich countries donate their extra doses of vaccine to poor countries. Therefore, this issue is expected to be raised in full swing. Significantly, along with America, Britain has also talked about donating the vaccine, but it has not disclosed how much dose it will give. At the same time, America has announced to give 20 million vaccine doses only last week.

After the conference, Biden and Jill will visit Windsor Castle to meet the Queen of Britain. After this he will also go to Belgium and then to Switzerland. On Thursday, he will meet British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Carbys Bay. Earlier on Wednesday, when he landed at Mildenhall in Suffolk, US Army officers and his family were present to lead him there. Here he addressed them. US First Lady Jill Biden was also present with President Biden. On this occasion, Biden said that America is back and democracies around the world stand shoulder to shoulder with us to face every challenge. He also said that we have to think about our people in every situation and preserve our values ​​for the future as well.
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