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Israeli President Ruvan Rivlin has called for Benjamin Netanyahu to form the government. Despite elections in the country for the fourth time in two years on March 23, neither party got a clear majority nor any coalition was able to form a government. In the last 70 years, no party has managed to get a majority in Israel so far. Netanyahu has 28 days to form an alliance. Apart from this, if required, he can also ask for additional time of two weeks to form the government.

Must prove majority in 28 days

If Netanyahu fails to form the government, the president can give another candidate a chance to form a coalition. 52 MPs have recommended Netanyahu's name, but the magical figure is still far from 61 seats. Netanyahu's Likud Party has won the most seats out of 120 seats in Parliament. It is believed that Netanyahu can use influence to form the government.

Despite elections for the fourth time in two years, no party or coalition has been successful in forming the government.

Former Finance Minister Yar Lapid recommended 45 MPs and former Defense Minister Naphtali Bennett seven MPs. Netanyahu is facing trial for corruption and taking bribes, but he has not yet been charged with the case. President Rivlin said that at the moment no one has the strength to form a government, but I believe that Netanyahu's claim is the strongest among those who can form a government.

Fueled by US President Joe Biden's statement, North Korea said its comments were provocative. Biden (US President Joe Biden) criticized North Korea's recent missile tests and warned that it would be prepared to bear the consequences if it increased tensions. North Korea's official Korea Central News Agency (KCNA) on Saturday quoted a statement issued by senior officer Ri Pyong Chol as saying that President Biden's remarks were provocative and an encroachment of North Korea's self-defense rights. .

North Korea will continue to step up to increase its military strength. Biden told reporters on Thursday, 'We are in consultation with our allied countries. If they follow the path of tension, we will respond accordingly. North Korea tested the new guided missiles on Thursday. KCNA had reported that the two guided missiles were fully successful in hitting targets on Thursday. While Japanese officials said that North Korea tested two ballistic missiles.

Experts believe that North Korea is acting in such a way to put pressure on the Biden administration, so that any kind of dialogue between the two countries can be taken advantage of in the future. However, both have been holding nuclear talks since 2019. The then US President Donald Trump and North Korea's supreme leader Kim Jong Un met three times but nothing was made. In the talks held in 2019, the US rejected North Korea's demand to lift the sanctions. North Korea has so far ignored attempts to negotiate the Biden administration (US President Joe Biden).

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