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Changes in the electoral system in Hong Kong and the massacre of Uygar Muslims in Xinjiang will create trouble in the meeting between China and the United States in Alaska. China has once again criticized China on both these matters. It has also said that this could make diplomatic negotiations difficult. The US has expressed its commitment to raise these issues vigorously.

 White House press secretary Jane Saki said that on March 18 and 19 in Alaska, with China, Foreign Minister Antoine Blinken and National Security Advisor Jack Sullivan would not back down from taking up these issues. Along with this, the issue of democracy and Taiwan in Hong Kong is also important for us. The massacre of Uygar Muslims is very serious.

 On the US statement in the case of Xinjiang, Taiwan and Hong Kong, China has already described it as interfering in the internal matter. China wants to avoid these issues and insist on resolving differences.

There will also be talks with China on the issue of climate change

 Foreign Ministry spokesman Ned Price said on the issue of change in the electoral system in Hong Kong that it is directly an attack on the democratic system and independence here. Ned Price has said that there will also be talks with China on the issue of climate change.

 He said that we are not just talking. Beijing will have to show seriousness on all issues. So that the relationship between the two countries can be normal.

It may be known that the Biden administration of the United States is reviewing relations with China afresh. Meanwhile, the biggest hurdles in the talks are the massacre of Uygar Muslims, issues in Hong Kong and Taiwan. A few days before the talks on all these three issues, China's stubborn attitude remains.
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