US Politics: President Donald Trump, forced to sign backfoot over Corona relief package

US President Donald Trump is on the back foot with the Corona relief package. Finally, they have signed the relief package. On Friday, President Trump suddenly refused to sign the Corona Relief Packs. President Trump's decision was strongly opposed in the US. The Democratic and Republican parties once again became deadlocked about this. Trump's decision was condemned by the newly elected US President Joe Biden. Ultimately, Trump has signed the Corona relief package amid heavy opposition. With this, the hope of getting relief packages to the American citizens battling the Corona virus has increased. It will directly or indirectly affect 10 million American citizens.

 Unemployment allowance bill hanging in balance due to not signing Trump

Significantly, US President Donald Trump refused to sign the Corona relief package. This led to the hanging of unemployment allowance for millions of American people struggling for their daily needs. Earlier it was believed that he would sign the bill, but suddenly he started objecting to it. Trump refused to sign the bilateral package, demanding a greater amount of corona relief and raising other questions in this regard. In this situation, there was also the danger of shutting down the work of the federal government from twelve o'clock one minute on Tuesday night. The bill was approved by both houses of parliament. However, after changing the mood of the trump, it was stuck in the balance.

Provision for payment of $ 600 for Americans

  The bill proposes a provision to pay $ 600 for most Americans, but Trump said he would ask Parliament to amend it and raise the sheer amount of $ 600 for a couple to $ 2,000 or $ 4,000. He said, 'I am also asking Parliament to remove unnecessary things from this bill and send me a suitable bill. Trump said in a video tweeted Tuesday night that the bill talks about giving too much money to foreigners, but it does not provide adequate funding for Americans.

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