US newly elected President Biden said America is struggling with four catastrophes, the team is working hard

America's newly elected President Joe Biden has said that at present the country is facing four historical crises. He said that our team is working hard to meet these challenges. Biden said in the tweet that the condition of the country's economy has become thin due to the corona virus. The country is facing climate change and racial violence. Biden said in the tweet that my team is preparing hard to deal with these historical crises. A few hours after Biden's tweet, President Trump officially signed the Corona Virus Relief and Government Bill.

  On Saturday, Biden pressured President Donald Trump to sign the Corona relief package bill. In this regard, he condemned Trump. He said that lakhs of families are awaiting relief package after Christmas. The Hill reported that both major US political parties had urged Trump to sign the bill. Earlier, America's top infectious disease specialist, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said that the United States is going through the worst phase in the coming weeks, due to the spread of the corona epidemic. He said that the spread of corona virus has increased due to the Christmas holidays.

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