US Election 2020: Conflict of power transfer in US: Biden charges serious on Trump, know the whole matter

The newly elected President of the United States, Joe Biden, has accused Donald Trump of not sharing information about national security issues. He has said that the administration of outgoing President Donald Trump is hindering the transfer of some heads of security departments. This move of Trump shows his uncooperative attitude towards power transfer. The special thing is that Biden's statement came at a time when the Trump administration has approved the transfer of power. Let us tell you that Donald Trump has lost the presidential election. The newly elected President of the United States, Joe Biden, will take power on January 20.

 What is the American tradition about power transfer

  In fact, the tradition in America is that the President assists in the transfer of power of the newly elected President after the election so that the new President does not have any difficulty in operating the rule after assuming office. In this sequence, the outgoing President shares all the important information of the White House with the elected President's team. This is the reason that in the US, three months after the election of the President, the newly elected President takes power from the Legislative Assembly, so that all the important matters are in his knowledge. In this interval, the newly elected President's team is informed of all the issues, but Biden has accused President Trump of not sharing information on security-related issues. It is in a way a violation of the tradition, which all the presidents have been carrying out till now and it is an important legislation. Is a tradition.

  This information is necessary to meet the challenges of China

 Biden said that this information would be very useful for determining the relationship between the US and China for the next four years. He said that on behalf of President Trump, our team and newly elected President Kamala Harris are not getting the information related to the issues related to national security. Due to this, our team is facing a big challenge in setting foreign policy and national security. He said that this information is very important to strategize the new team on the diplomatic front of the country.

 Focus on strategy to deal with China

  US elected President Joe Biden, while setting out his formula for US-China relations for the next four years, said on Monday that Washington needed to build a coalition of like-minded countries to face Beijing. He said that we compete with China to hold China's government accountable for its trade misconduct, technology, human rights and other fronts, when we build alliances of like-minded allies and shared interests and our shared values. Our position will be stronger.

 It is necessary to strengthen ourselves to deal with Russia and China

 He said human rights violations in Xinjiang between the two countries under the Donald Trump administration, encroachment on Hong Kong's special status, accusations of unfair trade practices by Beijing, lack of transparency regarding the epidemic and China's military aggression in different parts of the world such as Relations had soured over the issues. On the issue of meeting security challenges against China and Russia, Biden said that the US should reform to put itself in the strongest position. He said that we need to bridge the gap between our capabilities. Furthermore, there is a need to better detect, disrupt and respond to these types of intrusion in the future.

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