Starting today, top-level lockdown enforced in three-quarters of Britain's population

A new strain of corona virus has been found in Britain, after which scientists and people of the world are in awe and panic. Britain has also increased its strictness. In the wake of this, the strictest lockdown has been implemented in Britain by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He also said earlier that 'this month is' very difficult ', rapid vaccination work is being done to control the corona virus, but it is not enough.'

 The top-level lockdown will be implemented in three-quarters of England's population from Thursday, as the Corona epidemic already puts patients' pressure on hospitals, which has increased further after the arrival of new strains.

  Prime Minister Johnson said in a TV interview that 'the expectation from the vaccine and its own investigation is not enough for the next few weeks, and is likely to be prolonged. Now these winter months will be very difficult, so we should really focus on it and maintain discipline. The spread of the new type of corona virus means that more parts of England will be placed under the strictest level four restrictions, requiring the closure of non-essential retail outlets and further limiting social activity. '

 Johnson said that 'I know it's hard for people, but it has to be done.' The National Health Service has come under threat after more than 50,000 new cases of corona were reported in Britain on Tuesday. This figure is the highest daily figure since the onset of the epidemic. The number of people coming to the hospital for treatment with the corona virus has already broken records recorded during the first wave of infection.

  Let us know that a few days ago, the UK Health Minister Matt Hancock warned that London could be under lockdown for months as it would be very difficult to control the corona virus being highly contagious until the start of vaccination. Matt Hancock had said that people living in Tier-4 areas should behave in such a way that they may have the virus.

 This is the only way we can keep it under control. The situation is very serious and the new type of virus has made it more difficult. Tier 4 is the toughest ban announced in three-quarters of Britain. In the areas where Tier-4 restrictions have been imposed in the UK, people were asked to stay in their homes, not to leave the house when not needed, not to go out of their area and meet people from other areas. has gone. Also, in these areas, out of the house, a person has been asked to meet only one person in public places.


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