Shock to President Trump: US Parliament repeals veto against defense bill

US President Donald Trump is scheduled to leave the White House next month, but insistent on his insistence, Trump trumped the country's $ 740 billion defense policy bill. Now the Democratic-dominated House of Representatives in the lower house of parliament voted to repeal the president's veto, giving them a major setback.

  Members of the House of Representatives nullified the veto imposed on the President's bill by 322 votes against 82. If this bill also gets a two-thirds majority in the Senate (Upper House), then it will be the first bill to be repealed while the President of Trump.

 Trump last week rejected the Defense Bill, saying it failed to curb social media companies. The Defense Bill 'National Defense Authorization Act' (NDAA) provides for a three percent increase in salaries of US security forces and more than $ 740 billion in military programs and construction. Speaker of the lower house Nancy Pelosi said, "This veto will harm our soldiers and threaten our security."

  Trump's veto criticized
 Jim Inhoff, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said the bill was definitely important for national security and soldiers. Senate Armed Services Committee member and Democratic leader Jack Reid also rejected Trump's claim that the bill would benefit China. Explain that during his tenure Trump first used an override vote on a bill.

 India's support against China also mentioned
 The bill also mentions China's increasing aggression on the Line of Actual Control (LAC). Indian American lawmaker Raja Krishnamurthy moved a resolution to this effect. Accordingly, China should not try to penetrate or tamper with India's border. Parliament passed the bill and also included Raja Krishnamurthy's proposal.

  Approval to increase Kovid-19 relief amount in the House of Representatives
 The House of Representatives of America has approved raising the relief amount to $ 2,000 to deal with the impact of Kovid-19 in accordance with the demand of President Donald Trump of the country and sent the bill related to it to the Senate. The House of Representatives approved the bill by 275 votes against 134.

 The House of Representatives has more Democratic Party MPs, while the Senate has more Republican MPs. Earlier, the Kovid-19 relief package provided a provision of $ 600 per person.


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