On US-China relations, Biden said "coalition needed to confront Beijing"

US elected President Joe Biden, while setting his formula for US-China relations for the next four years, said on Monday that Washington needed to build a coalition of like-minded countries to face Beijing.
  his briefing with members of the review team of the National Security and Foreign Policy Agency that 'as we compete with China to hold China's government accountable for its trade misconduct, technology, human rights and other fronts' "When we build alliances with like-minded allies and shared interests and our shared values, our position will get stronger."

 He said that under the Donald Trump administration, human rights violations in Xinjiang between the two countries, encroachment on Hong Kong's special status, accusations of unfair trade practices by Beijing, lack of transparency regarding the epidemic and China's military aggression in different parts of the world Relations such as relations deteriorated.

  Biden said it would more than double the US economic leverage in a country that partners with other democracies compared to China. "We are doing about 25 percent of the global economy on our own, but with our democratic allies, we are more than doubling our economic gains," he said.

 Biden said that on any issue that matters to the US-China relationship, we are stronger and more effective when we encounter nations that share our vision for the future of our world. '

 On the issue of meeting security challenges against China and Russia, Biden said that the US should reform to put itself in the strongest position.

  "We need to bridge the gap between our capabilities and better detect, disrupt and respond to these types of intrusions in the future," he said. Biden is set to occupy the White House in January next year.


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