North Korea: Kim Jong-un's party conference to be held in January

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has reviewed the agenda to be placed in the ruling party's important conference to be held early next month. According to media reports, this has put an end to the speculation that this meeting could be postponed due to the covid-19 epidemic.

  According to the information, Kim and other top officials held a meeting of Politburo to study and discuss the important issues presented in Congress. It was decided at the meeting that the conference would be held in 'early January'. However, it is not clear how long the conference will last.

 This conference of the Workers Party is going to be held after five years which is the largest political conference in the country. It primarily sets new political and economic priorities. Also, reshuffle of top officials and review of old projects are done. This meeting is taking place at a time when vigilance is being taken in the country regarding the corona virus.


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