International coalition needed to confront Beijing: Joe Biden

Newly elected President Joe Biden has announced his formula for US-China relations for the next four years. He said on Monday that Washington should form an international coalition of like-minded countries to face Beijing.

 "When we try to hold China's government accountable on other fronts, including technology and human rights abuses," Biden said after a meeting with members of the review team of the National Security and Foreign Policy Agency. The alliance with us will strengthen our position. ' Explain that the relationship between the two countries is very poor over issues such as human rights violations in Xinjiang, Hong Kong special status encroachment, accusations of unfair trade practices on Beijing, lack of transparency regarding the epidemic and China's military aggression in various parts Have become.

Biden said that partnering with other democratic countries than China would increase the country's economic progress. "Our share in the global economy is around 25 per cent and if we combine with democratic countries, we will be able to more than double our economic benefit," he said. On the issue of tackling security challenges against China and Russia, Biden said that the US would have to make reforms to put itself in the strongest position.

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