After Biden's team, progressive camp opens front with policies

Joe Biden, the US elected president, has announced names for almost all important positions in his administration. In this, he almost completely ignored the names suggested by the Progressive faction of the Democratic Party. The progressive camp is angry with this. But he has now opened a new front. Now the new area of ​​confrontation is the policies to be adopted by the next administration. The Progressive camp has presented policy proposals on its behalf. He wants Biden to prefer these policies after becoming president.

 According to a report by the website The Hill, the progressive camp has now become more aware that Biden is not taking care of her concerns. They are taking a centrist approach. However, both the party's camps are currently eyeing the election for two members of the Senate on January 5 in the state of Georgia. If the Democratic Party did not win both of these seats, then Biden's centrist policies would also be difficult to pass through Parliament (Congress).

  Approving progressive camp programs will be extremely difficult. But if the Democratic candidate wins, then the Democratic Party will have a majority in the Senate. Then the policy and program will be passed and implemented, depending on the will of the Biden administration.

 The policy programs were drafted by five joint task forces of supporters of Biden and Socialist leader Bernie Sanders in the middle of this year. Now the progressive camp is insisting that the Biden administration should implement these same policies. Task Forces had drafted 110 pages. But Progressive Group-Democracy Form America says that only four issues are prominent among them.

  Charles Chamberlain, president of the group, told the website 'The Hill' about those issues. He said these would be related to adding a public option to Obama-Care, a medical insurance scheme (ie government buying insurance policies for citizens), progress on climate change, expansion in voting rights, and implementing measures to determine police accountability. Is from

 Chamberlain said his organization was only focusing on what Biden's team had agreed to at the task force's meetings. He said that these issues are not related to the idealistic things in which the progressive factions believe. Rather, they are related to the promises of the Biden team. He said that as president Biden must show courage to fulfill his promises.

 The progressive faction is very active these days. His strength has also increased in the recent elections. Now the number of its members in the House of Representatives has increased to more than 25. The ideas advocated by these groups were marginalized till four years ago. But Bernie Sanders' campaigns during the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections have made him popular.

  Several recent surveys show the majority of Sanders' issues, such as health care for all and free college education, to be supported by the majority. Despite this, Sanders could not win the candidacy campaign. Biden's supporters see this as evidence that Sanders' politics is not yet the country's mainstream. Whereas Progressives claim that if Biden had contested their issues, the Democratic Party would have won a bigger victory.

 Right now, both factions are eyeing Georgia's election. Progressive faction strategist Jonathan Tassini has said that it would be difficult for Biden to implement his minimum agenda if the Republican Party had a majority in the Senate or even had 50-50 members from both parties. Tahini said that instead of trying to get the government to implement its agenda, it would be better for the progressives to exert their strength in strengthening their movement among the masses.


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