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US President Donald Trump has taken a tough stance towards countries that have refused to take back their citizens. He has extended the visa ban indefinitely on countries that have refused to call home their citizens who violate laws in the United States. The visa ban on such countries was ending on 31 December.

 President Trump issued an order in this regard in April last year. In this, the Foreign Minister and the Home Security Minister were empowered not to issue visas to countries refusing to take back their citizens involved in violation of US laws.

 This decision was taken due to Corona epidemic

  Trump said in a new order on Wednesday, "The order issued on April 10 will remain in effect until canceled by the President." This decision has been taken in view of the increasing threat to public health due to Corona epidemic. '

He said that the refusal of many countries to call their citizens home or the unnecessary delay is increasing the risk of epidemics for American citizens. this is unacceptable.

A new strain of corona virus has been found in Britain, after which scientists and people of the world are in awe and panic. Britain has also increased its strictness. In the wake of this, the strictest lockdown has been implemented in Britain by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He also said earlier that 'this month is' very difficult ', rapid vaccination work is being done to control the corona virus, but it is not enough.'

 The top-level lockdown will be implemented in three-quarters of England's population from Thursday, as the Corona epidemic already puts patients' pressure on hospitals, which has increased further after the arrival of new strains.

  Prime Minister Johnson said in a TV interview that 'the expectation from the vaccine and its own investigation is not enough for the next few weeks, and is likely to be prolonged. Now these winter months will be very difficult, so we should really focus on it and maintain discipline. The spread of the new type of corona virus means that more parts of England will be placed under the strictest level four restrictions, requiring the closure of non-essential retail outlets and further limiting social activity. '

 Johnson said that 'I know it's hard for people, but it has to be done.' The National Health Service has come under threat after more than 50,000 new cases of corona were reported in Britain on Tuesday. This figure is the highest daily figure since the onset of the epidemic. The number of people coming to the hospital for treatment with the corona virus has already broken records recorded during the first wave of infection.

  Let us know that a few days ago, the UK Health Minister Matt Hancock warned that London could be under lockdown for months as it would be very difficult to control the corona virus being highly contagious until the start of vaccination. Matt Hancock had said that people living in Tier-4 areas should behave in such a way that they may have the virus.

 This is the only way we can keep it under control. The situation is very serious and the new type of virus has made it more difficult. Tier 4 is the toughest ban announced in three-quarters of Britain. In the areas where Tier-4 restrictions have been imposed in the UK, people were asked to stay in their homes, not to leave the house when not needed, not to go out of their area and meet people from other areas. has gone. Also, in these areas, out of the house, a person has been asked to meet only one person in public places.


North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has reviewed the agenda to be placed in the ruling party's important conference to be held early next month. According to media reports, this has put an end to the speculation that this meeting could be postponed due to the covid-19 epidemic.

  According to the information, Kim and other top officials held a meeting of Politburo to study and discuss the important issues presented in Congress. It was decided at the meeting that the conference would be held in 'early January'. However, it is not clear how long the conference will last.

 This conference of the Workers Party is going to be held after five years which is the largest political conference in the country. It primarily sets new political and economic priorities. Also, reshuffle of top officials and review of old projects are done. This meeting is taking place at a time when vigilance is being taken in the country regarding the corona virus.


The global pandemic corona virus continues to wreak havoc worldwide. So far, over 66.39 million people have been infected with the corona virus worldwide. At the same time, more than 15.27 lakh people have lost their lives. If we talk about America, then there have been 14,781,043 people infected with it and more than 285,738 people have died. Corona virus has broken America's back. At the same time, the cold winter has increased the difficulties of America.

 American experts have warned the administration and the common people that this winter will prove to be the deadliest winter in the history of the Corona epidemic. Experts said that this is a deadly season for doctors, nurses, funeral crews and people carrying food items to homes everywhere from California to Kansas, Massachusetts to Florida in the US.

  American experts said that health workers have been mentally and physically tired for so many months, fighting against Corona. In such a situation, there is a possibility of worsening due to cold. The situation is expected to go from bad to worse.

 Uncontrollable deaths in America
 Corona infection in America is making things worse. According to the US media report, 1800 deaths occurred every day on average this week and this is the most dangerous situation since April.

 Biden accuses Trump of distributing vaccine without a plan
 The newly elected President of the United States, Joe Biden, has accused the Donald Trump administration of not making the right plan for vaccine distribution and because of this the states are in trouble. Accusing Trump of distributing the vaccine without a plan, Joe Biden said, 'My team has not yet received a detailed plan. We have to arrange for vaccines and syringe containers. Biden appealed to Doctor Anthony Fossey, who was part of Trump's Corona Task Force, to be part of his Corona team. Fossey has not yet responded to this.


Joe Biden, the US elected president, has announced names for almost all important positions in his administration. In this, he almost completely ignored the names suggested by the Progressive faction of the Democratic Party. The progressive camp is angry with this. But he has now opened a new front. Now the new area of ​​confrontation is the policies to be adopted by the next administration. The Progressive camp has presented policy proposals on its behalf. He wants Biden to prefer these policies after becoming president.

 According to a report by the website The Hill, the progressive camp has now become more aware that Biden is not taking care of her concerns. They are taking a centrist approach. However, both the party's camps are currently eyeing the election for two members of the Senate on January 5 in the state of Georgia. If the Democratic Party did not win both of these seats, then Biden's centrist policies would also be difficult to pass through Parliament (Congress).

  Approving progressive camp programs will be extremely difficult. But if the Democratic candidate wins, then the Democratic Party will have a majority in the Senate. Then the policy and program will be passed and implemented, depending on the will of the Biden administration.

 The policy programs were drafted by five joint task forces of supporters of Biden and Socialist leader Bernie Sanders in the middle of this year. Now the progressive camp is insisting that the Biden administration should implement these same policies. Task Forces had drafted 110 pages. But Progressive Group-Democracy Form America says that only four issues are prominent among them.

  Charles Chamberlain, president of the group, told the website 'The Hill' about those issues. He said these would be related to adding a public option to Obama-Care, a medical insurance scheme (ie government buying insurance policies for citizens), progress on climate change, expansion in voting rights, and implementing measures to determine police accountability. Is from

 Chamberlain said his organization was only focusing on what Biden's team had agreed to at the task force's meetings. He said that these issues are not related to the idealistic things in which the progressive factions believe. Rather, they are related to the promises of the Biden team. He said that as president Biden must show courage to fulfill his promises.

 The progressive faction is very active these days. His strength has also increased in the recent elections. Now the number of its members in the House of Representatives has increased to more than 25. The ideas advocated by these groups were marginalized till four years ago. But Bernie Sanders' campaigns during the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections have made him popular.

  Several recent surveys show the majority of Sanders' issues, such as health care for all and free college education, to be supported by the majority. Despite this, Sanders could not win the candidacy campaign. Biden's supporters see this as evidence that Sanders' politics is not yet the country's mainstream. Whereas Progressives claim that if Biden had contested their issues, the Democratic Party would have won a bigger victory.

 Right now, both factions are eyeing Georgia's election. Progressive faction strategist Jonathan Tassini has said that it would be difficult for Biden to implement his minimum agenda if the Republican Party had a majority in the Senate or even had 50-50 members from both parties. Tahini said that instead of trying to get the government to implement its agenda, it would be better for the progressives to exert their strength in strengthening their movement among the masses.


US President Donald Trump is scheduled to leave the White House next month, but insistent on his insistence, Trump trumped the country's $ 740 billion defense policy bill. Now the Democratic-dominated House of Representatives in the lower house of parliament voted to repeal the president's veto, giving them a major setback.

  Members of the House of Representatives nullified the veto imposed on the President's bill by 322 votes against 82. If this bill also gets a two-thirds majority in the Senate (Upper House), then it will be the first bill to be repealed while the President of Trump.

 Trump last week rejected the Defense Bill, saying it failed to curb social media companies. The Defense Bill 'National Defense Authorization Act' (NDAA) provides for a three percent increase in salaries of US security forces and more than $ 740 billion in military programs and construction. Speaker of the lower house Nancy Pelosi said, "This veto will harm our soldiers and threaten our security."

  Trump's veto criticized
 Jim Inhoff, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said the bill was definitely important for national security and soldiers. Senate Armed Services Committee member and Democratic leader Jack Reid also rejected Trump's claim that the bill would benefit China. Explain that during his tenure Trump first used an override vote on a bill.

 India's support against China also mentioned
 The bill also mentions China's increasing aggression on the Line of Actual Control (LAC). Indian American lawmaker Raja Krishnamurthy moved a resolution to this effect. Accordingly, China should not try to penetrate or tamper with India's border. Parliament passed the bill and also included Raja Krishnamurthy's proposal.

  Approval to increase Kovid-19 relief amount in the House of Representatives
 The House of Representatives of America has approved raising the relief amount to $ 2,000 to deal with the impact of Kovid-19 in accordance with the demand of President Donald Trump of the country and sent the bill related to it to the Senate. The House of Representatives approved the bill by 275 votes against 134.

 The House of Representatives has more Democratic Party MPs, while the Senate has more Republican MPs. Earlier, the Kovid-19 relief package provided a provision of $ 600 per person.


US elected President Joe Biden, while setting his formula for US-China relations for the next four years, said on Monday that Washington needed to build a coalition of like-minded countries to face Beijing.
  his briefing with members of the review team of the National Security and Foreign Policy Agency that 'as we compete with China to hold China's government accountable for its trade misconduct, technology, human rights and other fronts' "When we build alliances with like-minded allies and shared interests and our shared values, our position will get stronger."

 He said that under the Donald Trump administration, human rights violations in Xinjiang between the two countries, encroachment on Hong Kong's special status, accusations of unfair trade practices by Beijing, lack of transparency regarding the epidemic and China's military aggression in different parts of the world Relations such as relations deteriorated.

  Biden said it would more than double the US economic leverage in a country that partners with other democracies compared to China. "We are doing about 25 percent of the global economy on our own, but with our democratic allies, we are more than doubling our economic gains," he said.

 Biden said that on any issue that matters to the US-China relationship, we are stronger and more effective when we encounter nations that share our vision for the future of our world. '

 On the issue of meeting security challenges against China and Russia, Biden said that the US should reform to put itself in the strongest position.

  "We need to bridge the gap between our capabilities and better detect, disrupt and respond to these types of intrusions in the future," he said. Biden is set to occupy the White House in January next year.


The stock of Hezbollah weapons is constantly increasing. Hasan Nasrallah, the leader of this Lebanese based terrorist organization, claimed that the stock of guided missiles has been doubled in a year. Israel has failed to stop acquiring these weapons. His organization has been able to attack anywhere in Israel and occupied Palestine areas.

  Nasrallah also threatened Israel in an interview that he would be responded to if he attacked in the Beca area. In recent months, Israel has expressed concern that Hezbollah is in the process of setting up a production center to build a guided missile in the Beka region of eastern Lebanon. In a four-hour interview, Nasrallah called US President Donald Trump a freak. Hezbollah, Iran's main partner in West Asia, has staunch enmity with Israel. Nasrallah reiterated the promise that the death of Iranian commander Qasim Suleimani would be avenged. Sulemani was killed in a US drone strike in Baghdad last January.

Nasrallah also vowed to avenge Israel's assassination of a Hezbollah fighter in Syria earlier this year. Regarding President Joe Biden's incoming US administration, Nasrallah said Iran would not negotiate with the US on behalf of its allies or discuss conflicts in the region. He said that Tehran would only talk about the Iran nuclear deal with Washington.

Hizbullah's 3 terrorists acquitted in Hariri's murder case

 Earlier, a special court working in the Netherlands under the United Nations convicted Salim Ayash, a member of Hizbollah, a terrorist organization accused in the murder case of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri, but acquitted the remaining three terrorists. In this, Salim Ayash was implicated in the conspiracy, but the Hezbollah leadership and Syria have been given a clean chit.

The newly elected President of the United States, Joe Biden, has accused Donald Trump of not sharing information about national security issues. He has said that the administration of outgoing President Donald Trump is hindering the transfer of some heads of security departments. This move of Trump shows his uncooperative attitude towards power transfer. The special thing is that Biden's statement came at a time when the Trump administration has approved the transfer of power. Let us tell you that Donald Trump has lost the presidential election. The newly elected President of the United States, Joe Biden, will take power on January 20.

 What is the American tradition about power transfer

  In fact, the tradition in America is that the President assists in the transfer of power of the newly elected President after the election so that the new President does not have any difficulty in operating the rule after assuming office. In this sequence, the outgoing President shares all the important information of the White House with the elected President's team. This is the reason that in the US, three months after the election of the President, the newly elected President takes power from the Legislative Assembly, so that all the important matters are in his knowledge. In this interval, the newly elected President's team is informed of all the issues, but Biden has accused President Trump of not sharing information on security-related issues. It is in a way a violation of the tradition, which all the presidents have been carrying out till now and it is an important legislation. Is a tradition.

  This information is necessary to meet the challenges of China

 Biden said that this information would be very useful for determining the relationship between the US and China for the next four years. He said that on behalf of President Trump, our team and newly elected President Kamala Harris are not getting the information related to the issues related to national security. Due to this, our team is facing a big challenge in setting foreign policy and national security. He said that this information is very important to strategize the new team on the diplomatic front of the country.

 Focus on strategy to deal with China

  US elected President Joe Biden, while setting out his formula for US-China relations for the next four years, said on Monday that Washington needed to build a coalition of like-minded countries to face Beijing. He said that we compete with China to hold China's government accountable for its trade misconduct, technology, human rights and other fronts, when we build alliances of like-minded allies and shared interests and our shared values. Our position will be stronger.

 It is necessary to strengthen ourselves to deal with Russia and China

 He said human rights violations in Xinjiang between the two countries under the Donald Trump administration, encroachment on Hong Kong's special status, accusations of unfair trade practices by Beijing, lack of transparency regarding the epidemic and China's military aggression in different parts of the world such as Relations had soured over the issues. On the issue of meeting security challenges against China and Russia, Biden said that the US should reform to put itself in the strongest position. He said that we need to bridge the gap between our capabilities. Furthermore, there is a need to better detect, disrupt and respond to these types of intrusion in the future.

Newly elected President Joe Biden has announced his formula for US-China relations for the next four years. He said on Monday that Washington should form an international coalition of like-minded countries to face Beijing.

 "When we try to hold China's government accountable on other fronts, including technology and human rights abuses," Biden said after a meeting with members of the review team of the National Security and Foreign Policy Agency. The alliance with us will strengthen our position. ' Explain that the relationship between the two countries is very poor over issues such as human rights violations in Xinjiang, Hong Kong special status encroachment, accusations of unfair trade practices on Beijing, lack of transparency regarding the epidemic and China's military aggression in various parts Have become.

Biden said that partnering with other democratic countries than China would increase the country's economic progress. "Our share in the global economy is around 25 per cent and if we combine with democratic countries, we will be able to more than double our economic benefit," he said. On the issue of tackling security challenges against China and Russia, Biden said that the US would have to make reforms to put itself in the strongest position.

Several people associated with the Republican Party have filed a lawsuit against Vice President Mike Pence in the wake of trying to reverse the victory of newly elected President Joe Biden. In order to finalize Biden's victory, a petition has been filed regarding the role of the Vice-President in the proposed joint sitting of Parliament on 6 January. The lawsuit has been filed by eight-time lawmaker Louis Gohart from Texas and 11 people from Arizona. These 11 people have been named electoral by the Provincial Republican Party.

 The petition challenged the '1887 Electoral Count Act'

  According to The Dallas Morning News, the petition challenged the '1887 Electoral Count Act'. This law determines the role of the Vice President in making the formal announcement of the results. The suit, filed against Pence as Vice President, appealed to a Texas federal judge to declare the law unconstitutional.

The issues raised in the petition have no merit: Election experts

 The petition also calls for giving Pence the right to reverse the defeat of Trump in the provinces that face the thorns. According to election experts, there is no merit in the issues raised in the petition and it will not remain in court at all during the hearing.

 The Vice-President does not have the authority to count the votes of the provinces or not.

Ohio State University law professor Edward Foley said that people are not aware of the constitution if they think that the vice president has the sole authority to decide which votes of the provinces he counts or not.

 Biden and Trump's votes in the joint session of parliament will be final counted.

 Let us know that on January 6, Pence will preside over the joint session of Parliament where the votes of Biden and Trump will be finalized. Electoral colleges of all provinces cast their votes two weeks ago. At that time Biden received 306 votes and while Trump's account received 232 votes.

Once again, China has warned America about Taiwan. The Chinese Foreign Ministry warned the US on Monday that the US should stop interfering in Taiwan. China's statement came to light on Monday after US President Donald Trump signed the Taiwan Law 2020. Once again China and America have come face to face with Taiwan. After all, what is the attitude of America and China regarding Taiwan. What will be America's stand in the event of war against Taiwan. What is China's big stand against America.

 China warns America about Taiwan

  Recently, Hu Shijin, editor of the Global Times, the mouthpiece of the Chinese government, wrote in an article that China should be fully prepared for war if Taiwan maintains diplomatic relations with the US. China has been strongly objecting to any country establishing independent relations with Taiwan.

 China has said that if the US goes ahead with the plan to sell arms to Taiwan, it will respond appropriately and urgently. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said the sale of $ 600 million worth of military drones to Taiwan is a gross interference in China's internal affairs and a serious neglect of China's sovereignty and security interests.

 What will be the American strategy after the attack on Taiwan

Recently, US National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien warned China not to make any attempt to forcefully merge Taiwan. The US official said that attacking Taiwan would prove extremely difficult. Bryan said that at the time of any possible attack on Taiwan, China would face stiff resistance from the US.

 The American official was asked what would the US do if China decides to militarily join Taiwan. The American official said that nothing can be said clearly about this yet. The US has been providing arms to Taiwan to protect itself. However, he has never made it clear whether he would interfere militarily in the event of a Chinese attack.

  Bryan demanded from Taiwan to increase its defense budget. He said that Taiwan should try to bring its military reforms so that any attack from China can be stopped. Taiwan spends only 1.2 percent of its GDP on its defense spending. Brian said that you cannot expect to compete with China, which is expanding its military capability for the last 70 years.

America's newly elected President Joe Biden has said that at present the country is facing four historical crises. He said that our team is working hard to meet these challenges. Biden said in the tweet that the condition of the country's economy has become thin due to the corona virus. The country is facing climate change and racial violence. Biden said in the tweet that my team is preparing hard to deal with these historical crises. A few hours after Biden's tweet, President Trump officially signed the Corona Virus Relief and Government Bill.

  On Saturday, Biden pressured President Donald Trump to sign the Corona relief package bill. In this regard, he condemned Trump. He said that lakhs of families are awaiting relief package after Christmas. The Hill reported that both major US political parties had urged Trump to sign the bill. Earlier, America's top infectious disease specialist, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said that the United States is going through the worst phase in the coming weeks, due to the spread of the corona epidemic. He said that the spread of corona virus has increased due to the Christmas holidays.

US President Donald Trump is on the back foot with the Corona relief package. Finally, they have signed the relief package. On Friday, President Trump suddenly refused to sign the Corona Relief Packs. President Trump's decision was strongly opposed in the US. The Democratic and Republican parties once again became deadlocked about this. Trump's decision was condemned by the newly elected US President Joe Biden. Ultimately, Trump has signed the Corona relief package amid heavy opposition. With this, the hope of getting relief packages to the American citizens battling the Corona virus has increased. It will directly or indirectly affect 10 million American citizens.

 Unemployment allowance bill hanging in balance due to not signing Trump

Significantly, US President Donald Trump refused to sign the Corona relief package. This led to the hanging of unemployment allowance for millions of American people struggling for their daily needs. Earlier it was believed that he would sign the bill, but suddenly he started objecting to it. Trump refused to sign the bilateral package, demanding a greater amount of corona relief and raising other questions in this regard. In this situation, there was also the danger of shutting down the work of the federal government from twelve o'clock one minute on Tuesday night. The bill was approved by both houses of parliament. However, after changing the mood of the trump, it was stuck in the balance.

Provision for payment of $ 600 for Americans

  The bill proposes a provision to pay $ 600 for most Americans, but Trump said he would ask Parliament to amend it and raise the sheer amount of $ 600 for a couple to $ 2,000 or $ 4,000. He said, 'I am also asking Parliament to remove unnecessary things from this bill and send me a suitable bill. Trump said in a video tweeted Tuesday night that the bill talks about giving too much money to foreigners, but it does not provide adequate funding for Americans.

The path of research and detailed study on Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King has opened in America. The Gandhi-King Scholarly Exchange Initiative Act related to it was signed by President Trump on Sunday. The legislation would pave the way for the establishment of an educational forum to study the work and legacy of Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. The act was drafted by John Lewis, a civil rights activist and member of the US Parliament.

  Whereas Indian-American MP Amy Berra supported it. Lewis died earlier this year. The Act will make a provision of $ 1 million per year for the 20-2025 Gandhi-King ideological exchange initiative. The Act will provide $ 2 million in FY 2021 for the Gandhi-King Global Academy and $ 30 million in 2021 for the US-India Gandhi King Development Foundation.

The law also authorized the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to establish a US-India development organization, which would encourage the private sector to come forward in the area of ​​development priorities in India.

President Donald Trump has approved a US law preventing Chinese interference in choosing the Dalai Lama's successor. Under this, Washington will not only establish a consulate in Tibet, but will also ensure that only the Buddhist community selects their supreme religion guru. In this regard, an international alliance has also been talked about to put pressure on Beijing. The new law provides for six million dollars for Tibetans living in India.

 This bill was passed unanimously in the US Senate last week

  The 'Tibetan Policy and Support Act' re-authorizes various programs and provisions related to Tibet. The bill was unanimously passed in the US Senate last week despite China's opposition. The law will not only provide assistance to non-governmental organizations supporting Buddhist communities in Tibet, but prohibits the opening of new Chinese consulates in the United States until Washington is its consulate in Tibet's capital, Lhasa. Would open

The US policy so far has been that it takes action against such officials of the Chinese government and the Chinese Communist Party, who have been engaged in the ongoing process of choosing the Dalai Lama's successor. The current Dalai Lama sees Beijing as a separatist. While the Dalai Lama himself advocates a moderate approach, he calls for autonomy for the six million people present in Tibet.

Have you ever thought what it would be like if we returned to Earth after walking in space within minutes. Missions that take years to complete are completed within a few hours. Or the way cars run on the roads today, rocket boosters can run faster than many times in space .. Obviously, if this happens then many of our tasks should be easy .. But this is not so easy. But SpaceX, a private space company led by Elon Musk, is working in that direction.

 Many experts predict that by looking at the speed at which the company is working now, it seems that in the next 20 years we will be closer to space. SpaceX is now preparing to test boosters. Recently, the company's CEO Elon Musk said that he would start testing his Super Heavy Booster (low altitude hops) a few months later. They will be used to fly starships for orbital launches and deep space missions, including Mars.

Booster will be 250 feet long

  Responding to a follower on Twitter, Musk said that the first super heavy hop was only a few months away. For this the company will use two of its launch pads in Boca Chica, Texas, each with prototype rockets installed. SpaceX recently installed a prototype for the SN9 at its Texas testing facility. The Super Heavy Boost will be approximately 240 feet long and will include 28 Raptor engines.

Starship was tripped

 Let us know that after a high altitude test flight in Texas earlier this month, the next generation heavy-weight rocket starship exploded. The launch and Ascent of the starship serial number 8 (SN8) was successful, but as the engine appeared to land, the vehicle slipped back and then fell to the ground.

 Can be used again

The starship is SpaceX's fully re-transportable transportation system, designed to take both crew and cargo to Earth's orbit, the Moon, Mars and beyond. Musk said this month that the company was working towards starting a flight to Mars in about two years.

The unemployment allowance that millions of American people are struggling with for everyday needs hangs in the balance. This happened because US President Donald Trump refused to sign the Corona relief package. Earlier it was believed that he would sign the bill, but suddenly he started objecting to it.

 Unemployment allowance bill hangs in the balance due to not signing President Trump

  Trump refused to sign the bilateral package, demanding a greater amount of corona relief and raising other questions in this regard. In this situation, there is also a danger of the federal government shutting down from twelve minutes to one minute on Tuesday night. It was approved by both houses of parliament after White House Republican members assured Trump would sign the bill. However, after changing the mood of the trump, it again got stuck in the balance.

Trump expressed deficiencies in the bill

  The bill proposes a provision to pay $ 600 for most Americans, but Trump said he would ask Parliament to amend it and raise the sheer amount of $ 600 for a couple to $ 2,000 or $ 4,000. He said, 'I am also asking Parliament to remove unnecessary things from this bill and send me a suitable bill. Trump said in a video tweeted Tuesday night that the bill talks about giving too much money to foreigners, but it does not provide adequate funding for Americans.

Newly elected President Biden asks Trump to sign economic relief bill soon

  Newly elected President Joe Biden has asked Trump to sign the bill immediately. Biden said, "Due to President Trump's refusal to sign the Economic Relief Bill, millions now do not know whether their basic needs will be met or not." He accused Trump of not taking responsibility and said the consequences would be disastrous.

At a time when there is an unknown fear about the changed form of Corona worldwide, Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to install Corona vaccine. At the same time, many countries have accelerated the vaccination process. Vaccination against Kovid-19 has started in the European Union. France also began vaccination against the epidemic on Sunday from a nursing home in Paris. This area is considered to be one of the poorest regions of the country.

 Putin will get vaccinated

  Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to introduce covid-19 vaccine. According to a report by the news agency Reuters, the official statement said that Russian President Vladimir Putin will get Sputnik-5 vaccine against Kovid. It is known that Russia started a voluntary vaccination program with indigenous Sputnik-V vaccine in early December. This vaccination was initiated from Moscow.

Covid-19 vaccination begins in the EU

 At the same time, Kovid-19 vaccination has started in the European Union i.e. EU. On Sunday, medical personnel, nursing home staff and leaders were vaccinated against Corona for protection, news agency AP reported. European Commission chairperson Ursula von der Leyen released a video of the vaccination campaign describing the moment as the battle to save the EU's 450 million people from the worst crisis of the century.

Also started in Germany, Hungary and Slovakia

 Vaccination in the European Union of Germany, Hungary and Slovakia has started since Saturday. Dozens of people, including a 101-year-old woman, were vaccinated in a nursing home in Germany. At least 16 million cases of corona have been reported in 27 countries of the European Union while 3,36,000 have been reported. Vaccination has been initiated through the Pfizer-BioNotech vaccine on behalf of the European Commission and the European Medicines Agency.

US President Donald Trump has refused to sign the Corona relief package. Because of this, American citizens battling the Corona virus will not be able to get relief package at present. Let us tell you that President Trump was supposed to sign this package on Saturday, but he refused it. If the relief package is not signed, the American public will not be able to get the assistance of two hundred and thirty thousand US dollars. This will affect 10 million American citizens. Politics has been hot in America regarding this package. Trump's stand has been condemned by the newly elected US President Joe Biden.

  The current standoff over the package is becoming a confrontation situation between US President Donald Trump and newly elected President Joe Biden. The deadlock that began after the election results in the Democratic and Republican Party has increased further. Democratic leaders say that when President Trump has lost the election, he has no right to stop the relief package. Biden pressured Donald Trump to sign the package. He has warned Trump that if he does not sign the package, it will have serious consequences.

A statement said Biden has asked Trump to sign the relief package. Let us know that one day after Christmas, millions of families do not know whether the relief package will be approved with an overwhelming majority in the Congress. Let us tell you that President Donald Trump has lost the election. The newly elected President of the United States of America, Joe Biden will take office on January 20.

Thousands of people demonstrated outside the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government residence. Protesters have been gathering outside Netanyahu's residence in Jerusalem on Saturday for months. In fact, Netanyahu has been charged with serious charges like taking bribes, cheating and betrayal. In addition, allegations of corruption and bribery on Prime Minister Netanyahu a few years ago are also under investigation.

 Significantly, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been accused of cheating, breach of trust and taking bribe. He is also accused of taking expensive gifts like champagne and cigars from wealthy friends and favoring media houses for favorable news in favor of himself and his family. In the most egregious cases, he is accused of pursuing a law that benefited millions of dollars from a large telecommunications company and gained editorial dominance in the context of the company's popular news website.

US President Donald Trump has been targeting the media throughout his term. At the same time, President Trump has targeted the media for ignoring his wife and First Lady Melania Trump. President Donald Trump took his anger out on not covering First Lady Melania Trump on Christmas day.
  President Trump retweeted Breitbart's tweet on Christmas day, stating that the bitter truth of the media is that Melania Trump, the most beautiful and graceful First Lady in US history, never found a place on the cover page of any major magazine. At the same time, during his tenure, former President Barack Obama's wife and former First Lady Michelle Obama was published by 12 big magazines on the cover page. Retweeting this, Trump wrote, Fake Media.

Trump said that Melania was not given such an opportunity, it is the media's discriminatory attitude. At the same time, when his tenure is about to end, the media is calling Melania great.
  Trump arrived at his luxurious Mar-a-Lego resort in Florida on Wednesday to celebrate Christmas with wife Melania. It is also called the Palm Beach Resort. During this time, Trump and Melania very beautiful pictures came out.

 Melania had been a model before her marriage to Trump. She was featured on Vogue's cover page in a Christian Dior wedding dress after her marriage to Trump. Let us tell you that 56-year-old Michelle Obama appeared on 12 covers during her eight years in the White House, while 50-year-old Melania did not appear on any magazine cover during her husband's four-year tenure.


President Donald Trump spent Christmas in Florida playing golf amid fears of a lockdown and no decision on a relief package due to the government's increased transition to the US.
  Trump is staying at his Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach for the holidays. During this time a bill related to the release of funds for relief work was also reached but he did not sign it.

 Despite extensive corona aid and government relief questions, he does not currently have a public program scheduled.

 Meanwhile, a bill to release Kovid-19 relief work and government money for it was moved to Florida on Friday, but Trump has not signed it. In such a situation, millions of Americans may be deprived of relief money.

 The White House has refused to share details of the president's program. However, Trump played golf with his close aide and Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.

  White House spokesman Jude Deere said Trump had been told about the explosion in downtown Nashville. But the president has not said a word publicly on the issue even hours later.

 Trump may get angry
 Trump is believed to be angry because his own party's Republican colleagues are not helping him reverse the election results to establish unfounded claims of voter fraud.

 He is not taking revenge by signing the bill for expenditure for ordinary Americans. After signing this, ordinary Americans will get relief from $ 600 to $ 2,000.


Joe Biden, who is going to be President in the US next month, is expected to expand relations with India. Diplomatic experts from both countries say that they can put more emphasis on strengthening military partnership with India against China as well as increase mutual trade agreements.
  Experts believe that even though there is talk of Biden interfering in human rights and domestic affairs in India, this is a much bigger challenge for the US at the moment. In such a situation, Biden will not be in a position to change much in the current strategy towards New Delhi.

 US Human Rights and Domestic Affairs may also interfere, may increase Trade pulls According to experts, due to India's increasing importance for balance of power in the Asian region, both countries have come closer than before in the Trump administration which continues even further should be kept. Recently, US Deputy Secretary of State Stephen Bigan said that relations have increased since the era of former President Bill Clinton.

  Ashley J. Tellis, senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington, admits that the United States is currently in need of India in many ways, the biggest reason being China.

 Unleashed against the dragon
 Joe Biden, who once saw the rise of China as a 'great force', has taken a strong stand against it in the past. As a result, the multilateral partnership (Quad) of the US, India, Japan and Australia can continue to be used to balance power in the Indo-Pacific region.

 So India will have to think again on partnership
  Some experts do not agree with Biden's chances of taking drastic measures against China. He says that Joe Biden's strategy is hardly as strict as that of Trump, which will not benefit India much. Professor Brahma Chelani at the Center for Policy Research in New Delhi says that if the next US president is soft on China, India will also have to rethink the bilateral partnership.

 Can be soft about Pakistan
 Some experts say that Biden will not take a more critical view of Pakistan. One can also join hands with Islamabad to take out the US military from Afghanistan. At the same time, Trump had stopped military aid to Pakistan, showing strictness on terrorism.

 There is also the possibility of some tussle
  In the past few years, where the US has increased military training and intelligence from India, it has shown strictness in cases like H1B visa. At the same time, despite the efforts of the US, India has also continued to purchase arms from Russia, France and Israel.

 Apart from this, after the self-imposed India campaign launched by India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the US may also face problems in trade agreements in many areas. In such a situation a little mutual tussle can be seen.


This year, on the occasion of Christmas, the speech by Queen Elizabeth Dittiy of Britain focused on diversity and hope. During this time he also mentioned the major festivals of all religions including Diwali celebrated during lockdown. He said that Merry Christmas does not seem well this year. So we wish for a better 2021. This is the first time he has not had a royal family with the 94-year-old Queen on Christmas. Appealing to people for tolerance and mutual respect, the Queen recalled people from different backgrounds who lost their lives during the corona.

 Unable to gather people of all religions

  He said, 'Jesus is the only hope for Christians, but we cannot celebrate his birthday in the usual way. People of all religions are unable to congregate, because they have celebrated Easter, Eid and Baisakhi in the same way. ' This pre-recorded message was broadcast annually on December 25 at three in the day. Maharani said, 'Despite physical distance last month, people of Hindu, Sikh and Jain religion celebrated the festival of lights, Deepawali. During this time, the sky above the Windsor Palace was lit by fireworks.

The stories of the volunteers inspired me

  One special thing is that even though we have been far this year, it has also brought us closer in many ways. The stories of volunteers helping the needy during the epidemic have inspired me. ' During her message, the Queen also highlighted the achievements of modern science for the success in making the vaccine. The message was recorded in the Green Drawing Room at Windsor Palace. The Queen was photographed behind her husband and 99-year-old Prince Philip.

A strict lockdown was implemented in Britain from Saturday to combat the new strain of the corona virus. A new strain of Corona was found in this country last week. This new type of virus is being described as more contagious. The outbreak of the epidemic has increased after the introduction of a new strain in Britain. During the last 24 hours, 32 thousand 725 newcomers were found and 570 patients died. The death toll has crossed 70 thousand.

 Strict restrictions in many areas

 The number of victims has exceeded 22 lakh 21 thousand. Strict restrictions are already in effect in many areas of Britain. These restrictions were also implemented in the rest of the country from Saturday. A strict lockdown has also been imposed in eastern England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Non-essential shops including gym, bars, salons closed

 All the non-essential shops, bars, gyms, beauty salons and restaurants have been closed under these strict restrictions. People meeting has also been banned. Strict measures were put into effect in large part of England, including London, before Christmas, after the Corona got a new look.

5.67 lakh people expected to die in US by April 1

 A new estimate by the University of Washington has predicted that by April 1, the death toll from Corona in the US may be 5.67 million. Three lakh 30 thousand victims have died all over the country. One crore 87 lakh 56 thousand have been found infected.

 In Russia, the number of infected crosses 3 million

Russia's Corona Response Center said on Saturday that 29 thousand 258 new positive cases were found during the last 24 hours across the country. With this, the number of victims has crossed three million. During this period, the death toll of 567 patients has gone up to 54 thousand 226.

The petition filed by Donald Trump in Wisconsin to declare his victory has once again been rejected by the court. A three-member bench has upheld the decision of the lower court. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden won a major victory in the November 3 election. In Wisconsin, Biden defeated Trump by 0.6 points.

  Trump filed a petition against the State Election Commission on December 2 in the District Court of Wisconsin. The petition demanded that the court order the Election Commission to announce his victory. On December 12, the court dismissed the petition for not presenting any facts. Trump had appealed against the decision of this court to the circuit court. A three-judge bench also upheld the District Court's decision.

 The remarkable fact is that all three judges are appointed by the Republican President. One of these judges is appointed by President Trump. Trump had filed petitions in several states regarding the election, which was repealed one after another. Now the petitions filed against these decisions of the courts are also being canceled.

Significantly, Trump's campaign has filed at least 50 cases of fraud in the election. However, almost no lawsuit has been dismissed by the court after no evidence has been found about it. The next president of the country, Joe Biden, is scheduled to take oath on 20 January.

US President Donald Trump has pardoned the culprits of killing 17 innocent civilians during the Iraq War. The convicts were four guards of the private military company Blackwater, who were currently serving their sentences in jail. Explain that the US used mercenaries during the Iraq war.
  This was the first such case that soldiers were hired during the war. During the Iraq War, the US Army contracted a private company called Blackwater. Although it consisted mostly of retired American soldiers. The job of these soldiers was to provide all possible support to the US Army during the war.
 There was protest against killings all over the world
 The use of mercenaries during the war and the slaughtering of innocent civilians by them had led to worldwide protests. During the Iraq War, Blackwater's troops had an armored convoy equipped with weapons such as Paul Slug, Ewen Liverty, Dustin Hurd and Nicholas Slattery machine guns, grenade launchers, and snipers.

  The convoy opened fire on unarmed and innocent people at Nisaur Chow in the capital Baghdad. 17 people, including two children, were killed in the incident. Blackwater's counsel argued that he had opened fire to avoid the suicide attack of the rebels.

 Even in the Vietnam War, the US military opened fire on innocent people. In 2014, all four were convicted and the four were sentenced to 30-30 years. After this massacre, Blackwater did not get a contract in Iraq again.

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