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American newly elected President Joe Biden has broken a leg. While playing with his dog Major, he lost his leg and Biden succumbed to the accident. According to officials, there has been a crack in Biden's right leg bone. At the same time, after the accident, the current President of the US, Donald Trump, has wished Biden to be well.

  On January 20, Biden will be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States. At the age of 78, he will be the oldest person to be sworn in as US President. Joe Biden has two German Shepherd dogs 'Major' and 'Champ'. Joe Biden brought home his first dog 'Champ' after the 2008 election. After this, in 2018, he adopted another dog 'Major'.

Doctor Kevin O Corner said that he has sprained his leg and that is why it is not able to get hold of the X-ray. However, later in the CT scan, Biden's right leg was fractured. He said that Biden may have to take recourse to many more forthcoming events.

  Biden's last health record was released in December 2019 by Dr. Kevin O. Corner, Associate Professor of Medicine at George Washington University. It said, 'Biden is perfectly fit and fit to be president. Biden does not consume tobacco or alcohol and exercises five days a week. The report states that he is taking blood thinners and taking medicines for cholesterol and seasonal allergies.

US President Donald Trump has attacked the US court system over presidential elections. Trump has alleged that the Supreme Court is not ready to hear his side. He insisted that he could not accept that he had lost the election.

  In his first TV interview after the election results, Trump said, "We are trying to present evidence, but the judges are not giving permission." We have many proofs. We are not allowed to present evidence. I will file a lawsuit in this regard. We have thousands of affidavits. ' Trump said that under no circumstances can he assume that he has lost the election. The elections have been rigged. He said, 'I will take every legal route against the rigging in the election. In this case, I will put my 125 percent strength.

Meanwhile, the vote count in Wisconsin has been completed again. Democrat Joe Biden defeated Trump here with a slight change. This was Donald Trump's first interview after the US presidential election results were announced. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden emerged as the winner in the election. Biden is now moving forward with the power transfer plan.

 Let us know that earlier the US Court of Appeals rejected the legal challenge of Trump's team in the alleged fraud case during the presidential election on November 3 in Pennsylvania. Trump has said that the number of ballots being challenged by his campaign is more than the winning margin (81 thousand).

On the other hand, many governors and legislators in the US are trying to help small businesses, unemployed people, renters and people whose livelihoods have been affected by the corona virus, accusing Washington of inaction.

 Democratic governors of New Mexico and Colorado convened a special session of the Legislative Assembly to deal with contagion emergencies. Earlier this week the New Mexico Legislature passed a bipartisan relief bill, under which all unemployed workers would receive a lump sum of $ 1,200 and some businesses up to $ 50,000.

North Korea has been relatively insensitive for months, as leader Kim Jong-un deepened economic suffering under the Corona virus epidemic, natural disasters and tough US-led sanctions.

  But ahead of his ruling party's 75th founding anniversary this weekend, speculation has intensified that Kim may hold a huge military parade and show off newly developed, powerful missiles.

 University professors in South Korea say that strengthening internal unity and stifling nuclear diplomacy between countries would attract American attention.  Their people are greatly harassed and their economy is in trouble.  Therefore Kim Jong-un wants to mobilize his people and insist on a self-sufficient policy to reduce their grievances and attract their loyalty.  To do this, he would need new weapons, powerful weapons that would send a message to the whole world.  Recent stylite images showed thousands of soldiers gathering alongside vehicles in an apparent rehearsal in an airfield on the outskirts of Pyongyang.

Where North Koreans have practiced past parades.  South Korea's Defense Minister Suh Wok told lawmakers Wednesday that North Korea was expected to unveil unspecified strategic weapons during a military parade on the October 10 anniversary.

  North Korea usually celebrates major state anniversaries with large military parades that end in zeros and fives during the years.  But it has sometimes made those parades less stimulating when it was seeking better relations with the outside world.

The sudden disappearance of Kim Han Seul, the nephew of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, raises many questions. Sukha's needle is also going to the US Intelligence Service with Kim. Actually, Kim Han Sol is the son of Kim Jong, the half-brother of dictator Kim. Kim Jong Nam was assassinated at the Kuala Lumpur Airport in the year 2017 by giving a nerve agent. A Vietnam woman, Don Thiu Hyong, and an Indonesian woman, Siti Asiyah, were arrested on charges of murder. At that time, the North Korean dictator was held responsible for the killing of the name. However, Pyongyang has always denied these reports and allegations.

  But now questions are arising towards North Korea behind the disappearance of Kim's nephew. According to international media reports, Sol, his sister and his mother left North Korea in 2017 in a very secretive manner. Sol was last seen with an agent of the US intelligence agency, the CIA. Since then nothing is known about it.

It is said about Sol that he is very accustomed to living a luxury life. After the death of his father, he was living a life completely isolated from the discussions. In the media reports, it has been said that Sol has been shifted to another place in the security cordon by the CIA in anticipation of any threat. It is also being said that Sol had surrendered himself to a CIA agent. 25-year-old Sol speaks fluent English.

Sol had been living a life of anonymity with his mother and sister since his father's death.  It is also said in the reports that he met with a group from Taiwan two days before the father's death.  According to reports, he came in contact with North Korean resistance movement Free Joseon only after the father's death.  Then he realized that the police were watching him.

 Let me also tell you that while Sol's father had nothing to do with North Korean dictator Kim Jong, Sol has publicly called Kim a dictator.  Although his father, Kim Jong Nam, was once considered a contender in the race for power in North Korea, he left the country long ago to live in another country, fearing the dictatorial attitude of the governments there.  Before his death, very few people had even heard his name.  As far as the disappearance of Sol is concerned, here you should also tell that in December 2013, he disappeared from the University of France in a similar manner.  According to the Russian news agency, at the time he also went missing after meeting a police officer.

The future US President Joe Biden announced several important appointments for his administration on Tuesday, saying that the US is ready to lead the world. The newly elected president hinted at changing Trump's US First Policy, saying that his country was ready to face enemies. 79-year-old Biden introduced six of his top officials in his home town of Wilmington, Delaware, on Tuesday.

  Biden said that the party would protect its country and its people. This team will also demonstrate the fact that America is ready to lead the world again. ' Biden was also accompanied by newly elected Vice President Kamala Harris. On the other hand, Donald Trump has said that he will continue the fight and win. The Trump campaign has filed lawsuits in several states alleging rigging in the election process, many of which have also been dismissed.

Antoine Blinken: Biden has named Blinken as foreign minister. He is considered a strong supporter of India. Antoine is very close to Biden. He has been his assistant for nearly 20 years.

 John Carrey: The future president has named Carrie as climate ambassador. Carrie is the former US Secretary of State. Biden said the US would rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement.

Alejandro Mayorkas: Biden has named Cuban-born Alejandro as Minister of Home Security Affairs. Alejandro has worked as an assistant minister in this department.

  Jack Sullivan: Biden has stated his intention to make Sullivan a National Security Advisor. He has been an advisor to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on strategic matters.

Linda Thomas-Greenfield: The newly elected president has named Linda as the US ambassador to the United Nations. Linda, 35, has a good experience of working in diplomatic positions.

 Avril Hans: Biden nominates Avril as Director of National Intelligence. 51-year-old Avril will be the first woman to hold the post.

US President Donald Trump has been adamant about not giving up at the hands of Biden in the November 3 election.  He again said on Tuesday that he is not giving up the fight to reverse the election results.

 Ready to hand over power to Biden, Trump gives authorities permission

  However Trump has agreed to hand over power to newly elected President Joe Biden.  He allowed the authorities to start the process of transfer of power a day earlier.  He also said that he would continue the fight and win.

 US President insists on not giving up at the hands of Biden

 Trump also signed an order under which Biden would be provided with confidential information.  These confidential information is prepared from intelligence agencies, which are provided to senior government leaders.  However, Trump has not given up yet.  The Trump campaign has filed lawsuits in several states alleging rigging in the election process.  Some of these cases have also been dismissed from the courts.

 Biden working with White House Task Force

  US elected President Biden said in an interview Tuesday that he is working with the White House Task Force on the Corona epidemic.  Whereas a member of his team formed on transfer of power said that we are in touch with all federal agencies.

Democratic Party candidates who won the Biden election in the US presidential election. He crossed the Electoral College's 270 votes mark for victory. Not only this, he has also announced the names of his new cabinet, but his rival President Trump is not yet ready to give up in any case. Biden is expected to take charge by 20 January. Despite this, President Trump is still claiming his victory. Due to a new statement given on Thursday, is in the headlines. President Trump said that he would be willing to leave the White House if the Elect College declared Biden as the winner. After his statement, the case of the victory and defeat in the presidential election has now passed from the court to the Electoral College. Earlier, Trump had been in the limelight due to his rhetorical statements about defeat and victory. Let us know what he said before that. What are the political implications of those statements?

Funny bolt-1

 If Biden becomes president, the electoral college will be a big mistake

US President Trump said he would agree to leave the White House if the Elect College declared Biden as the winner. He said that 20 January is far away. Trump said that by then there will be rapid changes in events. The fraud in the presidential elections will be exposed by then. Trump said that we are adopting a strategy to hack computer equipment like a third world to win elections. He told the media that he would leave the White House if the Electrol College certifies Biden as the President. He stressed that it would be a huge mistake in history if the electoral college elected Biden as President.

Trump claims, strong evidence of presidential victory

Trump told the Republican Party in Pennsylvania that he had all the evidence to support the election results in his favor. He said that I am winning this election with strong votes. Trump said what is happening in the election. American citizens know that the election is being rigged. He indicated that a difficult phase is coming in the presidential election. It will now go through a complicated process. He said that this election was a hoax. Trump said that this election has been rigged extensively. Asked if he would attend the inauguration of Biden on 20 January next year. He said that I know the answer to this question, but I do not want to answer it yet.

Strange bol-2

 1- First said Biden won the election, then reversed with his own statement

  Earlier, two contradictory statements of Trump were revealed. When Trump, who repeatedly raised fingers about the results of the presidential election, wrote for the first time that he (Joe Biden) had won the election. Trump's statement was seen as a sign that he has accepted his defeat. After his statement, he felt that his opponent, Joe Biden, had won the election of the US President. Following this statement, Trump amended his statement in another tweet. He wrote that he (Biden) won the election because the election was rigged. Without naming Biden, he said that he only lives in the eyes of fake news media. I will not accept the election results. There has been tremendous rigging in this election. We have to take this fight forward.

Ahead of the World Health Organization (WHO) investigation into the Corona virus being born, China has again tried to impose the lie on the world. Said that the first patient of Corona virus coming to light in Wuhan does not mean that Corona virus has been born there. It is possible that it came to China through imported food items and then spread here. For example, corona virus was found a few weeks ago on a fish pack from India to China.

  China's government-controlled media has been involved in propaganda about the Corona virus. Now he is trying to reverse the truth of the onset of Corona virus infection from the city of Wuhan. A year ago, the Corona virus was spread from the Institute of Virology or Meat Market in Wuhan. After that it spread all over the world. China began to play the role of denying this truth several weeks ago. Now, through his media, he has started loudly propagating the lie that corona virus originated in another country and came to China from there.

Foreign Ministry said- the virus is not necessarily born in China

China's Foreign Ministry also approved this false discussion on Friday. Spokesperson Zhao Lijian said, "The first case of corona virus infection was found in China, but it is not necessary that the virus originated here." The virus can originate in another country and come to China.

 Virus generation is a complex scientific process.

A spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry said, "Generating the virus is a complex scientific process." Scientists should be investigated in many countries and regions by involving scientists in its test of birth. This statement from the Ministry of External Affairs came just before the WHO investigation team reached China. This team has to start investigating the virus causing it. However, the Chinese government has not yet set any deadline for the investigation.
China has dismissed speculation that the newly elected President of the US, who is going to have good relations between Washington and Beijing during Biden's tenure.  A Chinese advisor has said that China should leave this illusion.  The advisor said that there would be no improvement in relations between the two countries under the Biden administration.  Beijing must be prepared for a difficult period.  He said that relations between the two countries will be further strengthened.  This statement of the Chinese advisor is very important.  The Chinese advisor has indicated from his statement that the estrangement between the US and China is not a matter between the two leaders, but rather the differences over global challenges and influence.  What are the implications of this statement from the Chinese adviser?  What are the reasons, which will continue in the Biden administration as well.

Bella China - Biden America's Weakest President

Chinese adviser Zheng Yongshi said that Biden is certainly America's weakest president.  He faces many challenges on the domestic and diplomatic front.  He said that after entering the Biden White House, the American public would rather draw attention to other problems than to address domestic problems.  In such a situation, Biden can take advantage of the American public's displeasure with China.  Zheng said that American society is disintegrating, Biden cannot do anything about it.  Biden has no solution to this internal US problem.  He may turn to China to divert attention from this problem.

The end of the good old days between the two countries

Zheng, who attended a seminar organized by President Xi Jinping in August to advise on China's long-term strategy, said the two major political parties in the US are of the same opinion about China.  Zheng said in an interview at Understanding China Conference that the good old days between the two countries are over.  He said that America has been in the cold war mindset for many years.  Even now he wants to live with the same mindset.  It has also started a new cold war with China.  He said that during the American presidential election campaign, Biden took a tough stance on China many times, calling Xi a thug.

Differences remain on many issues

  Zheng said that there are many issues, including the operation of the Kovid-19, the US and China trade and human rights, where the deadlock between the two countries will remain.  He said that America has more than 300 Bills against China.  These Bills have been prepared by Republicans and Democratic Party.  Citing the example, Zheng said, "The Human Rights and Democracy Act in Hong Kong" was more interesting than the Republican Party.  He said that this proposal against China in Congress was supported by Marco Rubia of the Republican and Kamala Harris, the leader of the Democratic Party and the Vice-President of the United States.  He said that this bill was reluctantly signed by President Trump.

Former US President Barack Obama's new book 'A Promise Land' has made many important revelations. This book of Obama remains a topic of discussion all over the world. The former US President has made a big disclosure about Osama bin Laden, the world's most feared terrorist. He wrote in his book A Promise Land that Pakistan had refused to involve the military in its plan to attack Osama bin Laden's hideout in Abbottabad, Pakistan, as he believed that it was well known that the Pakistan Army and in particular Its intelligence agencies had links with the Taliban. At the same time, he wrote that Pakistan, along with al-Qaeda, continues to conduct terrorist deadlock against Afghanistan and India. Revealing another shocker in the book, he wrote that the secret operation by US commandos in Abbottabad, Pakistan, was opposed by then Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and former Vice President Joe Biden.

Barack Obama, America's first black president, has described many secrets about killing a terrorist, Laden, regarding his book launched on Tuesday. This once again made it clear that al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden was staying in a secure hideout in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

 Regarding this incident, Obama wrote in the book that based on what I heard, I decided that we had enough information to attack his whereabouts. While the CIA team continued to work to identify Pesar.

Pakistan not included in secret operation

  He said that there was a great need for secrecy to meet this challenge, if even a small part of our leadership was leaked on Laden, we would have lost our chance to kill him. He wrote that during that time only few people in our government knew about this secret operation. With this, he further wrote that the biggest obstacle in this secret operation was that Pakistan was not included in its special strategy.

US President Donald Trump again claimed on Wednesday that he had won the November 3 presidential election. He also reiterated allegations of election rigging throughout the US. Trump tweeted, "And I have won the election." Electoral rigging has taken place across the country. Along with this, he tagged a tweet with the New York Times map of the US, according to which he has got about 10 million more votes in the whole of America this time than the last election.

  According to another tweet from the New York Times in the same series, newly elected President Joe Biden received 1.26 million votes more than the votes polled by his own party candidate Hillary Clinton in the last election. The country's leading media groups declared Biden the winner of the presidential election last week when they crossed the required 270 electoral votes in the 538-member electoral college.

Trump, however, has refused to give up. He says he won the election. He has also filed several petitions alleging large scale election rigging. In another tweet, Trump said, "This is a rigged election. He did not allow any Republican election observer to enter the counting halls. Unconstitutional. ' In a tweet, he alleged that more votes were cast in Detroit than residents. He also claimed victory at Michigan.

Demand for re-census in Wisconsin

 Trump's publicity team has called for a partial re-count in Wisconsin. For this, they have deposited an amount of about 3 million dollars.

 Republican opinion, Trump won

 According to a survey by the news agency Reuters, more than half of Republicans believe Trump has won the election correctly, but the elections have been stolen from him. At the same time, 73 percent of all voters believe that Biden won and only five percent believe Trump to be victorious.

Trump removed officer who rigged elections

 Donald Trump has sacked the top election official who dismissed claims of rigging and election fraud in his election. "He has been sacked after Chris Krebs, head of the Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security Agency (SISA) at the Department of Homeland Security, made 'highly discriminatory' remarks about voting and the US election," Trump tweeted.

Biden goes on to become the 64th President of the United States, winning a record vote in the US presidential election. From the election rally to the election results, Joe Biden's wife stood by him like Jill Biden's shadow after being named as a Democratic candidate. Explain that Biden's wife Jill is a teacher by profession. In such a situation, the question has been raised in a USA Today report, what will Biden's wife do now? Will she leave the teacher's job to support her husband? Especially this discussion is in full swing when Kamla Harris's husband has resigned from his job for wife's support. Let's know about the President Jo Biden's wife and First Lady Jill Biden.

 These records will be in the name of Dr. Jill

 69-year-old Jill Biden, wife of US President Joe Biden, is a teacher by profession. Jill plans that she will also continue to play the role of teacher, acting as the first lady of the White House. Jill Biden would be the first woman in America to earn a salary by working outside the White House if she stuck to her decision.

The record will go on to name Jill, who plays America's First Lady. For the first time in 231 years, Jill Biden is going on to make history by continuing her profession. American historian Katherine Jellison said that Dr. Jill Biden would be the first woman to work outside the White House with a salary. Not only this, she will be the first woman who has got a doctorate degree.

I will continue to serve as a teacher

 Jill Northern is Professor of English at Virginia Community College. During election campaign, Jill spoke to a news channel and said that even if she becomes the first woman of America, she will be associated with her profession. She will continue her work. He had said that if we go to the White House, I will continue to serve as a teacher. Jill said that this is important. He said that I want people to respect the teacher. Know their contribution and take this profession forward. Let me tell you that when Biden was the Vice President, Jill was a teacher in a community college. Jill has always emphasized the importance of education. Jill said that if she becomes the first woman, she will support giving free tuition in community colleges. At the same time, they will pay for cancer research and help the families of soldiers. Jill has decided to remain a teacher for a lifetime.

Politics in America has become heated due to two contradictory points of President Donald Trump. When Trump, who repeatedly raised fingers about the results of the presidential election, wrote for the first time that he (Joe Biden) had won the election. Then his statement was viewed with surprise by the media. The market of speculation got heated after his statement. Several implications were drawn from his statement. Trump's statement was seen as a sign that he has accepted his defeat. After his statement, Trump felt that his opponent, Joe Biden, had won the US presidential election. From this statement, it was speculated that Trump was backtracked due to rigging in the election.

 Trump amended his own statement in another tweet

  Following this statement, President Trump revised his statement in another tweet. He wrote that he (Biden) won the election because the election was rigged. Without naming Biden, he said that he only lives in the eyes of fake news media. I will not accept the election results. There has been tremendous rigging in this election. We have to take this fight forward.

Reactions continue after Trump's statement

  Following Trump's statement, Republican Governor Hunchison in Arkansas said that Trump was satisfied to see his tweet. He said that it was good to read the President's tweet that Biden had won the election. On the other hand, even two weeks after the election, Trump did not invite Biden, instead insisting to White House officials that he was preparing for a second term.

Obama said, Trump should keep the interests of the country paramount

  Former President Barack Obama also pointed to Trump, saying that when your time as a public servant is over, the interests of the country should be paramount, not your own interests or your own ego. He said that President Trump has my advice that if you want to be remembered that country interest is paramount for you, then this is a good time to take this decision.

The outgoing US President Donald Trump said on Friday that he would never impose a lockdown in the country due to the corona virus, but the time would tell if another administration would take over and do so in January? This is the first time he has assumed that elected President Joe Biden can replace him. He made a public speech for the first time since Biden's victory in the presidential election last Saturday. Everyday, there are record breaking cases of corona in the country. Trump said during his speech that he hoped Americans would receive the Corona virus vaccine.

  In a broadcast comment at the White House Rose Garden, Trump said, "We will not impose lockdown." I will not apply. This government will not impose lockdown. Anything can happen in future. Who knows whose government will be. This time will tell. ' Since the November 3 election, Trump has been accused of fraud in voting. He continues to make similar claims on Twitter, but did not say anything of this in his public comment on Friday. Trump last delivered his address in the White House briefing room two days after the election. He said that if the 'valid' votes were counted, he would easily win the election.

Election security officials have rejected Trump's claims. In this, he has made allegations of rigging in the elections. Officials said that no evidence of any compromise was found in the 2020 presidential election, considered the safest in US history. Two committees of the Department of Home Security said on Thursday that no evidence of manipulation or manipulation of the voting system or ballots has been found. Explain that the counting of votes is currently going on. Meanwhile, Biden won on Friday in Arizona. With this, he strengthened his edge further. He has got 290 electoral votes. Trump has so far received 217 electoral votes.

NASA and NASA (SpaceX) of America, along with three American and one Japanese astronauts, have launched an operational commercial crew mission on Sunday. Under this, NASA and SpaceX have sent their four astronauts to the International Space Station. They have been launched by SpaceX rockets. NASA has posted the full video on its Twitter handle.

For this, US President Donald Trump and newly elected President Joe Biden have tweeted and congratulated NASA and SpaceX. This is the second manned flight of space company SpaceX. The US space agency NASA has expressed confidence that many more such missions will continue.

 The Falcon rocket left the Kennedy Space Center on Sunday night with four astronauts. The crew included three Shannon Walker from the US, Michael Hopkins, Victor Glover and one from Japan's Soichi Noguchi. Victor Glover is the first black astronaut to have gone on a long-time special station mission. For this, an update has also been given by SpaceX. Given the challenges of this year, the capsule has been named 'Resilience'. This rocket has reached Orbit. It was supposed to arrive on Monday late evening.

Vice President Mike Pence also came from Washington for the launch and attended the event along with NASA Administrator Jim Brydenstein. He said, "I couldn't breathe properly one minute before launch." There was a crowd outside the gate of the space center. NASA also appealed that people wear masks and maintain proper distance.

Joe Biden has been elected to the US President, but Trump is still not ready to give up. Donald Trump is engaged in preparations at the White House for the presidential oath. When asked by Donald Trump who would attend Biden's presidential oath ceremony, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany told an American news channel that Trump planned to have his own oath ceremony. Join '.

  McInerney also appeared as a senior adviser to Trump's electoral campaign. When asked on the Fox Business news channel whether Trump would attend Biden's ceremony, he said 'President Trump believes he will be the president and this will be his second term,' Trump's top aide continued That litigation in the election rigging is our first step and there are many steps to be taken in the legal battle till the swearing-in ceremony in January.

When McInerney was asked if it would feel bad if Trump did not attend his successor's oath ceremony. He replied, 'I think President Trump will attend his own oaths ceremony .... He really has to be there.'

  Let us tell you that Biden defeated Trump to become the 46th President of the United States in the election of the US President. He was declared the next president after Joe Biden won in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is the seat that took him beyond the magic figure of 270 votes.

However, Donald Trump has refused to accept the defeat. Stating that the votes cast in his favor were maximum and his re-election campaign has also promised legal challenges.

Rockets and capsules of private space company Space X are set to carry astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS). The US space agency NASA has relied on the same spacecraft for this mission, which was launched in May. It returned to Earth in August with two astronauts.

  Four astronauts will be sent in this mission. It will include three from NASA and one passenger from Japanese space agency Jaxa. Astronauts have named their capsules as resilience. These astronauts will be on ISS for six months. The spacecraft will be flown from Kennedy Space Center at 5:57 am Monday. After a 27-hour journey, the vehicle will arrive at ISS at 9:30 AM on Tuesday.

 The launch was done in a capsule called Endeavor

In May, NASA sent two astronauts Robert Bacon and Douglas Hurley to space as an experiment. It was launched in a capsule called Endeavor. Significantly, before this, NASA has been relying on Russian Soyuz rockets to transport its astronauts to the space station. It has become expensive now. Due to this, he has to consider other options.
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