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Unaware style of careless trump! Remove the mask and throw it at the people in the rally, all the rules of defense

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 President Donald Trump is back in the election campaign after recovering from the covid-19 infection in just three days. After announcing his recovery from the infection, he addressed a rally at the Cambria County Airport in John Murtha Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Here, a different style was seen by his supporters. This style was of a careless and oblivious trump. In fact, during his address at the rally here, he removed the mask on his face and threw it towards the supporters present there. However, his nonchalant style is not new. While doing so, he was caught in the camera of AP / AFP.

Even earlier when Trump claimed to be right from covid-19, he removed his mask in front of all the journalists. He has appeared many times in white house conferences and rallies without a mask. However this is the first time that he has thrown towards the mask public. He has been less in favor of putting a mask on defense from covid-19. He has often publicly commented on the mask. However, Trump has made several statements regarding covid-19 and its vaccine.

Another special thing of this rally was that most of the supporters who came here did not put a mask. Let us tell you that for the past several months, America is on top in the world in cases of covid-19 infection. According to Reuters, 38,093,144 cases have been reported in the world at present and 1,084,676 patients have died while 26,725,266 patients have been cured. On the other hand, if we talk about America, 7,834,049 cases of covid-19 infection have been reported here and 215,119 patients have also died while 3,488,963 have been cured.

During the past nine months, it has been seen many times that despite the onset of Kovid-19 infection and the rapid increase in the US, people in the US do not take precautions to protect against Corona virus. Initially, photos of crowds of people on the seashore of New York were seen by the whole world. This was also mentioned by WHO and warned America about negligence. Talking about the Pennsylvania rally, neither the physical distance rule was followed nor there was any awareness about the mask. Although his bodyguards must have masked the mouth. Hundreds of people included children ranging from children to older citizens.

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