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The final presidential debate is scheduled for Thursday between Donald Trump and Joe Biden for the US presidential election. During this debate, the use of 'mute button' has been approved. In such a situation, Trump and Biden will not be able to stop each other from speaking, while the listener will also have a problem. Presidential elections are going to be held on 3 November in America.

 During the earlier presidential debates between Trump and Biden, the two were seen intercepting each other a lot. In such a situation, the anchor also had to face uncomfortable situation. Both of them had stopped each other many times and on many issues by violating the rules. Once, Biden had told Trump, "Can't you be silent?" Listen what i'm saying This time, the use of the mute button has been approved so that such a situation does not occur during the debate.

Then it will be muted!

 Let me tell you that the first debate between Trump and Biden was held on 29 September. The second debate was called off because President Trump was infected. Now the next debate will be on Thursday. It is reported that during the opening remarks, the microphone of each candidate will be kept closed for two minutes. During the debate, when the candidate asks the question, only the candidate's mike will be turned on. You can also interpret it as such that if the question has been asked to Biden, Trump's mic will remain off. After this the mikes of both will be opened. The debate is divided into six parts of 15–15 minutes each. There will be a total of 90 minutes of debate between Trump and Biden.

Presidential elections are at their peak in America. Political parties are campaigning vigorously. All kinds of guidelines have also been issued regarding election campaigns, action can also be taken against these violations. Meanwhile a police officer may face action for wearing a trump mask. Actually, a photo of a Miami police officer has surfaced, in which he is seen wearing a mask of Trump. This photo is of a polling station. In the photo, the police officer is in his uniform. The police officer can also be suspended after the photo surfaced.

 Democratic Party President Steve Simeonidis in Miami-Dade County posted this photo of the officer on Twitter on Tuesday. In this photo, Trump 2020 is written on the mask the police officer is wearing. Steve Simeonidis has called for the suspension of the officer. At the same time, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez held a press conference to discuss the matter. He said the police officer was in the voters' line and the masks he wore violated the department and polling place policy. He said that the officer should follow the rules. At the same time, the mayor has also feared his suspension.

Suraj said that some people are claiming this as a threat to voters. He said that the officers have the responsibility of protecting and protecting the people and they are expected to perform their duties impartially. He further said that the police cannot share political statements or political views when they are in their uniforms. At the same time, Miami Police Chief George Colina issued a statement calling the incident unacceptable and termed it against the department's policies.

 President Donald Trump is back in the election campaign after recovering from the covid-19 infection in just three days. After announcing his recovery from the infection, he addressed a rally at the Cambria County Airport in John Murtha Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Here, a different style was seen by his supporters. This style was of a careless and oblivious trump. In fact, during his address at the rally here, he removed the mask on his face and threw it towards the supporters present there. However, his nonchalant style is not new. While doing so, he was caught in the camera of AP / AFP.

Even earlier when Trump claimed to be right from covid-19, he removed his mask in front of all the journalists. He has appeared many times in white house conferences and rallies without a mask. However this is the first time that he has thrown towards the mask public. He has been less in favor of putting a mask on defense from covid-19. He has often publicly commented on the mask. However, Trump has made several statements regarding covid-19 and its vaccine.

Another special thing of this rally was that most of the supporters who came here did not put a mask. Let us tell you that for the past several months, America is on top in the world in cases of covid-19 infection. According to Reuters, 38,093,144 cases have been reported in the world at present and 1,084,676 patients have died while 26,725,266 patients have been cured. On the other hand, if we talk about America, 7,834,049 cases of covid-19 infection have been reported here and 215,119 patients have also died while 3,488,963 have been cured.

During the past nine months, it has been seen many times that despite the onset of Kovid-19 infection and the rapid increase in the US, people in the US do not take precautions to protect against Corona virus. Initially, photos of crowds of people on the seashore of New York were seen by the whole world. This was also mentioned by WHO and warned America about negligence. Talking about the Pennsylvania rally, neither the physical distance rule was followed nor there was any awareness about the mask. Although his bodyguards must have masked the mouth. Hundreds of people included children ranging from children to older citizens.

US President Donald Trump warned China that it would have to pay a "big price" to spread the corona virus worldwide. As he returned from the military hospital to the White House after recovering from a Corona virus infection, Trump released a video on Twitter outside the Oval Office in the 'Rose Garden', blaming Corona once again for China.

 Trump said in the video message, 'There is no mistake in you. This is China's fault. What China has done to our country and to the world, it has to pay a big price. This is China's fault, remember. ' The Trump administration has taken a number of steps against China in the past few months, one of them being the imposition of visa restrictions on Chinese ruling party's Communist Party (CCP) officials. Trump and Foreign Minister Mike Ponpio are attempting to mobilize their counterparts worldwide against China. The Corona report of President Trump and the country's first woman Melania came positive on Thursday. After which both were quarantined in the White House. However, on the second day, he was admitted to the military hospital after Trump's health deteriorated. He was discharged from the hospital on Monday.

Significantly, the first case of corona was reported in the Chinese city of Wuhan last year and so far 10,54,674 people have died and 3,60,77,017 cases of the virus have been reported in the world. The US Corona virus has been the most affected, with 75,49,429 reported cases and 2,11,793 deaths. India is followed by India where the total number of infected cases has reached 68,35,656. At the same time, 58,27,705 people have been cured of the corona virus so far. Apart from this, 1,05,526 people have died due to Corona virus infection so far in the country.
US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump were found Corona positive last week. People around the world are shocked by Trump's recovery more quickly than being corona positive. He was discharged from the hospital in a few days and now he is preparing to join the US election campaign. In such a situation, the question is coming in everyone's mind, how did Trump recover from Corona so soon?

 Trump himself told how well

  US President Donald Trump himself revealed how he recovered from Corona so soon. According to Trump, Regeneron REGN-COV2 antibody drug was also given along with several drugs to treat corona. He told that it was the most important and it made him feel very good. He told the countrymen that he would arrange for the same medicine for all, from which he has recovered.

According to Trump, this drug is the treatment of corona and now he wants to make it available to the people in America for free. Trump attributed his treatment to the Regeneron company. The President said in the video, 'I want you to get the same medicine that I got and I want to make it available for free. We will make it available in the hospital as soon as possible. '

 Demand increased in America

Demand for this drug has increased in the US after US President Donald Trump's claim that he had recovered from this drug. Many people in the US are expressing their willingness to participate in the trial of the Regeneron REGN-COV2 antibody drug.

 How effective is medicine?

 This drug has been considered one of the most effective drugs in fighting corona infection. However, according to the company that makes this drug, Regeneron REGN-COV2, research is currently underway on this drug, but its use has been allowed in emergency. In the UK, this drug is also being used for recovery trials. Health experts have described Regeneron REGN-COV2 as good and powerful.

US President Donald Trump, who is undergoing treatment at a military hospital after Corona became infected, returned to the White House on Monday night. To make himself fit, Trump used stairs instead of a lift to go to the residence. In an email to his supporters after coming to the White House, Trump asked Corona not to be afraid. Let me tell you that on Thursday, Corona report of President Trump and first lady Melania came positive. The two then quarantined at the White House. However, after Trump's health deteriorated, he was admitted to Walter Reed National Medical Center in Bethesda, a Maryland suburb of Washington DC.

  Before leaving the hospital, Trump said in a tweet, 'I will start the election campaign soon. Fake news shows fake public opinion survey. On the other hand, in an email to his supporters after reaching the White House, he said, 'You don't have to fear Corona. Do not let it dominate your life. America is the world's greatest country and we have discovered many medicines during the Trump administration. Together we will beat it. ' He further said, 'The kind of greetings I received from people during the illness are not only unbelievable but I will never forget it. When I saw many patriots standing outside the hospital, I had to come out of the hospital to thank them. ' Former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said the president is not only completely well-off but also excited. Sanders said in a tweet, "He is a fighter and will never bow down to the virus and the leftist crowd." White House doctor Sean Conley said that the president has met all hospital discharge standards and his health has been steadily improving for the last twenty-four hours. He has not had fever even for the last 72 hours.

Trump landed mask as soon as he reached the White House

  How far US President Trump is indifferent to the Corona infection, the hallmark of Monday night was again seen. Discharged as soon as Trump arrived at the White House, he removed his mask. He took this step when several other people who belong to the White House have also come to Corona Report positive. Whatever may be Trump's attitude towards the infection, the country's largest infectious disease specialist, Dr. Anthony Fasi, urged people to wear masks. He said, "If you are having trouble wearing masks and do not want to avoid the crowd, then in the coming winter, the situation may become serious once again."

After President Donald Trump's corona got infected, there has been increased fear among the people living around him. Trump was shifted to the White House the previous day after being infected on Thursday. However, his condition was said to be critical. It may also have an impact on the presidential election in the country next month after Trump got infected. Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden said Tuesday that a second debate with Trump should be considered. He said that if Trump is still infected with Corona, he is against this debate.

  Please tell that on Thursday Donald Trump and the first Melania Trump were infected with Corona. He was shifted to Walter Reed Medical Center after the situation worsened. During this time, Donald Trump was also seen greeting people with his car for some time. Due to which he also faced a lot of criticism. On Tuesday, Trump was shifted from Walter Reed Medical Center to the White House. His first night last night was spent comfortably. His Physician Sean Conley doctor (Dr Sean Conley) has confirmed that his condition is better than before and he has no symptoms of corona anymore.

Now controversy has also started regarding Donald Trump being discharged from the hospital early. Republican Senator Susan Collins said she was surprised to see President Trump returning so soon. Not only this, he also raised the issue of masks without Trump in the White House. He said that due to this action of the President, wrong message is reaching among the people.
The US President went to the White House shift from Walter Reed Medical Center the previous day. Where the first night of the trump was very relaxed. Trump's physician said that Trump had not shown signs of corona. Confirming this, Physician Sean Conley Doctor said that Trump is now better than ever. Their oxygen levels have also improved.

 The infection occurred on Thursday

  Let me tell you that on Thursday Donald Trump and the first Melania Trump came into the grip of Corona. He was shifted to Walter Reed Medical Center after the situation worsened. During this time, Donald Trump was also seen greeting people with his car for some time. Due to which he also faced a lot of criticism.

Presidential election may have an impact!

 Let me tell you that the presidential elections are to be held in America next month. In such a situation, elections can also be affected. The White House also poses a risk of infection after Trump is infected. Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden has ruled out a second debate with Trump. He said he was against the debate if the trump still has a corona infection risk.

Dispute on early discharge from hospital

  On the other hand, controversy has started over Donald Trump's return from the hospital soon. . Republican Senator Susan Collins said she was surprised to see President Trump returning so soon. Not only this, he also raised the issue of masks by Trump in the White House and said that the wrong message is being sent to the people by this act of the President.

Should People Be Afraid of the Corona Virus? Public health experts say that 1 million (1 million) deaths worldwide are due to anxious, if not frightening, and the still-recovering president needs to take precautions every day.

  Donald Trump said in a White House video released after leaving the hospital on Monday that you will beat it. Don't let it dominate you. Don't be afraid of it. In the United States alone, more than 210,000 people were unable to beat it. The average for new US cases has risen to nearly 42,000 per day over the past two weeks. The nation has also caused more than 700 corona virus deaths every day.

 Despite Trump's claim that COVID-19 also has the deadly flu. According to CDC estimates, the flu has killed 12,000 to 61,000 Americans annually since 2010.

It is true that most people receiving COVID-19 develop only mild symptoms. But experts cannot predict which patients will develop a dangerous or fatal infection and only a small percentage of Americans have been sickened by coronaviruses, meaning that the vast majority are still at risk for infection.

After US President Donald Trump became Corona positive, now the Corona crisis has deepened on American officials. After Trump, now the number two officer of the US Coast Guard has also been found positive.

  He attended a high-level meeting at the Pentagon last week, so the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Army have almost completely quarantined themselves. US defense officials asserted that apart from Coast Guard Vice Commandant Admiral Charles Ray, all of the army's high officers are still negative and holding their duties.

 On the other hand, the White House says that there has been no hindrance in the government's work due to increasing cases of infection among officials in Washington. Adam Smith, chairman of the Democratic Party-led House Armed Services Committee, targeted Trump. He issued a statement and warned that America's enemies are always looking for such weaknesses that they can take advantage of. Smith said that our military can still do its job despite the leadership being quarantined, but little is said about the president's negligence for national security.

Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffmann said in a statement that anyone he was likely to come into contact with during Admiral Ray's Pentagon meetings was examined on Tuesday morning and none of them had any symptoms of the disease. He said that we do not have any positive investigation information at this time. There has been no change in the readiness and capabilities of US forces.

Three days ago news spread of US President Donald Trump being corona infected. After that he was admitted to the army hospital for treatment, there were reports about his treatment there for the last two days. But their activities have raised many questions about their corona getting infected.

  Actually, the President is to be elected in the US next month. Before that, there is a debate between the two candidates twice, both dates are for the same month. But things like Trump's hospitalization, releasing video messages and then going out with his supporters to greet the supporters outside the hospital are making people think something else. It is also a matter that after becoming corona at the age of 74, no person is able to behave in this way. But the way the trumps are seen, it seems that nothing has happened to them.

Caution is increased when president

  This is usually seen if a normal person becomes corona infected, then it is separated from everyone. But if the person getting infected is special then better arrangements are made for that. If the person is the President of a country like America, then the facilities are further increased for him.

 But now it is seen that Donald Trump is completely different from the rest of the patients, he came out with his entire convoy and thanked his supporters. Now George Washington University's Chief of Disaster Medicine James Phillip described the move as a political spectacle, adding that all those present in Trump's car would be quarantined for 14 days.

How was corona infected

  Although there is no concrete information yet about Donald Trump being infected with the corona, it is believed that he was exposed to an infected in the event he organized in the Rose Garden of the White House on September 26. And became infected. Trump has been against wearing masks, his work has been criticized from the beginning. Even on the day of the event, he was seen without a mask. People were also seen shaking hands and hugging each other. After the event, many people got infected. However, Trump's corona test came positive five days later.
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