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Tyrant Kim Jong, terrified by Corona, sentenced to death near China border

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Countries around the world are troubled by corona infections and are busy inventing new ways to treat themselves.  Meanwhile, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has issued a peculiar order to stop the spread of corona virus infection.  Perhaps this is the reason why North Korea is still being said to be the only country where the corona infection is not showing much impact.  Now people are nervous about this new dictator's decision.

 Even before this, the dictator has been known for his harsh decisions.  This time the dictator has ordered that any person of the country who is seen wandering aimlessly within a kilometer of the border of China, should be shot.

  People have been in panic all over North Korea since this dictator's order.  The four states that border with China are the most troubled.  According to North Korea's news agency KCNA, Kim Jong Un has given this order to stop the spread of the corona virus in his country.  Actually, the four states that share borders with China, there is a danger of spreading corona infection.  Keeping this in mind, the dictator has issued these strict orders that people should avoid going near the border of China and the infection should be least spread.

According to local media, ways to slow the spread of the disease were discussed at a political bureau meeting chaired by a North Quran leader. The regime of North Korea has emphasized the prevention of COVID-19 infection. It is reported that the police of Horyong city issued an emergency notice from the Ministry of Social Security.

 Which stated that they would kill anyone within a kilometer of the North Korea-China border. If the person who appears on the border has no statutory reason then he will be shot. North Korea also said it was sending ammunition to police stations close to the border areas so that they could implement the new policy.

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