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Tomorrow, a 22 meter diameter dangerous body will pass through the earth, scientists look

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Last month itself, an asteroid also made a record for passing through the nearest Earth.  Now once again another asteroid is going to pass near the Earth.  This time the asteroid will pass less than the distance between the Moon and Earth on 1 September.  The US space agency NASA has given this information.  This asteroid is named 2011 ES3.  It is said that for the next decade, it will pass the nearest of the asteroids passing near the Earth.

Size between 22 and 49 meters

 According to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, earlier this asteroid passed closest to the Earth on March 13 in 2011. This time the concern is that this asteroid will pass only 45,000 miles from the Earth. The size of this celestial body is being reported between 22 and 49 meters. NASA has claimed that on September 1, this asteroid will pass between the Earth and the Moon.

Won't hit the earth

 People around the world have a curious question about whether this astronomical body named Asteroid 2001 ES4 will hit the Earth. On this, NASA Asteroid Watch tweeted that the Asteroid-2001 ES4 will not hit the Earth. Yes, it is definitely that it will pass very close to the earth. There is no danger of it hitting the earth.

Speed ​​is 8.16 kilometers per second

  NASA Asteroid Watch has said that the relative speed of this asteroid is about 8.16 kilometers per second.  This body has passed very close to the earth once before.  Last time, it was continuously visible from the earth for four days.  This time it will be closer to the earth.  Its distance from Earth will be 1.2 lakh kilometers while it will be 3.84 lakh kilometers away from the moon.  This asteroid first appeared in the year 2011 and passes close to the Earth every nine years.

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