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While there is only a short time left for the Presidential election in the US, Joe Biden, the Democrat Party candidate who is hammering against Donald Trump in this election, has got a compelling issue. This issue has been given to him by a New York Times report. In fact, a New York Times report said that Donald Trump paid only $ 750 tax in 2016 and 2017 after becoming President. The issue was still hot when the presidential elections were held in 2016. During this time, Hillary Clinton, who had entered the electoral field against him, asked him to make public the tax papers. However, Trump appeared to dismiss his allegations and his every demand at the time. Now that once the noise of the presidential election is in full swing, this issue has arisen again.

According to the New York Times report, Trump had paid a total of $ 750 in the year 2016 after becoming the President and in the same amount in the year 2017 after becoming the President. Not only this, it has been said that they had not filled tax for about 10 years before this. In response to the questions raised in this regard, Trump said that the loss in his business is increasing continuously. In such a situation, they did not earn so much money on which they needed to pay tax. When the issue arose during the last presidential election, Trump had spoken about making his tax papers public in this case but did not do so. The news agency AP quoted Steve Warmhoff, director of federal tax policy, that 11 out of 18 years he did not fill tax.

According to the news, between the years 2004 and 2017, Trump hosted a reality TV show called The Apprentice. During this time, he showed many of his expenses on which he was entitled to tax deduction. This included living and aircraft expenses. He even showed up to $ 70,000 for his hair styling.

 Documentary evidence of the year 2018 shows that Trump earned $ 43.4 million during this period. During this time he also suffered a loss of 4.7 crores. In the year 2000, he spoke of a loss of $ 315 million. According to this, because their business is also spread abroad. Because of this, they have to pay tax there too. Records show that in 2017, he paid tax of $ 1.56 million in the Philippines and $ 14.5 lakh in India, while in the US he only paid tax of $ 750.

The stage is set for the first presidential debate between US President Donald Trump and his Democrat rival Joe Biden. Due to Corona virus, the picture of the debate which starts at 9 pm on Tuesday night (Wednesday at 6.30 pm Indian time) will be changed this time. This would be the first time the two rivals would face each other, but the historical tradition of joining hands would not be followed. During this time, both candidates will not wear masks.

  The 90-minute debate at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland (Ohio) will be moderated by Fox News celebrity anchor Chris Wallace. Six topics have been selected for debate. These issues are the records of both the candidates, the Supreme Court, the Corona virus, the economy, racial violence and the sanctity of the election. 15 minutes will be given for each subject. During this period, a period of accusation will also be carried out.

This time the debate can break the previous record in terms of viewership. In 2016, the Presidential Debate was watched by 84 million (eight million, 40 million) people on TV.

  Trump never hesitates on public forums. They do big rallies, speak fluently and almost daily face the confusing questions of the media. In such a situation, there will be more eye on Biden, who has seen less during the campaign. Biden will have a great chance to show his intellectual abilities and address concerns about his age.

Vice-presidential Democrat Kamala Harris told voters in North Carolina that there was no need to be disappointed by the Republican Party's efforts to make a new appointment to the Supreme Court before the presidential election. He alleged that the purpose of the Republican Party is to make people feel that their votes do not matter. Harris said that we will neither give up, nor back down. He said that we will not allow the transition that Trump has spread to the office of President and Congress. It has crippled our politics and pitted the American people against each other. They now want to spread it to the Supreme Court too.

There are now only 35 days left in the presidential election in America. Presidential elections are scheduled in the US on November 3. Before that the war between President Trump and Biden has started. The first presidential debate took place between Trump and Biden of the US presidential election. There was a lot of ruckus in the first debate. During this time there was also a fierce fight between Trump and Biden. During this time, Trump and Biden clashed on a number of issues, including the Corona epidemic, the vaccine, the appointment of a judge to the Supreme Court, tax. Explain that this debate will have an important role in deciding public opinion in the presidential election.

 US Presidential Debate 2020 Highlights:

 Did not shake hands with each other

  The first presidential debates between Trump and Biden. During this time, Trump and Biden did not join hands with each other due to Corona. During the debate, US President and Republican candidate Donald Trump said that we won the election, so we elected him (after nominating Judge Amy Connie Barrett to the Supreme Court). To this, Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden said that I am not against justice.

Conflict over appointment of judges in Supreme Court

 President Trump and Joe Biden clashed in the Supreme Court over the appointment of judges during the first presidential debate. There was a heated debate between Trump and Biden about the appointment of judges and healthcare in the Supreme Court. Trump defended his decision on the question of the appointment of Amy Barrett, a judge of Republican ideology, to the Supreme Court.

Significantly, before the presidential election in the US, it has been decided to appoint a Republican ideology judge in the country's Supreme Court. In the US, it is being said that Trump will benefit from this. During the debate, Trump said that he is the best in every way. I think she will do well.

 Biden shouted several times on the trump

 During the presidential debates with President Trump, Biden shouted at Trump several times. They said will you shut up. Trump also said that people who know that you have done nothing in 47 years.

Attack on Trump regarding vaccine

 During the first presidential debate, Trump and Biden also debated the Coroni vaccine. Joe Biden fiercely attacked Trump on the Corona vaccine. Biden said that Trump put pressure on the scientists to quickly produce the vaccine. He said that I do not trust Trump at all. To this, Trump replied that soon you will have the vaccine.

Trump, America's Worst President - Biden

  Joe Biden said during the presidential debate that Trump was America's worst president ever. He said that Trump needed to get off the golf course and work. To this, Trump replied that we did a great job. Let me tell you that you would never have done such a great job. It is not in your blood.

 Trump said - did a great job on Corona

 During this debate, Trump said that we did a great job on the corona epidemic. We made PPE kits, masks. We produced ventilators. Trump blamed China for Corona, saying that his administration was being blamed for failing Corona control because of bad press.

 I do not want to pay tax- Trump

 During this debate the issue of charges of taxon theft on Trump also arose. To this, Trump said that I do not want to fill a taxi. Trump said that there are many loopholes in the US system, although he also claimed that he paid tax of million dollars in the first year of his presidential term.

 Resist told Trump, said - spread hatred

  During the presidential debate, Trump and Biden had a heated debate about racist mentality. Biden said the trumps divide people. He said that Trump is a president who used everything to increase hatred and racial discrimination.

 Will Trump lose power if he loses the election?

 US President Donald Trump has refused the promise of a peaceful transfer of power if he lost the election. Chris Wallace asked, will you ask your supporters not to create unrest after the election results, will you announce today that you will declare your victory until the election results are confirmed independently? will not do.

The American presidential election campaign has reached its zenith. On Wednesday, Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden and Republican President Donald Trump appeared face to face in the first presidential debate of the election. In this presidential debate, India's name also appeared several times. During this time President Trump has named India several times. He said that India, Russia and China are hiding data on the corona virus. Therefore, the true picture of these countries is not coming out. Democratic candidate Biden surrounded Trump on the spread of the corona virus in the country. Biden accused Trump of failing to stop the spread of the virus in the US.

 Trump has already compared India-US

  President Trump, in his address, alleged that countries like India, China and Russia are not giving accurate information about the corona virus infected here. Due to this, the true picture of these countries is not coming forward. The number of people who have died due to corona virus in these countries is not clear. It is worth noting that even before this, Trump has compared India-America many times. Corona virus investigation cases have questioned the number of tests.

Trump attacked China over the spread of Corona virus

  President Trump blamed China for the spread of the corona virus. He said that China deliberately put the whole world in crisis. He said that if China had informed the world about the corona virus in time, this situation would not have arisen. Trump had expressed disappointment over China's mysterious style of Kovid-19, lack of transparency in the facts related to the disease, and non-cooperation with the US in the initial stages. Trump has warned China that if it is found responsible for deliberately spreading the corona virus infection, then be prepared to bear the consequences.

Until a few days ago it was expected that China might attack Taiwan. Many of China's fighter jets flew over the Taiwan border. After this, such fears were deepened that China is preparing to attack Taiwan and it can do so at any time.

 On the other hand, in view of such activities of China, America had also made preparations in South China Xi and deployed all the war planes. Now on Tuesday, a statement has come from Taiwan's defense chief that China is not preparing for war with Taiwan in any way.

  Defense Minister Yen De-Fa says that there are no indications from China that it is capable of fighting with Taiwan in any way. He said that China is instigating Taiwan, it sends fighter jets to the border to create war situations. China is also practicing warfare near the border. He says the Chinese communists have continued provocative action against Taiwan but currently there are no indications that it is ready to launch a full-scale war.

Last week, in a clear warning to China, the Ministry of Defense said that Taiwan's armed forces have the right to self-defense and counterattack amid harassment and threats. Taiwan's military is well armed and well trained. They say that we do not have much advanced weapons like China, but they are fresh.

  Premier Su Tseng-chang also said while speaking in parliament that Chinese attackers would have to pay a heavy price as the Taiwanese would defend themselves and their land. Taiwan will not fall. He said that every child in Taiwan is ready to fight a war if China attacks. Actually China has become more aggressive on Taiwan after two visits by two top US officials. For this reason, he is trying to intimidate by sending his fighter jets to the limits.

US Senator Kamala Harris has targeted President Donald Trump, saying he has brought the President's office into disrepute during his four-year term. In this order, he praised Democratic candidate Joe Biden. Kamla said that I think American voters have immense ability to compare the two candidates. He turned to the American public and said that on one side you have Joe Biden, who appears on camera, who constantly talks to the American people. Another is President Trump, who during his four years in office has only maligned the President's office.

 Trump disgraced the presidency in America

  Harris, the Democratic presidential vice-presidential candidate, said that you have Donald Trump, who I think actually discredited the post of President of the United States. He said that Trump had brought the President's office into disrepute during his last four years in office. Harris, 55, is the first major black, African-American and Indian-American woman to be the vice-presidential candidate of a major political party.

Trump gave birth to racial divide in the country

  In a series of tweets, Kamla said that in the last four years, Trump has given birth to a racial divide in the country. He said that it is not the goal of Trump to be ousted from the President's office, but Biden's plan is to root out racism in the country. He said that there is a need for drastic improvement in policing also. Kamla's spokesperson Sabrina Singh tweeted that Biden showed what the country's leadership should be like. Biden is keen to take this country together. Let us know that on October 7, there will be a debate between Vice President Mike Pence and Kamala Harris.

The US has informed the Iraqi government that it is preparing to fully return its embassy personnel from Baghdad. The US has said that unless the government there stops the ongoing attacks on its army in Baghdad, it must return to its army. After this statement, Iraqi government officials have come under pressure.

 Iraqi official under pressure, government appeals for reconsideration
  The Washington Post reported that the US has informed the Iraqi government in this regard. Actually, the US Embassy in Baghdad is not taking the name of the constant attacks on the personnel. While the US believes that the government of Iraq is not serious about attacks on officers and personnel associated with the US embassy. After this announcement by the US, Iraq has appealed to the US administration to reconsider it. Ahmed Mullah Talal, spokesman for Iraq's Prime Minister Mustafa al-Qadimi, said the US decision was "very disappointing". We hope that the US administration will reconsider this decision. He said that some illegal groups are trying to crack the relationship. However, there is no confirmation as to whether the White House has signed the verdict or not.

The preparations for the first presidential debate have been done.  While Trump has prepared issues on behalf of the Republican Party, Joe Biden of the Democratic Party has also prepared an attack on the President.  In this debate, the New York Times reported Trump's failure to pay taxes would pose a major challenge for Trump.

  The 90-minute debate in Cleveland will begin at 6:30 pm Wednesday, Indian time.  It will also challenge Trump's postponement of only $ 750 in 2016 and 2017, and his wavering attitude towards the corona virus epidemic.  At the same time, Trump will also have to face sharp questions related to the country's disastrous economy, rising unemployment, the appointment of a judge in the Supreme Court.  On the other hand, Trump has also been prepared to raise the issue of Democratic Party's Joe Biden's corruption by his son involving Chinese companies and the Democratic candidate taking drugs.  Let me tell you that Trump has been questioning Biden's mental health even before.
 Sikh community is safe with Trump: Republicans
  After raising questions about the safety of Sikhs in the US under the Democratic campaign, the Republican camp has said that American Sikh trumps are completely safe in administration.  Harmeet Dhillon, a Sikh-American attorney and co-chairman of Trump's lawyers, said religious freedom in the country is due to Trump's initiative.  Due to this, Sikh youths today are serving in the US Army with their turbans and beards.  Jasdeep Singh, co-president of the Sikhs for the Trump campaign, said that Biden's supporters are making unwarranted allegations in an attempt to end our campaign.

 Don't be disappointed with Trump's efforts: Kamala Harris
  Kamala Harris, the Democratic presidential nominee in the US, said in North Carolina that voters should not be disappointed by government efforts to fill a Supreme Court seat before the election.  Harris said, we will not give up and we will not back down.  He said, "We will not allow the disease that Trump has tried to spread and due to which the politics of the country has become crippled."  Trump has pitted the Americans against each other.  They are now spreading this disease in the US Supreme Court as well.

 Indian-American Puneet Ahluwalia in the race for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia
  Indian-American industrialist Puneet Ahluwalia (55) has joined the Republican Party candidates for the post of Lieutenant Governor from Virginia.  Claiming for the post, he said, "Virginia is in trouble now and time is running out because Democrats are making old promises."  Born in Delhi, Ahluwalia moved to the US in 1990.  His wife Nadia is originally from Afghanistan.  Ahluwalia works for the Northern Virginia Republican Business Forum and is an active member of the local unit of the Republican Party.

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In this regard, Disney Parks chairman Josh D'Amaro said the decision was "very painful". But with the business severely affected by Kovid 19, it is the only possible option in an environment of uncertainty such as compulsions of social distance law, minimal staff work and prolonged epidemic.
  The company said it would lay off about 28,000 of its theme park employees, or about a quarter of its workforce. Let us tell you that Disney's theme parks in California and Florida alone employed about 1,10,000 employees before the epidemic. Now after the announcement of layoffs under the new policy, this number of employees will be close to 82 thousand.

 D'Amaro said in a statement that there is currently no hope of lifting the ban in California to allow Disneyland to reopen, so the decision to lay off had to be made. Walt Disney World was partially reopened in Florida in mid-July.

  However, due to Corona virus during this period, very few tourists arrived there. According to media reports, Disney will now also begin negotiations with the unions representing the employees. According to Johns Hopkins University, there have been 7,180,411 cases of corona in the US so far and 2,05,774 people have died. Explain that America is the country most affected by the epidemic.


The first presidential debate has started in the US for the presidential election on November 3.  In the first debate, Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden asked Republican Trump candidate Donald Trump to shut up.  In addition, Joe Biden also called Trump a liar.

  In the first television debate, Joe Biden appeared very aggressive and in the debate he called Donald Trump a liar.  Biden said that what Donald Trump has said so far is a complete lie, I have not been called here to hear his (Donald Trump's) lies.  Everyone knows that Donald Trump is lying.
 In the first television debate, tension was increasing in the early minutes.  Donald Trump and Joe Biden were both intercepting each other's talk.  Cutting across each other, Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden told Donald Trump, "Will you shut up?"

  Considering the Corona restrictions, the two leaders did not join hands with each other.  Trump and Biden have come fully prepared for the 90-minute debate.  Biden asked Trump to make his tax return public.  He said, Trump, despite being a billionaire, has not paid taxes for years.

 During the presidential debate, Trump said on the ruckus about the appointment of a Supreme Court judge, "We have won the election, so we have the right to appoint Judge Amy Connie Barrett as the Supreme Court judge."  At the same time, Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden said that I am not opposing justice.  The 90-minute debate in Cleveland began at around 6:30 a.m. Wednesday morning in Indian time.

NASA has planned to send humans to the moon for the first time since 1972. NASA has announced that it plans to land the first female and one male astronaut on the moon in 2024. NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstein said that we are going to the moon again to give scientific discovery, economic benefits and to inspire a new generation of explorers.

 According to the news agency, the project will cost around $ 28 billion. The budget needs approval from the US Congress for this expenditure. President Donald Trump has expressed his desire for a mission to the moon. Breidenstein said that NASA is in the right direction of landing on the moon in 2024, if the US Congress approves $ 3.2 billion before Christmas, we will be able to carry out our mission to the moon.

According to NASA, the landing of the spacecraft at the uncharted south pole of the moon. Breidenstein said that nothing else has been discussed. They have rejected the possibility of new astronauts landing on the lunar equator under the Apollo 11 mission in the same way that the earlier astronauts had landed. Bridenstein said that under this mission, a whole new kind of things will be discovered, the scientific work that we will do on the moon will be done in the first mission.

Will be very different from During the Apollo mission we used to think that the moon is dry but now we know that there is a huge amount of water at the south pole of the moon. Projects are currently underway to construct three Lunar landers, which will carry astronauts. Lander's contender is the company of Jeff Bezos, the founder of Blue Origin Amazon. The second lander is Elan Musk's company SpaceX and the third company is named Dynamics. These three companies are manufacturing the Lunar lander.

Addressing the 75th session of the UN General Assembly, US President Donald Trump said that 75 years after the end of World War II and the founding of the United Nations, we are once again in a global conflict. We have waged a fight against an invisible enemy Chinese virus. It has taken countless lives in 188 countries. In the US, we started the most aggressive mobilization since the Second World War. We rapidly supplied record ventilators. Being a surplus ventilator, we were able to distribute it to our friends around the world.

  Targeting China, he said that as we are moving towards a golden future, we should hold China responsible for spreading such epidemics across the world. In the early days of the virus, China had banned domestic travel. But flights to other countries were continued to infect the world. The Chinese government and the WHO (which runs China behind the scenes) falsely claim that there is no evidence that the virus spreads from person to person. He later falsely claimed that patients without symptoms could not spread the disease.

Heads will address virtually

  This is the first time in the history of the United Nations that the UN heads of state are to address this session virtually. Therefore, its importance has increased significantly. Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi will address this General Assembly on 26 September. At the same time, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan will address this session on 25 September. Therefore, India will also have a chance to answer every question and every allegation raised by Pakistan.

China has given its clarification in the United Nations Council on the worldwide corona epidemic. Addressing the 75th session of the UN General Assembly, the Chinese President said that the fight against the Corona transition should not be politicized. Speaking at the United Nations, Jinping said that China is the largest developing country in the world. He is peaceful, open and committed to cooperation. We will never demand leadership, expansionism or influence. Our intention is not to fight cold war nor fight any kind of war with any country.

 Speaking at this virtual meeting, the Chinese President said that no country should be allowed to dominate the world and keep all the facilities of development. The need to increase the representation of developing countries should be emphasized to make the United Nations more balanced.

Jinping said, humanity will win

  During his address, Jinping countered US President Donald Trump's allegations about the corona virus infection. Jinping said that the virus has destroyed the whole world. In this fight we have seen the efforts of governments, dedication of medical workers, discovery of scientists and perseverance of the public. People from different countries have come together with courage, determination and compassion. Who has reduced the darkness and we have faced this disaster head on. The corona will be defeated. Humanity will win in this battle.

At the same time, before this, US President Donald Trump addressed the United Nations General Assembly, saying that 75 years after the end of World War II and the founding of the United Nations, we are once again in a global conflict. We have waged a fight against an invisible enemy Chinese virus. It has taken countless lives in 188 countries. In the US, we have started the most aggressive mobilization since the Second World War.

Trump and Biden may clash over a new appointment to the post vacated by the death of US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Beder Ginsberg. Presidential candidate Joe Biden, from the Democratic Party, says the issue of choosing Ginsburg's successor should be left to the new president. While Mick McConnell, a Trump close and leader of the Republican Party in the Senate, says the House will support anyone nominated by the president.

 In fact, Senate approval is required for appointment to the Supreme Court, and Trump's Republican Party has a majority in the Senate, the upper house of the US Parliament. His party has 53 members in the Senate with 100 seats. President Trump has appointed Neil Gorsuch in the year 2017 and Brett Kavanaugh in the Supreme Court in the year 2018.

 The former Vice President said, the appointment of a new judge should be left to the new President

Ginsberg, who suffered from pancreatic cancer, was famous for working in the interests of women's rights. He died on Friday at the age of 87. Ginsburg, the most senior judge and the second woman to be appointed as a judge in the Supreme Court, served there for 27 years. Ginsburg was appointed by President Bill Clinton. President Trump was informed of Ginsburg's death when he was addressing an election rally in Minnesota.

A parcel full of poison has been revealed to US President Donald Trump. Officials said the parcel sent from Canada contained a poison named Risin, which is deadly. However, it got caught during investigation. According to a media report, the deadly poison Risin has been confirmed after two tests.

  Risin is a very deadly element that is extracted from castor beans. It has been used in terrorist attacks. It can be used as a powder, mist, pellet, or acid. A person experiences vomiting after eating risin poison, blood starts leaking from inside the stomach and intestines. Because of this, the Sakhs die during 36 to 72 hours.

 The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Secret Service are investigating the case. An FBI official said that the FBI and our Secret Service and the US Postal Inspection Service are investigating the case together. At present, there is no doubt of any kind of danger to the common people.

President Donald Trump has given in-principle approval to the proposed deal between Oracle and Walmart over Tik tok US business.  If the deal goes through, it will not only create a new American company but also create 25,000 new jobs.  Tik tok will also provide a grant of five billion US dollars (about 37 thousand crores) for the education of American youth under the deal.  Explain that the US has placed TicketLock in the list of apps to be banned due to security reasons.

  The President told reporters at the White House on Saturday, 'I wish the new deal all the best.  Work is underway at Ticketock.  We want to have an agreement between Oracle and Walmart.  100 percent security will be taken care of.  They will use different cloud (data).  It will be provided with very strong security.  Last month, Trump signed a government order stating that they would be banned by September 15 if the proprietary rights of the Chinese app TicTalk and WeChat were not given to the US.  Trump said on Saturday, "He (Tittock) will give a grant of five billion US dollars for education in America."  We are going to create a huge fund for the education of American youth, which will prove to be a good step.  If this deal happens then it is very good and if it is not, it is okay.  However, I think this agreement will be beneficial for America.  The President said that this new company will have nothing to do with any foreign country.  It will also have no meaning with China.  It will be completely safe.  Since the deal also needs the approval of the Chinese government, Trump has also said that we will see if it happens.

Tittock Global will be the name of the new company

 The new company name will be Ticketock Global. It will probably have its headquarters in Texas. Oracle's stake in Tittock Global will be 12.5 percent and will keep all user data safe. Retail company Walmart will have a stake of 7.5 per cent in Tiktok Global. According to Oracle and Walmart, US investors will hold majority stake in Ticketcock Global. In fact, the Chinese company BiteDance, which owns TickTalk, has about 80 percent stake in this video sharing app, but American investors (General Atlantic, venture capital firm Sequoia Capital and investment management company Koet) have a 40 percent stake in BiteDance. In this way, the holding of Oracle, Walmart and American investors will be around 53 percent, directly and indirectly. It is believed that as per the agreement, ByteDance will also sell some of its stake in TickTalk. It is likely to decrease further next year.

Oracle said, 100% security of user data will remain

  Under the deal, ByteDans will be able to keep the source code, but Oracle will inspect it from time to time. Oracle CEO Safar Katz said his company would provide 100 percent secure environment to the user. Security of American user data will be taken care of. Please tell that Katez was a member of Trump's Transition Team in the year 2016. Oracle co-founder and chairman Larry Ellison is among the top entrepreneurs who openly support the US president. Ticketock's interim chief executive Vanessa Pappa said in a video post that Ticketock will remain in the US.

Chinese jets have once again crossed the Taiwan border line amid negotiations between the US and Taiwan authorities on security issues. 18 jets from China have crossed the line of Taiwan Strait. With this, once again the US and China are face to face on the issue of Taiwan. Taiwan's Ministry of Defense's Defense Missile System said in a tweet that on 18 September two H-6 bombers, eight J-16 jet aircraft, four J-10 warplanes and four J-11 warplanes struck China and Taiwan The boundary line is taken.

 Beijing beware of security alliance between the two countries

  The New York Times reported that China has strongly opposed the ongoing talks between Taiwan and the US. Beijing has warned about the security alliance between the two countries. Chinese Colonel Defense Spokesperson Senior Colonel Ren Guaciang said in a briefing that those who play with fire are bound to burn. According to a report, Chinese pairs of aircraft have been spotted on the Taiwan border in the past, but this time several Chinese warplanes have been seen simultaneously in every direction. With this, the confrontation between the US and China over Taiwan has increased.

Taiwan warned China not to encroach on the border

 Earlier this month, Taiwan warned China not to overstep the border. Taiwan had said that it wants peace. The Taiwan government said it was capable of responding to any Chinese attack and would defend its citizens. Taiwan's Vice President Lai Ching-te said in a tweet that don't cross the line. Despite this, China again flew fighter jets into Taiwan's air defense detection zone. The South China Morning Post reported that China had deployed fighter jets during the historic visit of US Health Secretary Alex Azar to Taiwan last month, citing Taiwan's Ministry of Defense, which crossed the middle border of the Taiwan Strait.

Everyone has expectations from the vaccine amid the worldwide corona epidemic crisis. Scientists are currently preparing vaccines in many countries of the world including America, Russia, Britain, China, India. Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump has expressed hope that the Corona virus vaccine will be available to all Americans by April. US President Donald Trump has said that by April 2021, the US will produce enough Corona virus vaccine doses for every American.

 Xinhua reported that the president told a White House news conference on Friday that the country was expected to have at least 100 million or more vaccine doses delivered by the end of the year.

 "Every month people will get millions of doses and we expect to have enough doses for every American by April, and later I would say that the faster the delivery, the faster it will go." A day before this, President Trump said that the Corona vaccine would begin distribution in October. Trump said that we are very close to making the Corona vaccine. Trump said that we think we can start anytime in October. So as soon as this announcement is made we will be able to start distribution. It can start from October.

Moderna in preparation to launch vaccine

 American biotechnology company Moderna is going to bring its Corona vaccine to market soon. The CEO of the company said that the commercial launch of the vaccine is being actively worked on. Moderna is developing a corona vaccine called mRNA-1273. Moderna CEO Stephen Bainsall made the announcement at a time when the world is vying to bring the Corona vaccine as soon as possible.

The matter of ban on Chinese video sharing app Tik tok by the Trump administration has reached the court. Tik tok and the Chinese company that owns it, BiteDance, filed a petition in a federal court in Washington late Friday. According to Bloomberg News, the petition challenged Trump's executive order under which the decision to ban TikTok and WeChat has been taken.

 In fact, on August 6, Trump signed an executive order banning the app. Since the order was to take effect in 45 days and the period is to be completed on September 20, the Commerce Ministry on Friday issued an order. This order states that from Sunday, no person living in the US will be able to download TicTalk and WeChat. Although the mobile phone which is already running TicketLock will continue to work, but the update version will not be able to be downloaded from the App Store. According to Bloomberg News, the petition states that Trump has taken the decision to ban the app out of his jurisdiction. He has not taken this decision due to any threat to national security, but the political reason behind this decision.

China warns against the ban

  China on Saturday said it would strongly oppose America's move to stop downloading WeChat and TicketLock. The Commerce Ministry said in its statement that in the absence of any evidence, the US has repeatedly used government power to suppress both companies, citing illegal reasons. The US has severely disrupted the general business activities of companies. Also reduced the confidence of international investors in the investment environment. The ministry said that Washington should stop its operations immediately and protect international regulations. If the US does not withdraw its order, the ministry said, China will take necessary measures to protect the legitimate rights and interests of companies. However, the ministry did not say what steps it would take in the interest of the companies.

The US has said that the concept of Indo-Pacific (Indo-Pacific) has included India in a big solution. Not only this, the Trump administration is developing a new system to coordinate with like-minded partners like Quad countries. According to a top US diplomat, in November 2017, India, the US, Australia and Japan shaped a long-pending quad alliance to curb China's growing influence. Its purpose is also to smooth the sea routes of the Indo-Pacific region.

  Explain that the Indo-Pacific is a biogeographical region, which includes the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea, including the Western and Central Pacific Oceans. China claims almost the entire South China Sea, but Taiwan, the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia and Vietnam claim parts of it. Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia and Pacific Affairs David Stillwell told the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, 'You have seen that India is very strong in this regard. The concept of Indo-Pacific has incorporated India into a larger solution. '

He said that the US is strengthening its security commitments. Also helps partners protect their sovereignty and marine resources. We have doubled assistance to partners associated with the Pacific islands. We are developing new systems to coordinate with like-minded partners. The first Quad Ministerial meeting of the United States, Australia, India and Japan in September 2013 marks a new milestone in Indo-Pacific diplomatic engagement.

US President Donald Trump has used harsh and clever words in praise of the Afghan terrorist organization Taliban. He said that the US is making good deals with the Taliban.

 The US military entered Afghanistan a month after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack, and overthrew the Taliban's Islamic government. The Taliban started peace talks with the Afghan government this week to end the two-decade-long civil war.

 Trump said in the press conference, 'We are doing a good deal with the Taliban. Those people are very rude, very clever. They are very fast. You know that this has been going on for 19 years and frankly, now they are also tired of this fight.

  Trump wants to take credit for taking America out of its longest battle. This is why the Trump administration has kept pressure on both sides for a peace deal in Afghanistan. The US intends to withdraw all its troops from Afghanistan by May 2021. The first formal meeting between the Taliban and the Afghan government took place in Doha, Qatar's capital, on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, President of Afghanistan's National Reconciliation Council Abdullah Abdullah said that talks between the government and the Taliban in Doha will not be easy. The Afghan team will have to face such issues, which will need to take tough decisions.

  Abdullah said that I do not say that this conversation will be very easy. It will be very difficult. We will have to face such issues, under which tough decisions have to be taken. He said that talks with the Taliban would preserve justice and freedom along with women's rights, civil rights, minority rights and human rights. These have been achieved through many sacrifices.

In a study outlining the magnitude of greenhouse emissions, scientists have claimed that melting ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica would rise by more than 38 centimeters (about 15 inches) in sea level by the year 2100 if emissions continued. Can do. This has been said in a study led by NASA.

 NASA said the study's findings are consistent with the Intergovernmental Committee on Climate Change (IPCC) 2019 special report on ocean and cryosphere (where the surface of the Earth is in solid form). It states that the water released from the ice sheets contributes one-third to the rise in the global seawater level.

  The report estimates that Greenland will contribute between eight and 27 centimeters to sea level rise between 2000–2100 and Antarctica may contribute three to 28 centimeters. These findings, published in The Cryosphere magazine, have come to light in the research of the Ice Sheet Model Intercomparison Project (ISMIP 6) led by NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.

Sophie Nowicki, head of the project and from Buffalo University in the United States, said how much sea level would rise in the future would depend on how much ice sheets contribute to it. How much the ice sheets melt will depend on how the climate changes.

  Leading the study of Greenland's ice sheets at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, Heiko Goelzer, said that rising air and sea temperatures can significantly increase Greenland's ice sea level.

The ISMIP 6 team found that if the Greenland ice melts at an estimated level, it could increase global sea level by about 3.5 inches (nine cm) by 2100. At the same time, this growth can be around 1.3 inches (three cm) in case of low emission.

 The scientists involved in the study said that these findings are different from the previously estimated extent of ice melting due to temperature increases between pre-industrialization and present time. He pointed out that earlier studies have estimated that melting ice in Greenland could increase global sea level by about six mm by 2100. Researchers said that melting the ice from the Antarctic ice sheet is not easy to predict because warm ocean currents destroy the soles of large floating ice rocks.

Corona has caused the most havoc in the world. Nearly 7 million people have been infected in the US so far, while the death toll has crossed 2 lakh. Considering the increasing number of infected and dead in the country, scientists have intensified their efforts to make the vaccine available in the market at the earliest. At the same time, US President Trump has also hoped that by April 2021, every American will have the Corona vaccine available.

  Trump said that as soon as the vaccine is approved, the administration will immediately pass it on to the American people and receive millions of doses every month. He further said that we expect every American to have the Corona vaccine available by April 2021.
 He said that brilliant doctors and scientists from the United States are working round the clock to produce the corona vaccine and trials on three vaccines are in the final stages. Trump further said that the work is very fast in relation to the vaccine.
 He said that the vaccine should be developed as soon as possible to end the epidemic and normalize life. Talking about a successful vaccine, the President said that it will not only save the lives of millions but will also prove useful for the coming generations.

  He further said that work is going on very fast in relation to the vaccine. He said that the vaccine should be developed as soon as possible to end the epidemic and normalize life. A successful vaccine will not only save millions of lives, but will also prove useful for the coming generations.

 He said that vaccine testing is being done in view of safety standards. Our scientists are testing it from all levels so that no health problems arise for people. Trump further stated that the development of the vaccine is our priority and we are moving rapidly towards its success.


For the first time in Brihmand, such a giant planet has been detected, which is orbiting a star similar to its smaller dead. The planet Jupiter is 80 light years away from Earth. Light years are the largest unit of distance measurement. A light year is the distance traveled by light in one year. The speed of light is three lakh kilometers per second. In this sense, this planet is far away from Earth. The planet's information has been made public through an article published in the science journal Nature.

 Scientists have named this planet WD 1856b. This planet is also Jupiter-shaped. But the class it is moving in is very small. As a result, one year of its planet is only 1.4 days. That is, it finishes its orbit in 1.4 days (34 hours). This information was given by Assistant Professor Ian Crossfield at the University of Kansas, USA. Researchers have found that the outer layer of this planet is red in color and its inner part is covered with a thick fog.

Researchers have found that there are also planets in the universe which have been orbiting a star or other light beam. WD 1856B first appeared with NASA's Tess Space Telescope. After this, it was monitored for several weeks. The speed of its rotation was observed. It was found to be circling a small star, resembling white dwarf. This star is similar to what scientists expect to turn into a small star five billion years after the Sun.

US President Donald Trump has once again been accused of sexual abuse. This time, former model Amy Doris has made the charge. He has made these allegations against Donald Trump in an interview given in a newspaper. To prove his allegations he has also provided some photographs of the time to the newspaper The Guardian. However Trump, through his lawyers, has denied all these allegations.

 Former model Amy Doris told Britain's The Guardian newspaper in an interview that Trump had sexually abused her in his VIP box during the US Open in New York. Amy described how Trump had sexually abused her at the time. Amy says that when she went to the VIP box, the trump present there grabbed her and tightened her grip, she kept trying to free herself, pushing them back but could not succeed.

He further said that I was caught by the trump, I could not get out of it. Donald Trump has previously been accused of more than a dozen sexual misconducts. The prominent American columnist E. Jean Carroll misapplied in the dressing room of a department store in 1990 and made other attempts.

 She was 24 when the alleged incident happened to Doris, Trump was 51 at the time. Trump is currently 74 years old. At that time, Trump's second marriage had also taken place. However many more people have supported Doris's statement, stating that he had told about the incident at the time. Doris says that when Trump caught him from behind, he told Trump to stop but he didn't listen to them.

When asked why she remained present around the trump even after this incident, she said that it is only when something painful happens to you that you freeze. Trump's lawyers said the developments that Doris told the newspaper could not be trusted. At the same time, the lawyer says that if something like this happened, then there should have been witnesses to this incident.

 Lawyers say Doris's accusations may be politically motivated as Trump faces Joe Biden in the November 3 election. Doris is now 48 years old, saying she decided to come forward because she wants to be a role model for her twin daughters.

Satellite photographs showed that the smoke of fire in the wilds of America has reached Europe. Data collected by the European Union's Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service found that smoke has reached Britain and northern Europe over a distance of eight thousand kilometers through the atmosphere.

 Monitoring Service senior scientist and wildlife expert Mark Parrington said fires in California, Oregon and Washington emitted 30 million metric tons of carbon.
  The measurement and intensity of this fire is the highest compared to the last 18 years. The density of smoke, called aerosol optical depth (AOD), is very high according to satellite measurements. The AOD level is seven or more.


Joi Parkar, former porn star of the American adult industry, has passed away. Joi was just 24 when she breathed her last. Joey's fiancé Jay Campbell gave this information. Joi died suddenly at around 2 pm on Saturday 12 September. His sudden demise has shaken his close. Joi's fiancée created a page called GoFundMe and informed people that Joi was no longer with us.

 Joi's fiance not only told Joi about this page but also collected money for the former porn star's funeral through this page. Let me tell you that Joi had said goodbye to the porn industry a month ago. Because Joey wanted to start a new life with his family. For which she had also come to Texas and had also engaged with Jay Campabel.

Joi was also very active on social media. She often shared many of her photos with fans. It was only a month after Joey left the porn industry and his demise sparked sensation. However, it is not yet known what caused Joi's death. His fiance says that Joi slept at night and did not get up again. Because of which his death is currently under question.

 Talk about Joi Parkar, she has worked in about 100 porn films. Joi was from Texas, USA. She joined the porn industry in 2014. After which she moved to Los Angeles and made the porn industry a full time career.


The Arab-Israeli dispute ended on Tuesday after a long time. For this historic agreement, a grand ceremony was organized by the US President Donald Trump at the White House, which was also hosted by Trump himself.

 Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu joined the UAE on behalf of the UAE, Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed on behalf of the UAE, and Foreign Minister Abdul Latif Al Zayani on behalf of Bahrain. Apart from these countries, some other important people also witnessed this historic moment. Trump also invited some Democrats who quietly supported the deal. After Egypt, Jordan, UAE and Bahrain are the Arab countries that have recognized Israel.

Also special 700 people were also called to witness the historical moment. After signing the historic peace deal at the White House, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that the Arab-Israeli dispute ended forever with the agreement that normalized the relationship. During the signing ceremony of the agreement, Trump said that it is like a new morning for the countries of the Middle East.

New Middle East launches after agreement

  He said that after decades of division and struggle, we have started a new Middle East. Congratulations to the people of Israel, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. Despite the corona virus epidemic there was a large crowd on such an occasion. Addressing the crowd, Netanyahu said that today's day has been recorded in history. Now a new relationship will begin between these three countries. The three countries will work together for the progress of their region and the millions of citizens living here. This agreement will bring a new dawn of peace. At the same time, it also hoped that further Arab countries would also join it.

Donald Trump's son-in-law and advisor Jared Kushner has led the negotiations, saying that while this is a major achievement for the countries involved in the agreement, it has created a ray of hope in the region. We need to focus on the dynamic future, forgetting the struggles of the past. He appealed to the people to move beyond the past.

Yoshihide Suga has been elected to the post 18 days after Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced his resignation. Abe had announced his resignation at the end of August citing health reasons. Abe suffers from ulcerative colitis disease. 71-year-old Suga is considered close to Abe. In this context, it is also believed that they will carry forward their policies and efforts. A big reason for this is also because he talked about advancing abenomics. Abenomics refers to the economic policies that Shinzo Abe created. Abe made these policies based on a monetaryly comfortable environment, fiscal stimulus and structural reforms. He was previously elected the party's leader and received 377 votes out of 534 Liberal Democratic Party party MPs and regional representatives. It is worth noting that elections are to be held in Japan in September 2021.

He is the first leader to be the longest-serving PM in history. Apart from this, he was the first PM of the country who was born after the second world war. Suga has successfully performed many important responsibilities in the long innings of his political journey. Suga hails from a peasant family. He has challenged many challenges in this long political life. He has a lot of influence in Japanese politics. His political journey began after he graduated from Tokyo's Hosei University. After completing college, Suga was involved in a parliamentary election campaign. He then officially joined the Liberal Democratic Party and became secretary.

The impact of global warming is clearly visible in the Arctic region. There is so much effect of global warming that the ice rocks are melting and the temperature is also increasing here. Earlier, there was a lot of cold in this Himalayan region, now the open area has become more due to rain and snow. Scientists say that the most effect of global warming is seen here, which is quite dangerous.

 He said there is a steady decline in sea ice in the Arctic. Even in the coldest year there has not been much change as it is now seen. Researchers say that the other two characteristics of the climate of the region are the change in the number of rainy days instead of seasonal air temperature and snow. The Arctic is one of the parts of the world most affected by climate change. With the rapidly increasing temperature, sea ice is seen to have effects other than shrinking.

Two scientists from the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado (National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado) are doing research on this continuously. Their names are Laura Landrum and Marika M. His research has been published in the journal Nature Climate Change. Climate scientist and lead author of the study Landrum said that everyone knows the Arctic is changing. We really wanted to determine if this was a new climate. The way changes are being seen, it can be said that a new climate is being created here.

The worldwide corona virus epidemic continues to wreak havoc. Due to this, humanitarian crisis along with economic crisis is also deepening on many countries of the world. This has affected the economy of many countries of the world including America, India, Britain. In the midst of the corona epidemic crisis, its vaccine is now being monitored worldwide. Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump has made a big claim regarding the Corona vaccine. Trump said that if all goes well, only Corona vaccine will come in the next few weeks.

 President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that a vaccine against the deadly corona virus could be three or four weeks away, despite some US public health officials taking precautions as well as a quick timeline. Trump, speaking at a town hall hosted by ABC News in Philadelphia, defended dealing with the Corona virus crisis and said a vaccine could be ready for distribution ahead of the US presidential election on 3 November.

Trump said that we are very close to a vaccine. He further explained that if you want to know the truth, it may have taken years for the previous administration to get vaccinated due to FDA and approval. We can get it in a few weeks. It may take three to four weeks for the vaccine to arrive.

 Earlier this month, top American infectious disease specialist Dr. Anthony Fauci told CNN that most experts believe a vaccine will be ready by November or December. He also said that it is being said that you can have it by October. However, I do not think it is a possibility. Other experts say a scientifically reliable vaccine will not be available until early 2021.
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