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In response to Kamla Harris, Bharatvanshi Nikki Heli Trump will handle the front, know what is the plan

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Prominent politicians who will address the public on the first day of the Republican National Conference will also have Nikki Haley of Indian origin.  Haley, a two-time governor of South Carolina, is the only Indian-American leader to be ranked in the speakers' list.  Haley's stature in the party can be gauged from the fact that he is being considered a possible presidential candidate after Trump.  The 77-year-old Trump will be formally announced as the party's presidential candidate during the four-day national conference.

 Will campaign for Trump

 The conference concludes with Trump's acceptance speech Thursday from the White House's South Lawn.  At the same time, Vice President Mike Pence will also be formally declared as the Vice Presidential candidate again by the Republican Party.  Like the National Conference of the Democratic Party, this conference is expected to be held through video conference.  Nikki Haley, who was the US ambassador to the United Nations during Trump's initial two-year term, is close to the Trump family and will campaign for Trump's re-election in the next few weeks.

Who is Nikki Haley and what is her plan

 Nikki Haley, born in South Carolina, was originally named Nimrata Randhawa. His father Ajit Singh Randhawa and mother Raj Kaur Randhawa came here from Amritsar, Punjab. In a statement, the Trump campaign said, "The President Trump Trump Convention, lasting four days, will honor great American history." During this, the agenda of 'Make America Great Again' will also be put in front of everyone. ' In addition to Nikki Haley, President Trump's son Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle will also address the public on the first day of the conference. First lady Melania Trump will address the conference on Wednesday from the Rose Garden at the White House. This would be the first time in the history of the US presidential election.

Trump's focus will be on Americans

 Trump's main focus during the party's four-day national conference will be on the American people. White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said this in an interview to Fox News. He said that Biden, who challenged President Trump, had nothing to say. This thing also appeared in his speech during the National Conference of the Democratic Party. When we see his speech, it looks almost like 2008. Trump has done something new every day. Whereas Joe Biden could barely pass two bills. In his first 100 days, Trump accomplished as much work as Biden could not in his 40-year political career.

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