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In the US, once again, the black matter is gaining momentum amid the presidential campaign.  Hundreds of people demonstrated outside a court in Wisconsin, US, on Saturday with the slogan 'one person one vote,' no justice without peace.  The protesters were marching towards the court complex in Kenosha, chanting the slogan 'Saat Goli, Saat Din'.  Let me tell you that a police officer shot a black man named Jacob Blake seven weeks ago by the police.  Jacob was crippled in this incident.

 Black senior raised questions

 Blake's father Blake Sr., one of the protesters, has questioned the arrangement.  He said that it promotes police brutality and racial discrimination.  In this sequence, he called for a change in the system.  He told reporters on Saturday that his son was being given pain relief medicines.  He is conscious.  He is in a lot of pain.  Once again there is tremendous resentment among black people about this incident.

Question asked by reporters when Donald Trump

 President Donald Trump, who arrived in Texas on Saturday to take stock of the devastation caused by the cyclone in several US states, asked if he would go to Kenosha, he said it was possible. However, he declined to say anything in detail in this regard. But it is certain that during the Presidential elections this matter can be deepened. Anyway, the candidate of Democratic candidate Joe Biden and the Vice-President have made it a big issue. In such a case, this case may put President Trump in trouble.

Who is Jacob Blake

 Jacob Blake was born in Evenston, a city outside Chicago. After this the whole family came to Kenosha. Jacob's entire family is involved in social work. His grandfather used to be a pastor in the church. He was also a part of the Civil Rights Movement. During this time he has been continuously opposing the racist movement. Jacob himself is associated with many types of social service. He works for the Black Urban Charity. The charity collects and recycling aluminum bottles and performs community service. Prior to this incident, the court came to know that a warrant was issued against Jacob for sexual violence, forcible entry into the house. However, it is not clear whether the police was aware of the incident at the time. According to police, he reached there with a domestic violence case.

US President Donald Trump has targeted his daughter more than her, targeting Vice-President Democrat Kamala Harris. Not only this, he has also described his daughter as a better contender for the next President. He said, 'I think my daughter Ivanka Trump should become the first female president of America.' Trump, among his supporters in New Hampshire, questioned the ability of Senator Harris of Indian origin.

 Harris is not even worthy of becoming Vice President

 US President Donald Trump said, "Harris was in the first presidential race. She is now trying to become the Vice President. He does not even deserve this position. I don't think Harris could be the presidential candidate from the Democratic Party in the 2024 election. I want to be the first woman president in America. I also feel that Ivanka, my daughter and mentor, is a better candidate for this post. Now people have also started saying that they want to see Ivanka in an important position.

America will not ignore its interests

 This was Trump's first rally after the Republican Party accepted a formal proposal to become the presidential candidate. Donald Trump said that the Democratic Party can only show dreams to the people. Dreams that will never be fulfilled. He said that we will win again and take the country forward. America will not ignore its interests to please anyone.

Army has no role in elections

 On the other hand, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Millie has said in written reply to the questions of two Democrat MPs that the military can have no role in conducting the presidential election process and settling the voting dispute. American courts and the US Parliament will settle this if any dispute arises over the election. What is the work of the army in this. He believes strongly in the doctrine of a non-political US military. What will happen if we get an order to use the army for political gain instead of national security? Millie said, 'I will not follow the illegal order.'
The impact of the Corona epidemic can also be seen in the campaigning for the US presidential election.  Twitter is being used for campaigning on behalf of Republicans and the Democratic Party, or virtual gatherings are being organized.  On Saturday, US President Donald Trump taunted his opponent and Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden by tweeting.  He said get out of your head and campaign.  He said that the people of the country want a fast President, not a weak one.  At the same time, Biden has raised Trump in a virtual gathering in his virtual meeting.  Meanwhile, according to a Morning Consult survey by The Hill, Democratic candidate Biden continues to lead.  However, the relief for Republicans is that Biden's margin of growth has decreased since the Republican National Convention.

Trump taunted his rival Biden via tweet

 On Saturday, Republican nominee Donald Trump tweeted tweeting on Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden to come out of his basement and face the public. Trump said Biden agreed to move out of his basement within 10 days following a sharp drop in the survey. Trump stressed that the American public loves a fast-paced and smart president. He said that the American public wants a fast driver and not a low speed. In this way, Trump has intensified the electoral wave through tweets.

Trump on the use of the army in the racial movement, Biden promised the public

 On the other hand, in a virtual meeting, Democratic candidate Biden has said that he will never use the army for his personal interests. Biden strongly opposed the military's use of the racist movement. He accused Trump of using the military in the racial movement to fulfill his personal vengeance. Biden called this a violation of civil rights. He has said these things in his virtual address at the General Conference of the National Guard Association of United States. In this conference, Biden promised the countrymen that he would restore the separation between civil and military powers. He said that protecting the rights of citizens is the core of our Republic. He said that if I become President, I will never put you in the midst of politics or personal vendetta.

In the US, the social media company Facebook made a mistake.  Last week she could not remove an inflammatory post from her platform.  Company CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted that Facebook had made a mistake by not removing the post advocating violence, but did not apologize for it.  The case relates to the shooting of black man Jacob Black by the US police.

 Let me tell you that in Canosha, Wisconsin, the police shot Jacob seven bullets in the back.  Jacob was then paralyzed.  Demonstrations began in Kenosha after the incident.  Meanwhile, a Facebook page called 'Kenosha Guard' appealed to people to enter Kenosha with weapons.  Zuckerberg said in a video post that the content was against Facebook's policies.

 He said that many people had drawn attention against this post but then it could not be removed.  It was a mistake. '  Eventually, the post was removed on Wednesday after an armed man allegedly killed two people and injured a third.  In recent times, Facebook has implemented new guidelines to remove or ban the posts of groups that threaten public safety.
On Thursday, Hurricane Laura wreaked havoc in Louisiana (Louisiana), but the forecast did not damage it.  6 people have died due to this storm and property has also been damaged.  Cracks also occurred in buildings and there were also incidents of tree felling.  Officials said a fire broke out at a chemical plant in Westlake on Thursday morning.

 Due to the strong winds caused by the storm, the trees were uprooted and fell on the roof of the houses, in which the pressure of the electricity caused by the storm on Thursday afternoon in Louisiana affected 8 lakh 67 thousand homes and businesses.  Governor John Bel Edwards told a news conference, 'This storm is the strongest storm ever to cause landfall in Louisiana.  Four people died.  Apart from this, one person died due to sinking of the boat, while the other died due to suffocation due to carbon monoxide from the generator in the house.

As we arrived in Cameroon, Louisiana, the storm caused strong winds and heavy rains created flood conditions. Hurricane LAURA classified in Category 4 reached the Gulf Coast with strong winds at a speed of 150 mph. US President Donald Trump may visit the Gulf Coast this weekend to take stock of the devastation caused by the storm.

The vaccine is undergoing rapid progress amid a worldwide corona virus epidemic.  US President Donald Trump has said that the Corona virus vaccine will come to the US this year.  Speaking at the Republican National Convention, US President Donald Trump said that three trials of the Corona vaccine are currently underway in the US.  All these vaccines are in their third and final phase of testing.  He informed that America is already producing these corona vaccine so that its dose can be easily available to the people.  Trump said that we will have a safe and effective vaccine this year.  We will crush this virus together.

 Let us know that US President Donald Trump has accepted nomination from the Republican Party for the presidential election.  On Thursday, Donald Trump announced this in front of a crowd outside the White House.  In the US Presidential Election, Donald Trump has Joe Biden in front of Donald Trump, Biden has also accepted nomination on behalf of his party.  At the same time, at the Republican National Convention, Trump made important announcements regarding Coroni's vaccine.

Earlier on Wednesday, US Vice President Mike Pence also formally accepted the nomination for Vice President by the Republican Party. Presidential elections are to be held in the US on November 3 this year.

 Have already given the statement on the vaccine many times in the past

 Let me tell you that Trump had also said earlier that he hopes that by the end of this year, the corona virus vaccine will be ready. He also said that the corona vaccine could be ready by the US presidential election i.e. by November 3. He said that the introduction of the Corona vaccine during the presidential elections would not affect the elections. The goal of this campaign is to save people's lives. Earlier, Trump had indicated this in one of his meetings. He also said at that time that by the end of 2020, we will be making Corona virus vaccine.
In the US, Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris from the opposition Democratic Party has targeted President Donald Trump.  He said Trump could not save Americans from the Corona epidemic.

 Harris accuses Trump of sitting secretly at the time of hardening on Chinese government

 Bharatvanshi Harris also accused Trump that when the US needed to be tough on the Chinese government, he sat in hiding at that time.

 Harris said- Trump failed the most fundamental and important work of the President

 Harris said, "Trump has failed in the most fundamental and important work of the President.  What he has shown, we shall call it a complete disrespect for the welfare of the American public in the profession of law.

Harris said - It is the duty and obligation of the US President to protect the country.

 Harris made the allegations hours before the ruling Republican Party's national convention accepted Trump's presidential candidacy. He said, 'What do you have to understand about this epidemic. This is unkind. You can't stop it from tweeting. You have never felt that a president swears to God and country to save America from threats. It is your duty It is your obligation to protect us.

Kamala Harris, the Democratic Party's Vice-President candidate, defended the nationwide protests against racial violence in one of her election speeches.  Harris pulled US President Donald Trump for spreading the Corona epidemic in the country.  Kamala's statement comes at a time when Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden at the Republican National Convention is accused of supporting anti-racist demonstrations.  Trump, in one of his speeches, has targeted Biden, saying that he is using racial violence as a political weapon.  After this, Kamla has given her response on behalf of the Democratic Party.

 Harris came to the rescue of protesters

 Kamala Harris, refuting the speech of the Republican National Convention, said that there is resentment among the people.  People have arrived today.  After the assassinations of Black Breona Taylor, George Floyd and Ahmed Erby, there is a strong anger among the people.  This anger of people is now visible on the streets.  We the people must defend peaceful protesters.

Confused in distinction between protesters and rioters

 Harris said the distinction between peaceful protesters and rioters should not be confused. He said the 17-year-old shooter was arrested on charges of murder. Harris said that we and Joe Biden spoke to black families on Wednesday and discussed the need to fix the country. Harris said that President Trump has failed to stop the spread of the Corona epidemic in the country. He has failed to protect the American people. He said that Trump has been negligent towards the Corona epidemic. As a result, 180,000 people have died in the country so far due to Corona virus.

The US will land the first woman on the moon, with President Donald Trump saying that if he is elected once again, he promises to launch a new era of American ambition in space.

 Trump's remarks came when he formally accepted the Republican nomination for a second term from the South Lawn of the White House. The 74-year-old Trump said the US would win the 5G race if he was re-elected, and would build the world's best cyber and missile defense.

 Trump said in his address to the Republican National Convention on Thursday that we will launch a new era of American ambition. America will land the first woman on the moon and America will be the first country to place its flag on Mars. Trump said that in his first term, his administration launched the Space Army, the first new branch of the United States Army since the creation of the Air Force nearly 75 years ago.

Over the weekend, the Trump campaign won the 49-point "Fighting for You!" Issued. A second-term agenda, according to which the President promised to launch a space force, establish a permanent manned presence on the moon, and send the first manned mission to Mars.

 The campaign for the presidential election in America is at its peak. On Friday, US President Trump addressed the Republican Convention and blew the election bugle. Meanwhile, Democrats and Republican Party leaders are retaliating on Twitter. Actually, Donald Trump, Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders have come face to face on Twitter. Attacking Democrats, Trump wrote that the most dangerous city in America right now is run by Democrats. He further wrote that this has been happening for decades.

Both parties have begun to put forward their faces on the board set for the presidential election to be held in America.  A series of charges have also been issued from both sides.  While Biden has described President Trump as bad for America, Trump has said in the Republican National Convention that Biden has tarnished America's pride and greatness.  He did not stop here and he further said that Biden could not do good to America.  They have taken away their jobs from the people of America, if they are elected President, they will ruin America's greatness.

 Trump said that Biden donated heavily from blue collar workers and hugged and kissed and said that they considered his pain a pain, but that he handed over jobs to China after coming to Washington.  He killed his own people living in America and gave it to China.  The jobs which Americans should have got, they gave to the citizens of China.  Trump has called the November presidential election the most important in history.  He said that these elections will decide whether the American Dream will survive or the socialist agenda will succeed.  In this election, we must also decide whether we will create jobs in America or close our industries and send jobs out in their name.

In this address, Trump said that now you have to decide whether to save those who are within the scope of our law or to leave such people free to roam which is a threat to America and Americans. These people are anarchists, agitators, and criminals from whom the country will have to be saved. Trump said the opposition sees America as a nation that has committed a sin that needs to be punished. Let me tell you that it was during this convention that the Republican Party officially announced the names of Donald Trump for the post of President and Mike Pence for the post of Vice-President, which were accepted by both of them.

On this occasion, Mike Pence called Joe Biden, the Democratic Party's presidential candidate, as China's cheerleader and the Trojan horse of the radical left. He said that the Greeks had made a wooden horse, known as the Trojan horse, to enter the city of Troy. Greek soldiers hid in this horse. The people of Troy took the horse inside the fort and this caused their defeat. Now the Democrats are thinking of making the same mistake. In his speech, Pence said that Trump would have to be brought back to power for four years to bring America back on track. On this, the supporters present there shouted slogans of four more years.
There has been a stir in the US about the presidential election.  An influential Indian-American group has endorsed Democratic presidential presidential candidate Joe Biden and vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris.

 IMPACT said- collected funds to support Biden and Harris

 IMPACT, an organization advocating Indo-American relations, has said that it has collected funds to support its candidates.

 IMPACT also endorsed other Indian-American candidates

 IMPACT has also supported other Indian-American candidates running for the House of Representatives.  These include Amy Berra of Congress, Raja Krishnamu, Ro Khanna.  He has said that we will motivate the Indian-American community to choose candidates who will be equal to justice and justice for all of us.

Speakers at the Republican Party's conference starting Monday called President Donald Trump a defender of religious freedom.  He also warned that if Trump did not become president again, America's fleet would be garbled.  During this time, Republican leaders also strongly criticized presidential candidate Joe Biden on behalf of the Democratic Party.  He compared Biden's election to a horror film.

 Although Trump will formally address the conference later, on the first day of the four-day conference, there were several occasions when he appeared in public.  While addressing a Republican delegate gathered in North Carolina, Trump said he (Biden) could win this election only through rigging.  His reference was to voting through postal due to the epidemic.

 Explain that President Trump is opposing this process despite being told by experts as safe.  The GOP (Grand Old Party) is important to the convention trump and will try to revive its election campaign through it.  Because according to the survey which is coming out at the moment, he is losing the election.  There is 10 weeks left in the November 3 polling and the country is in deep despair.  In a survey, only 23 percent of the public believes that the country is going in the right direction.

 Outrage among critics over Ponpio's speech

 Foreign Minister Mike Ponpio sent a telegram to all US diplomatic missions last month warning American diplomats that under federal law they should not directly favor anyone in the presidential election campaign.  However, he can be seen ignoring his warning on Tuesday when he would appear to support the re-election of President Donald Trump in his speech at the Republican National Conference.  Ponpio's message reminding employees of the Ministry of External Affairs of restrictions on political activity under the Hatch Act is not uncommon.  Likewise, in every election year, the foreign minister sends such telegrams.  However, none of his predecessors violated these instructions.  Despite assurances from the State Department that Ponpio would speak at the conference from his personal position and would not violate the Hatch Law, Democrats and other critics voiced strong opposition to it.

 Trump praises India for leaving pastor

 During the convention, a video of President Donald Trump's conversation with people freed from foreign arrest was also shown.  Meanwhile, Trump appears to praise India for accepting his request to release American pastor Brian Naren.  Pastor Naren was caught in October last year at Bagdogra Airport in Siliguri with forty thousand dollars.  The Tennessee-based clergyman was released by India in May this year following Trump's intervention.

 Trump again said, the Chinese virus has to be wiped away.

 A video of conversations with health workers is also shown during the convention, in which Trump is seen saying that this Chinese virus has to be removed and it is happening.  During this time, Trump also thanked the health workers for confronting Corona.  Please tell that this is not the first time that Trump has been called a Chinese virus by Coronavirus.  During this time he also spoke to a group of postal employees.

 Trump Jr. urges denials

 On behalf of the Democratic Party, Presidential candidate Joe Biden was strongly attacked by President Donald Trump's eldest son Donald Trump Jr.  He urged the countrymen to reject the fundamentalists who want to take America into darkness.  Urging people to win the father's presidential election again, he said that Trump's America is a land of opportunities.

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway said on Sunday that she would leave the administration of US President Donald Trump in late August to focus on her family.  He issued a statement saying, 'I will leave the White House later this month.

 Conway leaving two months before the presidential elections could be a major setback for Trump as Conway is one of the strongest spokespersons on his political and policy matters.
 Conway was her third campaign manager in 2016 and has since been one of Trump's most loyal and vocal speakers in public and cable news.  She was the first woman to successfully manage a presidential campaign and win.
 Conway's suggestions and methods recently helped Trump to stand firm in the Corona epidemic and at White House media briefings on it.


In Charlotte, North Carolina, the Republican Party officially nominated US President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence as presidential candidates.  Republican National Committee Chairman Roma McDaniel said in a tweet that I am very happy with the Republican announcement.  With this, the Republican Party has started preparing vigorously for the presidential candidate.

 McDaniel warns American citizens

 McDaniel targeted the Democratic candidate, saying Biden-Harris is the most radical socialist in American history.  He cautioned American citizens.  He said that our vote is valuable.  We should give it for our own good.  We should vote in the national interest.  On Monday, Republicans warned American citizens in their prime time convention that America's future would be bleak if President Donald Trump did not win his second term.  He said that he is the protector of religious freedom.

Stunning trumpet in convention hall

 According to a report by The Hill, President Trump made an astonishing appearance at the convention hall of the ongoing national convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. In this session, Trump said the administration's response to the Corona epidemic said that we would take the American economy to the same peak again. On this occasion, President Trump said that we are getting ready to do things that no one has seen before. He stressed that there are secrets to success in our unity. Prior to Trump, US Vice President Mike Pence addressed the convention. The effect of corona virus was also shown on this session. The convention time has been shortened due to the virus.

Biden nominated as Democratic presidential candidate

 Let us tell you that the Democratic Party has formally named former President Joe Biden as the 2020 presidential candidate. It has been announced at the party's four-day national conference. During this time, former and current Democratic leaders and speakers extended their support to Biden. He will face Republican nominee and current President Donald Trump in the November 3 election. Let me tell you that before this, Biden had been the Vice-President during the tenure of former US President Barack Obama. He held this post from January 2009 to January 2017.
Violence erupted in Kenosha City, Wisconsin, after police shot a black George Black on Monday. While protesters on the road broke curfew and set the city center on fire, many business establishments also set fire to it. Photographs released on social media show smoke rising above central Kenosha following an encounter between police and protesters. About one lakh people live in Kenosha. Of this, 12 percent are black and 67 percent are white.

 Nearly three months after the death of George Floyd in police custody, the incident of shooting a black has come to light. After Floyd's death, there were anti-racist protests across America. According to George Black's father, his condition is stable after the operation.

 Demand to sack police officers

Social workers have demanded the sacking of police officers who are accused of shooting Black. Currently these officers have been sent on leave. Indeed, curfew was imposed in the city when demonstrations took place to protest the shooting of George Black. People took to the streets by breaking the curfew, but the police took no action. The situation 
deteriorated when some protesters released firecrackers in front of the police and set fire to government and business buildings.The local police then not only released tear gas shells but also used rubber bullets and smoke bombs to disperse the crowd. In the photos running on social media, protesters include both white and black. The photo shows some black baseball bats waving in the air, breaking traffic signals and street lamps. Not only this, the glasses of cars parked on the way are also broken. The protesters targeted large numbers of blacks' business establishments.

UK scientists claim to have achieved the fastest internet data transfer speed in the world.  Scientists say that the speed of the new data transfer is so fast that the entire Netflix library can be downloaded in less than a second.  Scientists at University College London, UCL have achieved a data transfer rate of 178 terabytes per second.

 Scientists say it is five times faster than earlier records.  The report related to this record has been published in the journal IEEE Photonics Technology Letters.  Displayed in a laboratory, this record is five times faster than the world record previously created in Japan.  This speed is currently double the capacity of any powerful system in the world.

 The lead author of this research, Lydia Geldino, stated that her team is working on developing more efficiently working technology under the existing infrastructure.  Fast data transfer was usually done through a wide range of wavelengths.  It is used in optical fiber.  Scientists say that they achieved this fast speed of data transfer by combining various amplifier technologies.

 Earlier scientists achieved the fastest internet speed with the help of a single optical chip.  This speed was capable of downloading 1000 HD movies in less than a second.  Bill Cockoran of Australia's Monash University and his colleagues achieved a speed of 44.2 terabytes per second with the help of a light source.  The study was published in the science journal Nature Communications.  This speed was achieved by applying a new device to existing fiber optic technology.

A NASA researcher and a Texas A&M University professor has been accused of taking grants from the US government by concealing ties to China.  Professor Zhengdong Cheng hid the matter of working for a university established by the Chinese government.

 According to a US Department of Justice statement, Cheng has been accused of fraud, conspiracy and lying.  He was arrested on Sunday.  The US Department of Justice is investigating against professors working in US universities who have concealed their professional connections to Chinese universities.  The Trump administration is taking action on professors who are harming America and stealing intellectual property in the interest of China by having ties with China.

 In 2004, Cheng was appointed by Texas A&M to lead a team of researchers, which received nearly $ 7.50 million in funding from NASA for space research.  However, during this time he also worked as the director of an institute in Guangdong, China, which was set up by China's Ministry of Education.  In addition, he participated in talent recruitment programs established by the Chinese government.

In the US, the huge fire in California forest has spread to about one million acres in a week and there were terrible incidents of fire on Sunday.  The administration is continuing its efforts to prevent fire related events in view of the forecast of strong winds due to weather activities.

 Regarding the fire incident at the CZU Lighting Complex in Santa Cruz Mountains, south of San Francisco, officials said their efforts were being hampered by people refusing to pay attention to the safe havens  Have been.  There are also people here who are using this disaster for looting.  County Sheriff Jim Hart of Santa Cruz said that 100 officers are patrolling here and anyone who is not authorized to be present in the rescue area will be arrested.

Hart said that so far we have received information about several incidents of looting from community members. Eight people have been arrested in this connection. The National Weather Service has issued a 'Red Flag' warning in drought-prone areas. According to this, there is a possibility of high temperature, low humidity and winds at 65 km per hour.

 Let us know that since August 15, there have been more than 12,000 lightning incidents across the state, due to which more than 650 places in the forests caught fire. Fires in the forests and countryside in and around San Francisco's Bay Area have caused massive havoc.

Amidst tension and tension over various issues, the top negotiators in China and the US spoke on Monday at local time and agreed to pursue their first phase of the economic deal.  The US and China signed an agreement in January.  US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Treasury Secretary Steven Nucinh spoke to China's Vice Premier Liu Hu on telephone on Monday.

 The two countries talked about the coordination of the overall economic policy between China and the US, the implementation of the first stage economic trade agreement between the two countries, etc.  At the same time, he stressed the need to continuously pursue the implementation of the first stage economic trade agreement.

Barry Trump, the elder sister of US President Donald Trump and former Federal Judge Marine Trump, has sharply criticized his brother.  In one recording he even said that there is no principle of the President.  Mary Trump was recorded by Barry without her knowledge by her niece Mary Trump.  The recording comes a day after Trump's late brother Robert Trump's tribute gathering.

 Let me tell you that Mary's book 'Two Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man' came out in the market.  This book mentions some insider related to the Trump family.  Mary Trump said on Saturday that she did this recording in 2018 and 2019.

 In a recording, 83-year-old Marine Trump says she heard an interview given to her brother in Fox News in 2018, in which Trump suggested she (Barry) be heard hearing cases of immigrant children separated from their parents.  Will deploy near the border to.  Barry said, "If you are a religious person and want to help people, you can't do it."

To lie without any preparation

 In one recording he said, 'His weird tweets and lies, oh my god.' He said, 'I am speaking without any pressure, but the stories made by him, speaking without any preparation, is a lie.' In the recording he can also be heard saying that his brother never bothered to know or read his views on immigrant matters. When Mary Trump asked her aunt what they had read, Barry replied that no, he does not read.
In the US presidential election, Democratic candidate Joe Biden has said he is fully prepared for two terms as president.  His statement comes at a time when President Donald Trump is making his age an issue in the election campaign.  If 77-year-old Biden wins the election, he will be the first president in US history to be sworn in at the age of 78.

 In an interview to ABC News, he said that if a person is healthy and ready, then such questions can be asked even at the age of 70 years.  On the questions being raised by Trump about his age, Biden said, "Look at me, Mr. President, see me."  Significantly, Republican candidate Donald Trump is 74 years old.

 Recently, Kamla Harris was fiercely praised by Joe Biden

Let me tell you that while recently formally accepting the nomination for the presidential post, Joe Biden had praised his running mate Kamala Harris. He described the California senator as a strong American voice and said his story was a US story. Harris, 55, has created history in American politics. She is not only the first Indian-American woman, but also the first black woman, who has been nominated as the Vice-Presidential candidate by the country's premier party.

During his speech, Biden said that it would be the job of the next president to fulfill the promises made to the Americans. I am not going to do this work alone. I have a great Vice President. '

 Citing Harris' diverse background, Biden stated that his father was a Jamaican, while his mother was an Indian. His story is the story of America. She knows how to overcome the obstacles that come her way.

Local people are being evacuated to safer locations in Louisiana due to one cyclonic storm.  Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump has approved emergency aid for Louisiana.  According to local time, the White House has agreed to this on Sunday.  The White House said in a statement, "President Donald J. Trump has announced help in referring to the state of emergency in Louisiana.

 Appeal to the public to donate plasma

 The US President has appealed to people recovering from infection to donate plasma.  He said, 'In July, we launched a nationwide campaign.  In this, people who were healthy with infection were asked to donate plasma.  Since then, the plasma donation has doubled in the week and today again I request all American citizens who are healthy to donate their plasma. '

One storm after another

 Actually, the situation is very bad because of Tropical Storm Marco in Louisiana on August 22. Due to this there is also a possibility of land fall. According to the Sputnik report, during the White House briefing, Trump said that life is disrupted due to both the storms. There have been situations of destruction. Tropical Storm Marco was declared Category-1 on Sunday and a landslide was expected on Monday. At the same time, 48 hours later category-3 cyclonic storm Laura has also been predicted. This can also result in land fall. Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Sunday declared it a state disaster for 23 countries.
Prominent politicians who will address the public on the first day of the Republican National Conference will also have Nikki Haley of Indian origin.  Haley, a two-time governor of South Carolina, is the only Indian-American leader to be ranked in the speakers' list.  Haley's stature in the party can be gauged from the fact that he is being considered a possible presidential candidate after Trump.  The 77-year-old Trump will be formally announced as the party's presidential candidate during the four-day national conference.

 Will campaign for Trump

 The conference concludes with Trump's acceptance speech Thursday from the White House's South Lawn.  At the same time, Vice President Mike Pence will also be formally declared as the Vice Presidential candidate again by the Republican Party.  Like the National Conference of the Democratic Party, this conference is expected to be held through video conference.  Nikki Haley, who was the US ambassador to the United Nations during Trump's initial two-year term, is close to the Trump family and will campaign for Trump's re-election in the next few weeks.

Who is Nikki Haley and what is her plan

 Nikki Haley, born in South Carolina, was originally named Nimrata Randhawa. His father Ajit Singh Randhawa and mother Raj Kaur Randhawa came here from Amritsar, Punjab. In a statement, the Trump campaign said, "The President Trump Trump Convention, lasting four days, will honor great American history." During this, the agenda of 'Make America Great Again' will also be put in front of everyone. ' In addition to Nikki Haley, President Trump's son Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle will also address the public on the first day of the conference. First lady Melania Trump will address the conference on Wednesday from the Rose Garden at the White House. This would be the first time in the history of the US presidential election.

Trump's focus will be on Americans

 Trump's main focus during the party's four-day national conference will be on the American people. White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said this in an interview to Fox News. He said that Biden, who challenged President Trump, had nothing to say. This thing also appeared in his speech during the National Conference of the Democratic Party. When we see his speech, it looks almost like 2008. Trump has done something new every day. Whereas Joe Biden could barely pass two bills. In his first 100 days, Trump accomplished as much work as Biden could not in his 40-year political career.

A US court has ordered that President Donald Trump must pay 33 lakh rupees ($ 44,100) to porn actress Stormy Daniels.  The porn star named Stormy Daniels says that she had an affair with Trump.  However, Trump has denied this.

 A California court ordered Trump to pay Rs 33 lakh to porn actress Stormy Daniels as a lawyer's fee for his legal battle.  The court's decision comes after Daniels canceled the agreement a decade ago in exchange for remaining silent about their relationship.

 The Superior Court in its order said that 'Daniels have won the suit against Trump on the agreement reached just 11 days before the 2016 presidential election. According to the agreement, the losing party will have to pay the lawyers' fee.

 The White House has not yet commented on this. 97.40 lakh rupees ($ 130,000) was given to Daniels by Michael Cohen, the then personal lawyer of the President. Daniels filed his legal name, Stephanie Clifford. After Trump was elected, Daniels filed a case to nullify the agreement.

 Trump and his supporters continue to deny that the president was aware of it, but Trump accepted it on Twitter in May 2018, stating that he had paid the amount paid to Daniels to his lawyer, Cohen. At the same time, Daniels said that he was given money to keep quiet after an alleged affair with Trump. An agreement was reached for this.


North Korea, which is in the news for its missile program, is once again in the news due to anti-smoking website.  Yes, North Korea has launched an anti-smoking website.  State media has been quoted as saying that Pyongyang has started this website on its own Internet network system.  The special thing is that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un wants to keep the country away from smoking addiction, but he himself is addicted to it.

 Ban on import of foreign cigarettes and electronic cigarettes

 The Yonhap news agency quoted a North Korean outlet as saying that the Anti-Smoking Research Center last month praised the 'anti-smoking 1.0' site on the country's computer network system for letting the public know about quitting smoking.  North Korea has been pushing anti-smoking efforts in the country in recent years.  Last year, Pyongyang amended its law to completely ban the import of foreign cigarettes and electronic cigarettes.  North Korea has said that the anti-smoking campaign is an important initiative to provide science-based information to the people.  The world is disconnected from the Internet to prevent people from accessing external information.

Kim holding cigarettes in hand during conversation with officials

 Despite the prohibition of smoking in North Korea, leader Kim Jong-un has not given up his drug habit. In state media outlets and meetings, he often holds cigarettes in his hands during interactions with officials. Kim has long been accustomed to smoking. The fumigation was seen pausing during his visit to Vietnam for his second summit with US President Donald Trump. This thing was in the news at that time. However, photographs show him smoking on a railway platform with his sister Kim Yo-jong.
In Louisiana, police shot and killed a man attempting to enter a convenience store.  The incident is captured in the camera as video.  The provincial ACLU condemned the incident as "dangerous and shocking police violence" against a black person.  The Louisiana Provincial Police said in a statement that the Lafayette Police Department was called to the store at eight o'clock on Friday morning.  One person was informed of having a knife.  When the officers tried to catch him, he escaped.

 The Provincial Police (Louisiana State Police) said in its statement that the escaped person was armed with a knife and was attempting to enter another store.  Eventually he was shot.  The 31-year-old man has been identified as Trayford Pellerin.  He was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was declared brought dead.  There is no report of any policeman being injured in this incident.  The Louisiana Provincial Police has ordered an investigation into the matter.  The provincial ACLU has said that no person from the community is safe due to police vandalism.

 It is noteworthy that 46-year-old African American George Floyd was killed in police custody in the US in May this year.  After this there were furious demonstrations in many countries of the world along with America.  Statistics about the deaths at the hands of the police in the US were released by the news agency Reuters.  According to the data, from the years 2000 to 2018, 1,081 people died due to the use of Tazers by the police.  The shocking thing is that among these dead, 32 percent were black and 29 percent white.

 Not only this, according to the reports and records recorded by the police, 13 percent of the people who died of Taser belonged to the Hispanic race.  Explain that the percentage of African Americans in the total population of America is 14 percent.  American Civil Liberty Union Senior Counsel Carl Takei said the deaths from the Taser were terrible.  In early 2000, the police were given a taser in addition to guns as a less lethal weapon.  This causes a current of fifty thousand volts which shocks the escaping criminal, but sometimes it leads to death.

The US House of Representatives has passed the popular US Postal Service Bill. The majority house of the Democratic Party has passed the Bill with an overwhelming majority to provide 25 billion USD to the Postal Service. The Republican Party has strongly opposed this in the House of Representatives. With this, the President has reached a high point in the US with regard to the Postal Service Bill before the election. It is also being speculated that President Donald Trump can use his veto power on this bill. The matter has now reached an interesting legal juncture.

 Now the Postal Service Bill will go to the Upper House

 The House of 435 members had 257 votes in favor and 150 against it in the House of Representatives. The bill will now be placed in the upper house of Congress, the Senate, where the Republican Party has a majority. President Trump will then sign the bill, but Trump has already made it clear that he will not sign Speaker's partisan law. Explain that no bill can be finalized without the signature of the President, even if it is passed in the Upper House. The President can veto any bill if he wishes. This is his constitutional discretion. Meanwhile, the White House Office of Management and Budget has said that it would advise US President Trump to veto the law.

What is american house of representative

 The US House of Representatives is the lower house of the US Congress. The composition of the House is established by Article One of the Constitution of the United States. Its representatives are directly elected by the public. One representative is elected from each district. The total number of voting representatives is fixed at 435 by law. The largest delegation, according to the 2010 census, is from California, which has 53 delegates. Seven states have only one representative — Alaska, Delaware, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming. The House is responsible for the passage of federal legislation, known as the bill. It is sent to the President for consideration after concurrence by the Senate. This House has certain powers, among them the power to initiate all Bills relating to revenue.

US President Donald Trump has received a major setback in his attempt to keep his tax returns confidential.  A federal judge said in his ruling Thursday that Trump could not withhold summons issued by a prosecutor for tax returns.  They have to provide details of their tax return.  Manhattan attorney Cyrus Vance sent summons to Trump to ask for eight-year details of his tax return.

 In this case, Manhattan District Judge Victor Marero, in his 103-page ruling, said that US President Donald Trump could not be allowed to withhold summons.  To do so would be an unfair extension of the exemption granted to the President.  He said that justice is needed to end this dispute.  The summons to Trump was issued in August last year.  He immediately went to court against it.

It was argued by US President Donald Trump's lawyers that if forced to disclose private and confidential information, they would suffer damage that cannot be repaid. Recently a New York judge made a comment, dismissing an attempt to delay the trial of a woman accused of raping President Trump.

Iran has unveiled a 1,400-km ballistic missile and a new cruise missile amid tension from the US.  Iranian Defense Minister Amir Hatami said the surface-to-surface missile has been named as the martyr Qasim Sulemani.

 It has a firepower of 1,400 km and a cruise missile called Abu Mahdi has a capacity of over 1000 km.  On the other hand, the United States has demanded a ban on Iran again.
 Questions can also stand on the credibility of the United Nations
 US President Donald Trump has said that the US will seek to reimpose all UN sanctions on Iran.  It is believed that this move is not only expected to make the Trump administration more lonely but it may also raise questions on the credibility of the UN Security Council.

 Let me tell you that the American effort to ban Iran's arms possession indefinitely last week has failed.  So now America wants to pursue its interest through diplomatic means.

 It is a 'snap back', Trump said.  The US President said that his Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo would go to New York to notify the President of the Security Council that the US was adopting a snap back approach to the Council resolution recognizing the nuclear deal.

 Trump said, Iran will never have nuclear weapons.  In the snap back, the parties involved in the agreement may seek re-imposition of all sanctions previously imposed by the UN and this complex process cannot be prevented through veto.  Earlier, Russia and China opposed the vote on the proposal to ban Iran, while 11 members were absent.


Tyrant Kim Jong Un issued a stern warning about North Korea's economy amid reports that he claimed to have given his sister some power, including responsibility for relations with the US. Kim pointed out that the country is facing unexpected and unavoidable challenges in various aspects.

 North Korea's economy is in the worst state in the last two decades due to flooding and the corona virus. South Korean ministers reported that the country's spies have reported that Kim has given some of his powers to his younger sister Kim Yo Jong on responsibility for relations with Seoul and the US.
 However Kim Yo Jong's public role in diplomatic affairs has increased, such as replying to a letter from US President Donald Trump at the beginning of the year. It elaborated on formal power-sharing arrangements.

 After receiving detailed information from the spy agency, Intelligence Committee member Ha Tae-kyung said that the decision does not seem to suggest that Kim is adopting a collective leadership system like the Communist Party of China. He said that Kim Jong-un has all the powers under the current leadership of North Korea.

 North Korea also announced the first National Congress plan of the ruling Workers' Party of Korea. The important meeting in January could be a way to encourage influential officials like Kim's sister. Kim Jong Un's statement on the economy was new in a series of complaints about the pace of key policy goals.

 North Korea's leaders will swear in a new five-year economic development plan at the upcoming party congress. Kim is facing difficulties on various fronts and an alleged health scare earlier this year raised a wide range of questions about succession.

 His nuclear discussions with Trump are stalled for relief without any restrictions. Also this week, the US and South Korea have ceased joint military exercises. During a campaign in Pennsylvania, Donald Trump reiterated his claim that if he had not been here, the US, North Korea would have been fighting the war.

 North Korea's economy is under pressure due to the decision to close borders due to the Corona virus in January. This year North Korea may face a major challenge in the economy since 1997. This year's torrential rains have destroyed agriculture, which has increased the food crisis in the country.


There is a presidential election in America on November 3, now there is not much time left for the election. At the same time, due to Corona virus, the postal voting is being prepared in America. Apart from this, due to fear of defeat, Donald Trump's move to stop postal voting seems to be a complete failure.

 President Donald Trump is being accused of weakening the Postal Service so that the adversary cannot vote against him. In the past too many times Trump has said in his speeches that if votes are cast for the presidential election through post, then fake votes can be more.
 Let us know that the Post Master General (PMG) of Postal Service (USPS) appointed by Trump, on Tuesday, canceled all the changes that he wanted to implement. Louis Dejoy has ordered the removal of processing postal and blue postal collection boxes in place at post offices across the country, especially in the Swing States.

 He also said that all mail-related processes would be stopped and employees' overtime would be banned. On this, the opposition has alleged that this decision of Trump will reduce the votes against Trump and those that will not reach in time.

 On August 17, Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the US Congress, canceled the vacation of the members of Congress and issued an order to recall them. This was done so that a bill could be agreed and the changes being made by Dejoy were stopped.

 During the Corona period, it is believed that 50 percent of the voting will be done through post and no one other than the USPS will have the responsibility to deliver the ballot on time through post. There are a total of nine states such as Texas, Wisconsin and Michigan that can reverse the electoral battle. This is because there is a large number of swing voters, who are not hardcore voters of any party.

 Also, in areas where there are more blacks, Trump is unlikely to get a vote. If the rule of dejoy is implemented then there is no reason for the opposition to vote due to the removal of the post box. Even if they fall, clearance of postal polls is delayed due to the removal of processing equipment. The result is that they do not reach for counting by polling time.

 Due to the Corona virus, a large proportion of the black, poor and middle class people here are not willing to stand in line, which will result in Donald Trump's benefit. Here, the Democratic Party alleges that Trump has withheld the Postal Services Fund for fear of losing elections.

 The Democratic Party alleges that Dejoy is close to Trump and collects the highest amount of money for him. Apart from this, he has also been the CEO of a logistics company called Hi-Way Point. The opposition alleged that he did not have a day's experience in the Postal Service.

 The opposition says that the appointment of Dejoy is nothing short of a conspiracy as Trump wants the election of black citizens to not reach the voting count in the presidential election.


According to the Washington Post report, five months after the job loss, the corona virus epidemic continues to harm the labor market.  The number of first time applicants for unemployment insurance has increased to 1.1 million (11 lakh).  According to the report, it is over 970,000 in the first week.

 The report stated that approximately 543,000 new claims were filed for PUA for the week ending August 15, up from 488,000 a week earlier.  Analysabeth Konkel, an economist at the job site, said that the extent of the damage has not yet been fully known.

 The Washington Post reported that the data shows the number of job postings in recent weeks.

 The report states that, however, last week, the posting took a worse turn.  They fell nearly 18 percent below normal last year and 20.3 percent below normal.  Viland Copper Products in North Carolina, Wilkes-Barre, Pa., A Mohegan Sun Casino in Amsterdam Printing and Litho, Upstate, N.Y.  And Ohio has a printing company that has announced layoffs in recent times.

Significantly, the country most affected by the Corona virus is the US. More than 5 million cases of corona virus have been reported in the US. Talk about the condition of corona virus in the rest of the countries, almost all countries around the world are infected with corona virus. There have been more than 23 million cases of corona virus globally. Let us tell you that the corona virus started in Wuhan city of China in December last year. After this, there was an increase in the number of corona virus infections worldwide.

Presidential candidate Joe Biden, in his first speech after accepting the party nomination, said for the Democratic Party that US President Donald Trump had kept the country in darkness for too long.  He said that his rival Trump had spread a lot of anger, too much fear and too much division in the country.  Biden went on to campaign in the US general election with a clear lead over 74-year-old Donald Trump in all of the opinion polls so far.

 Democratic Party's four-day convention ends

 The four-day convention of the Democratic Party also ended today with Biden's speech.  As in every American election, this time, due to the Corona epidemic, there was no noise and crowd at the party's convention.  Biden formally secured a vote of 3,558 delegates after the roll call vote, while candidates needed 1,991 delegates to win the primary.  Senator Bernie Sanders pulled out of the presidential race in June.  In the first three nights of the party session, Biden's Democratic allies blamed President Trump for the Corona virus crisis in America.

Highlights of speech -

 In his speech, Biden said that I give you a word that if you chose me for the post of President, then I will show my best. He said that I will be an ally of light, not of darkness.

 He said that this November is going to decide a lot. We can unite and overcome this phase of American darkness. It is time to make no mistake.

 We can also choose a path filled with anger where there are few expectations. The division is greater. There is darkness and doubt. We can choose a different path that can be improved.

 Let us be united. This is a life-changing election. This election will decide how America will look in the future.

 What we know about the current president is that if he is given four more years, then the future will be the same as it has been in the last four years.

 Trump is a president who does not take responsibility for anything. Refuse to lead. Blame others in everything.

Biden nominated as Democratic presidential candidate

 Let us tell you that the Democratic Party has formally named former President Joe Biden as the 2020 presidential candidate. It was announced at the party's four-day national conference. During this time, former and current Democratic leaders and speakers extended their support to Biden. The 77-year-old Biden appeared live on screen for the first time at the conference. He said 'Thank you all. See you all on Thursday. After electing the presidential candidate, Biden has thanked people by tweeting. He said that accepting the Democratic Party nomination for the presidency was the greatest honor of my life. Let us know that he will face Republican candidate and current President Donald Trump in the number 3 election.

Amidst the proliferation of Corona in the US, US President Donald Trump has appealed to reopen the universities. In a conversation with CNBC News, Trump said that the corona virus is dangerous for older people. He said that it is like a seasonal flu for the youth. Its risk is also very low. There is no need to be afraid of this. The American President's statement comes at a time when the corona virus is spreading among young people in America. Leading experts told Xinhua on Wednesday that adults are at greater risk of corona infection. Experts agree that adult exposure and risk of infection during school return are high.

 Corona also the youngest in France

 In the French capital, Paris, 4,771 new cases of corona virus have been reported in a single day. The number of young people in the new cases of corona victims is the highest. The young section is in the grip of it. This is the first time since May in France that Corona has had the most patients in one day. It is also shocking that most of the young people are under the virus. This has increased the concern of the French government. On the other hand, France's Education Minister Jean Michel Blanker said that the schools will be opened from 1 September. This order will not be postponed. He said that children aged 11 years and above would be required to wear masks outside of class and school.

Number of corona patients in the world crosses 25 million

 The spread of corona virus worldwide has not stopped. The number of corona patients in the world has crossed 25 million. The death toll from Corona virus is beyond 7 lakh 92 thousand. The US remains the leading state in terms of corona patients. The number of corona patients in the US is over 5.5 million. The number of people who died of corona virus in the US has crossed 1 lakh. Brazil is in second place. The number of corona patients in Brazil has crossed 3.5 million. India ranks third in terms of number of infections. The number of corona patients in the country has crossed 28 lakh.
One of the closest to Earth has passed through Astroid. Its size looked as big as an SUV car. This astroid passed 2950 kilometers above the Indian Ocean. US Space Agency NASA said on Tuesday that it has been named '2020 QG'. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) said that even if it had come into contact with the Earth, there was no reason to panic. However, if it entered the atmosphere, friction could lead to burning ash.

This astroid was first seen through a telescope at the California Institute of Technology. NASA has said that several times a year, astroids of this size come out from this distance. However, this is the shortest distance ever recorded.
 Had a speed of 12.3 kmph
 The size of the astroid was about 10–20 feet i.e. three to 6 meters. At around 9.30 am on Sunday, it passed over the Indian Ocean. At that time its speed was around 12.3 km per second. It passed through the Earth's orbit, where most of the telecommunication satellites revolve.

 30 astroids collide with the Earth's atmosphere every year
 According to The Planetary Society, which monitors astroids, there are about 1 billion astroids of three feet, but they do not pose a threat to the Earth. Astroids larger than 90 feet run the risk of causing significant damage to the Earth. Each year around 30 small astroids collide with the Earth's atmosphere.


Facebook has given a direct warning to President Donald Trump in view of the upcoming election on November 3 in the US.  The company said Trump's post would be removed if found against its policies.  The company's chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg told a news channel that Trump would remove the platform if he posted hate speech or any wrong information about the corona virus.

 Facebook has taken several steps to prevent the spread of misleading information in the wake of the presidential election.  Facebook has started the Voting Information Center only last week to address the American public's dilemma about the election.  This will give accurate information to the people.

 A few days ago Facebook also deleted a post by Trump claiming that children are not afraid of corona infection, as they are almost immune to it.  This post was found to be confusing.

Facebook and Twitter are trying to stop the propaganda

 In the US, Facebook and Twitter are engaged in a campaign to stop the propaganda amid the increasing threat of foreign interference in the presidential election. Both these social media platforms have announced several measures. Recently, Facebook announced such centers from which American voters will be able to easily get accurate information about the election. Facebook launched the Voting Information Center for information. Facebook's Vice President Naomi Gleight said, "The voting information center will be available on Facebook and Instagram. It is very important that we are helping to maintain the sanctity of our elections.

Facebook was accused in 2016

 These steps have been announced at a time when these social media platforms have come under criticism for their attitude in curbing false news. They were accused of being the medium of spreading false news in the 2016 presidential election.

Facebook said in a press release on Wednesday that it had taken steps to expand its policy to 'dangerous individuals and organizations' and restricted access to conspiracy theorists and others like QAnon who posed a threat to public safety . The release said, 'Today, we are expanding our' Dangerous Persons and Organizations' policy to address organizations and movements that pose a threat to public safety, but we designate an organization as dangerous Cannot and cannot ban any presence on our platform. '

 It is reported that this effort is being taken in view of US-based organizations such as QAnon. In which the related group prominently showed their presence on Facebook with posts on the Corona Virus virus epidemic and the Black Lives Matter movement. At the same time, it was said that the new policy would remove pages that specifically delve into violence discussions without endorsing violent acts. Facebook said it would limit recommendations from people like them, prevent pages from showing up in searches, reduce rankings in news feeds and remove hashtags that allow people to search for similar hashtags.

Apart from this, Facebook has also said to ban the advertising of these groups. As a result of some of the actions we have already taken, we have removed more than 790 groups, 100 pages and 1,500 advertisements from Facebook, with more than 300 hashtags blocked on Facebook and Instagram, in addition to 1,950, the release said. More than one group has been banned and over 440 pages on Facebook and over 10,000 accounts on Instagram. According to the release, pages, groups and accounts have been banned, will be closely monitored and violations of the updated policy will be rectified.

California Senator Kamala Harris, in her address at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) on behalf of the Democratic Party, accepted candidacy for the post of Vice President, saying that 100 years ago women had the right to vote and African American women  Had to face a long struggle for this.  Senator Kamala Harris is the first African American and South Asian woman to be nominated for the post of Vice President from a major political party.

 No vaccine for racism: Kamala Harris

 Accepting candidacy at the convention, Harris named African American citizens known to the US and said, "There is no vaccine for racism."  Kamala Harris, who was elected to the post of Vice President, said that Democrats will fulfill their promise of justice to all under the law.  Referring to the names of black American George Floyd, Brianna Taylor, she said that we will work together for equal justice.  He further said, when everyone is not free, none of us can be free.  In addition to this, she has many women civil rights and Mary Church Terrell, Mary Mcleod Bethune, Fannie Lou Hamer, Diane Nash, Constance Baker Motley  And also mentioned political leaders like Shirley Chisholm.

Biden said 'thank you'

 Earlier on Tuesday, the party formally nominated Joe Biden as the presidential candidate. After a substantial number of votes at the convention, Biden said in a live webcast, 'Thank you all, this means the world is for me and my family and I will meet you on Thursday.' Kamala Harris's mother is an Indian and father is a Jamaican resident. Harris was officially elected by her sister Maya, niece Mina and daughter Ella Amhoff. Kamala Harris' mother's village, Tamil Nadu, is also full of joy. People have put up posters and pray for their victory. The poster reads - 'Nana PV Gopalan's winner granddaughter Kamala Harris.'

The convention started with a chant

 The National Convention of the Democratic Party started with the Vedas and Shlokas of Mahabharata and Ardas of Sikhism in the online Sarvadharma prayer meeting. Followers of the Chinmaya Mission chanted in Texas and Ardas, a leader of the Sikh community associated with the Viscomin Gurdwara. Let us tell you that at the beginning of the convention two days ago, Texas Attorney Nilima Gonuguntla said, "We call upon the first woman of Indian origin to nominate Biden as the Vice President and Presidential candidate," And expect inspiration from Hindu texts. '
Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Wednesday (at local time) attacked President Donald Trump, saying he was unfit to be president. Clinton claimed that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his partner Kamala Harris 'can pull our country back to the brink of destruction.'

 CNN reported, 'Clinton, who was the Democratic Party's 2016 presidential nominee, said in her speech at the Democratic National Convention, that people should vote for Biden in large numbers so that any theft for the Trump victory Don't take the path of He said don't forget that Joe and Kamala can win three million more votes and still lose. So we need more votes so that the trumps do not in any way lead to a wrong victory.

Let us tell you that Clinton, after accepting her defeat in the 2016 presidential election, said that the Democrats gave Trump a chance to prove that he carried the country forward while still in the presidency. He said that I wish Donald Trump would have been a better president. Because America needs a better president than this. Clinton said that America needs a president who "shows the same compassion, determination and leadership in the White House that we see in our communities."

He said that Harris could manage and his team could pull the country back to the brink of destruction. Clinton had previously supported Kamala Harris and said that she expected Kamala Harris to face less sexist media coverage than she did in 2016.

Former President Barack Obama, who usually did not respond to the taunts of US President Donald Trump, paid off the account.  He said, 'Trump is not fit to sit in the Oval Office.  He mixed the credit of America into the soil.

 Obama was addressing the representatives of the Democratic Party's national convention digitally.  He said Trump had made the presidency a spectacle.  He could not do anything while he was president, because he is not capable.  Trump never took his work seriously.  He always disappointed.  A president is expected to be the defender of democracy.  However, the threat to democratic institutions today has never been greater.  He said it was necessary to choose Biden to save American democracy.

 Biden chosen 'right partner': Hillary

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that Biden has chosen the 'right partner' as Kamala Harris. He said that this is a chance to bring the marginalized country back on track. Trump became president in the 2016 election, defeating Hillary. Hillary said, "In the last four years a lot of people told me that they did not even have a rough idea that the trumps are so dangerous. He regrets voting for Trump and this time they have caught his ear. '

Prayer and meditation session for Hindu representatives

 On the third day of the conference, an online prayer and meditation session was organized for the Hindu representatives and others who came here. On this occasion, National Finance Committee member Ajay Bhutoria said, "I pray to Lord Ganesh and Hanuman ji to overcome every obstacle in the path of victory of Biden and Harris."

According to a recent report, China's navy may double its warships in the next five years. The People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) currently has twenty destructive warships, but by 2025 China will increase its number to 39 to increase its naval strength. A report by the US House of Representatives on China's future warfare states that China has twenty modern wars for strategic strengthening in the mid-2020s.

 At present, China will have 20 destructive warships, 39 by 2025

 In addition, there are 11 old warships. These twenty modern Aegis type warships have six Type 052C, 13 Type 052D and one Lead Type 055. The US Department of Defense, or the Pentagon, is deeply concerned by the new developments. In a recent US Congress report detailing China's ambitious war preparations, it was reported that it was working on modernizing its warships.

The Chinese Navy currently has 360 ships, while the US Navy has only 297 ships. This diplomatic report of US national interest states that by 2025 China will have about 400 ships and at least three to four new and state-of-the-art warships or naval warships. The Chinese Type 055 destroyer ship would actually be an imitation of the US Navy fighter ship Jumwalt.

US President Donald Trump told reporters that he believed the US software giant Oracle would be able to handle the acquisition of Chinese video-sharing platform TikTok.

 Trump said Tuesday evening that I think Oracle is a fantastic company. He further said that its owner is a tremendous man.  I think Oracle would definitely be someone who could handle it.

 Trump reported that other companies aside from Oracle and Microsoft might be interested in buying Tiktok. Microsoft has emerged as the main bidder for TikTok while Twitter has also negotiated with TikTok's parent company, ByteDance.

 Trump has set a September 15 deadline for ByteDans to hand over US operations to a US-owned company due to national security concerns, or whether social media applications from the US will be banned.  According to media reports, Tiktok has been downloaded more than 175 million times in the United States.  For information, tell us that Tik Tok has been banned in America.  US President Donald Trump said in an order issued against the parent company of TikTok in the US that according to the order, the company running Tik tok in the US will not do any transaction with Bite Dance for the next 45 days.

What is oracle

 As per the information received, Oracle is an IT company. It provides facilities like software licensing and cloud service. Larry Ellison, co-founder and chairman of Oracle is said to be one of the top technology executives who support President Trump. It is believed that due to this, Trump has called Oracle the most suitable company in the matter of buying TikTok.
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