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China warns Britain on Hong Kong issue, says - will have serious consequences

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China has expressed deep anguish over Britain's suspension of extradition treaty with Hong Kong. China has said that if it continues to interfere in its internal affairs, it will have to face serious consequences. Let us know that on Monday in the House of Commons, British Foreign Minister Dominic Robb had told that the new national security law of China has completely changed the systems of Hong Kong. In such a situation it has been decided to suspend this treaty indefinitely. Warning to China, Robb said that the whole world, along with Britain, is watching the steps taken by Beijing.

 Let us know that soon after Rob's statement, the Chinese Embassy in London and the Chinese Ambassador to Britain condemned the UK's move. Also, interference in the internal affairs of the country was wrong. Liu Jiaming said in a statement released on Twitter that Britain has not only interfered in China's internal affairs but has also violated the basic norms of international law and international relations. Since China has never interfered in Britain's internal affairs, Britain should not do so with China. If he does so, he will have to face serious consequences.

Britain protests against security law

 Britain, while supporting the ongoing movement for the establishment of full democracy in Hong Kong, has at times protested against the oppressive policies of China, but after the enactment of the Security Law, Britain's opposition became sharper. After the Corona virus infection, the anti-China environment created in the world, Britain has broken the agreement with the government-interfering Chinese company Huawei to develop a 5G mobile network. Not only this, Britain has also announced to send its aircraft carrier HSS Queen Elizabeth to sea near China.

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