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People all over the world are waiting for the Corona vaccine. Meanwhile, everyone's eyes are on the arrival of the world's first corona vaccine. Russia has made plans to bring the world's first corona vaccine. Russia is preparing for this. CNN has reported that many countries of the world are currently fighting a war against Corona, meanwhile Russia is engaged in efforts to get the world's first corona vaccine approved by August 10. Russia has prepared a special strategy for this.

 Referring to the 1957 launch of the world's first satellite by the Soviet Union, Kirill Dmitriev (head of Russia's sovereign wealth fund) said that this is a special moment. Significantly, Russia's sovereign wealth fund (Sovereign Wealth Fund) ), Corona is funding the vaccine. He said that Americans were surprised when they heard about Sputnik's beeping. Same is the case with the Corona vaccine. Russia will arrive here first.

CNN reported that Russia plans to approve the vaccine by August 10, created by the Moscow-based Gamaleya Institute. Russia has reportedly stated that once the vaccine is approved for public use, it will first be given to frontline healthcare workers. According to reports, Russia's Corona vaccine is yet to complete its second phase, while the trials of some other vaccines being researched worldwide are in the third phase.

Russia's Ministry of Defense has reportedly stated that soldiers have voluntarily participated in human trials. Project director Alexander Ginsberg was quoted as saying that he had already injected himself with the vaccine.

The US will reduce one-third of its troops stationed in Germany. A total of 36 thousand American soldiers are currently stationed in Germany, 12 thousand of them will be recalled. But in view of Russia's challenge, six thousand of these will be deployed at a military base in Europe itself. President Donald Trump indicated in June only to reduce the number of troops from Germany by a third.

 It is believed that the US has taken this step because of non-spending for Germany's NATO military budget. Germany is a close US military ally as a member of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). Germany did not give enough share in NATO's budget, saying that the US takes advantage of bilateral trade instead, so Germany compensates for that loss by giving less money to NATO.

 "We don't want anyone to suck us more," Trump told reporters at the White House after deciding to cut down on military force. We are calling troops from Germany because it does not provide money for their expenses. This is very common. US Defense Minister Mark Asper spoke in other words. "To combat the threat of Russia, we are increasing the number of troops in the Black Sea," he said.

 Some troops will also be stationed at destinations close to the Baltic Sea. Not only this, the US is also moving the European headquarters of US forces from Germany to Belgium. In the past, Chancellor Angela Merkel's member Peter Baird, a member of the ruling Conservative bloc, criticized US President Donald Trump's decision to remove thousands of troops from the country. He said that this is completely unacceptable.

Corona virus vaccine testing has been variable in many countries of the world.  American pharma company Moderna's vaccines are in the final stages of testing.  Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has said that the United States will also help other countries when the Corona virus vaccine is ready.  The Trump administration aims to have the vaccine ready by the end of this year or early 2021.

 Trump told reporters on Tuesday that when the corona virus vaccine is ready, then we will distribute it across the country with full speed.  He said that just like we have supplied ventilators and other essentials, we will also give vaccines to other countries of the world.

 On Monday, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) said that American scientists have begun Phase III trials of a potential vaccine for the corona developed by pharma company Moderna.  The company has started trials with 30,000 adults.  This includes such people, who have not had any respiratory problems.  The US government has supported nearly one billion dollars in this vaccine project.

 More than 150 vaccines are currently in different stages of testing worldwide.  Human trials of two dozen vaccines are underway.  Meanwhile, Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines have moved towards the final phase of testing.  Companies are trying to bring the vaccine to market by the end of this year.

 According to Johns Hopkins University statistics, the number of people infected with the corona virus in the United States has exceeded 43 lakh 51 thousand, while more than 1 lakh 49 thousand 250 people have died.  Brazil has the most cases of corona after the US.  24.83 lakh people are infected in Brazil and 88 thousand people have lost their lives.

There are now 100 days left for the presidential election in the US, but there are difficulties that President Donald is not taking the name of being short for Trump. The biggest difficulty for Trump in the election year has come in the form of the Corona epidemic, in which about one and a half million Americans have died in the cheek of the times. Trump has been criticized for dealing with the epidemic from the beginning. Apart from the deteriorating economy and unemployment, the black movement has adversely affected Trump's image. As a result, just a few weeks before the election, only 32 percent of Americans are seen standing with them. This is the lowest figure of Trump's popularity.

 A recent survey by the Associated Press and NORC considers Trump to be unsuccessful in combating the corona virus outbreak. This is the biggest reason for his unpopularity. Trump gave new strength to America's economy in three years of his tenure, it increased employment and America's strength. But as early as 2020, the corona virus infection spoiled the game. He is now seen trailing his rival Joe Biden of the Democratic Party.

Trump took corona infection lightly

 According to critics, Trump initially took the Corona infection mild. He kept telling him to finish it as soon as he played a pinch. This claim was overshadowed by him and America. When Corona spread to America like a wildfire, there are not many options to control it. Softening in the lockdown and agitation over blacks killed by police firing worsened the situation. The situation does not seem to be under control even six months after the first corona-infected patient was found in the country. This situation is just three months before the election, in which Trump hopes to be re-elected.

Joe Biden is getting benefits

 In such a situation, Trump and his promotion team are focusing on Biden's weaknesses. Trying to get people's attention. But Biden and his team are publicizing Trump's divisive policies, his ways of dealing with law and order, and his failure to deal with the covid-19.

The entire world is currently battling the Kovid-19 epidemic.  The number of corona infections is increasing rapidly.  In such a situation, nurses and doctors as Corona warriors are constantly engaged in treating people and are trying to save the lives of people.  Among these warriors, a female nurse from Russia is making considerable headlines.

Actually, a video of this female nurse is going viral in which she is seen treating corona infected men wearing Transparent PPE Kit. People found this Transparent PPE Kit so attractive that everyone is strongly praising this female nurse. This incident is being reported as of May.
 Now the government is getting a warning if this video goes viral. A statement issued by the government on the matter said that such PPE kits are likely to spread the infection.
 Offers started coming from big companies
 Nadia, who came into the limelight after wearing a transparent PPE kit, has also received modeling offers from a Russian sports brand. However, he has turned down the offer citing lack of time.

 Nadia accepts offer to become news anchor
 After getting the job of news anchor, Nadia said that she is very happy about it. She also thanked the news channel and said that she will try to do this work in a better way. However, the news channel has given the job as anchor port time. Because she is also taking training to become a doctor.

 Nadia gave this explanation in the Transparent PPE Kit case
 Nadia, in her clarification on the PPE kit case, told the hospital administration that she was completely unaware that the PPE kit was too transparent.


In the US, the threat of foreign interference has started looming in the upcoming presidential election on November 3.  A top intelligence official claimed in his public warning on Friday that Russia, China and Iran were seeking to interfere in the US election.  He said that China along with Russia and Iran are trying to increase their influence in the US before the elections.

 This warning has been issued about 100 days before the presidential election in the US.  William R. Ewenin, director of the country's National Counter Intelligence and Security Center, said in a statement, 'We are mainly concerned about China, Russia and Iran.  However other countries and elements can also damage our election process.

 Increased tension about espionage

 This warning, especially about China, has come at a time when there has been an increasing tension between Beijing and Washington over the Corona epidemic, South China Sea and espionage.  The United States believes that China has a hand in the theft of research and intellectual property.  The Chinese embassy in Houston was recently ordered to close on charges of engaging in similar acts.  However, China has not been accused in the intelligence warning that it is trying to hack the vote.  It says that he is trying to create a favorable environment in America in the wake of growing opposition to his interests.  While Russia has been told that it is constantly campaigning in America to undermine our faith in the democratic process.

Keeping in mind this year's presidential election, Donalt Trump has gifted the people of the city. Keeping in mind that people are having to spend more money on buying medicines in the Corona era, they have now given instructions that Americans will have to spend less money on buying medicines prescribed by the doctor.

 In fact, most people in America have died due to corona infection, which is why Trump has been criticized. To avoid this, Trump has now been asked to reduce the price of medicines, so that at least some people's displeasure can be reduced.

 US President Donald Trump signed four orders on Friday related to the reduction in drug prices. In America, Americans will now have to spend less money on buying prescription drugs. Trump is believed to have taken this important decision at the moment because he is facing criticism for not being able to properly control the Corona epidemic just before the election.

On the occasion, Trump said that one order would allow for the legal import of cheaper drugs from countries such as Canada, while another order would give exemption from pharmaceutical companies that would pass through intermediaries to patients. Another order issued by Trump is to reduce the cost of insulin. While the fourth order is such that if negotiations with pharmaceutical companies are successful, then there will be no need to implement them. Trump said that if this happens, Medicare will be available to buy medicines at the same price that other countries sell.

President Trump said that officials of some of the country's top pharmaceutical companies have requested a meeting to discuss how they can reduce drug prices. Before signing the documents, Trump said, "For us, the patient is paramount, putting senior citizens before their special interests, before we are placing citizens of America." At the same time, he said that the White House would also soon propose a healthcare bill. Which will help people more.

The first patient infected with the corona virus has been found in North Korea.  Despite the global outbreak of the corona virus, the infection did not spread in North Korea.  There were not a single corona patient here.  Laxons of Corona have been found in a guard returned from the south on Sunday.  The said guard has been found to be corona positive.  After this there was a panic in North Korea.  North Korean leader Kim Jong Un declared a state of emergency to curb the spread of Corona.

US President Donald Trump was always in the news about his tweets. His debate with Twitter about the US President's tweets also remains a matter of discussion. At the same time, in an interview with Trump released on Friday, the US President admitted that he often regrets his tweet.

In an interview given to Barstool Sports, Trump said that it is not like old days when people wrote a letter and sitting a day before sending it, they had time to reconsider the letter. Trump said that we can not do this with Twitter, right no? We post it immediately, at the beginning we feel good, but then you start calling and people start asking if you really said that?

He said that it is actually the Ritwits, which puts you in trouble. Trump further said that you see something that feels good and you do not check it. You directly retweet it, which becomes a problem for you.

 Significantly, he has been criticized by Trump for retweeting tweets bearing the 'white power' and 'anti-Semitic' as well as the 'Fire Fossey' hashtag amidst the racist movement. The 'Fire Fossey' hashtag pointed to Dr. Anthony Fossey, the country's top infectious disease specialist.

A major astronomical event is going to take place today in space far away from the earth amidst the growing threat of corona virus worldwide. The US space agency NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) has issued an alert that on July 24, a meteor body (asteroid) 170 meters large will pass very close to the Earth. This meteorite body has been named 'Asteroid 2020 ND'. This meteor body will pass near the Earth at a very high speed.

 According to the warning issued by NASA, the meteoroid-asteroid 2020 ND will pass near the Earth at a speed of 48,000 kilometers per hour. This meteorite body will pass through about .034 astronomical units (50 lakh 86 thousand 328 km) from Earth. This meteorite body is said to be 170 meters large. NASA has issued an early warning about this. In its statement, NASA has interpreted this meteorite (asteroid) as saying that the distance of this meteoroid from Earth makes it potentially dangerous.

NASA has said that meteorites (asteroids) passing near the Earth from a distance of 0.05 astronomical units or less are dangerous. Asteroid 2020 ND will pass about .034 astronomical units (5 million 86 thousand 328 km) from Earth. But NASA has said that it is not necessary that it will affect the Earth. NASA also said that even though the meteorite body is classified as PHA, it will not necessarily impact the Earth. This only means that there is a possibility of danger from this asteroid.

Earth is not threatened by small meteor bodies

 According to The Planetary Society, there are about one billion meteor bodies (asteroids) of three feet in space, but they do not pose any threat to the Earth. There is a risk of damage if a meteor body 90 feet or larger collides with the earth. According to one figure, every year about 30 small meteorites hit the earth but do not cause great harm to the earth.

China has successfully launched its first spacecraft 'Tianwen-1' to Mars. This space will detect the places of snow on the surface of Mars. China's largest heavy rocket Long sailed with the March-5 Y4 vehicle. Tianwen 1 has been launched from Wenchang Space Launch Center in Henan Province, South China. China has claimed that this vehicle will usher in a new era for exploration in infinite space.

 According to the National Space Administration of China, after 2000 seconds of flight, Tianwen 1 entered the orbit of Earth and Mars, heading towards Mars. It will take about seven months for the spacecraft to enter the gravitational zone of Mars and it will reach there in 2021 next year. In addition, the spacecraft has taken a rover to land on the surface of Mars.

Tianwen-1 is targeted to land near the 'Utopia Impact Basin' just north of Mars' Equator. This rover will study the atmosphere on Mars. It is being told that the design of this vehicle is similar to the 'Spirit and Opportunity' of NASA's 2000s.

 The Tianwen-1 weighs around 240 kilograms and has easily foldable solar panels. Apart from this, it also has a long fan, which also helps in taking pictures and navigating the vehicle. China says that the mission aims to find out where the ice is on the surface of Mars. For this, five devices have also been installed in it, which will help in analyzing stones on Mars and searching for water or ice.

US President Donald Trump has said that the Justice Department will send hundreds of federal agents to cities battling shootings and other crimes. He has also targeted the local administrations of such cities. Trump is trying to make law and order the theme of his campaign in the upcoming presidential election. In this case, he has targeted the democratically ruled cities and raised the demand for elections there again.

 Local leaders blamed for violence

 Trump has blamed local leaders and liberals for the violence and criticized the police's slogan of reducing funding. He said, 'We will not reduce the funding of the police. We will appoint more police. We want to strengthen law enforcement, not weaken. What these cities are doing is complete madness. ' Attorney General William Barr said the Justice Department would send about 200 additional federal agents to strengthen the Crime Task Force working with local police in Chicago.

 Plans to send agents to many cities

 If William Barr believes, there are plans to send agents to many other cities as well. The decision comes at a time when police are protesting against the intervention of federal law enforcement officers in urban areas amid violence sparked by the death of African-origin George Floyd. Bar told that these additional agents are to be sent to cities from FBI, US Marshals Service and many other departments.

Mayor of Portland becomes the target of tear gas

 Federal officials used tear gas to handle a crowd of protesters in Portland. Here Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler also succumbed to it. On Wednesday night, Mayor Wheeler appeared to be coughing and painfully distressed by the effects of this gas. Wheeler of the Democratic Party is opposing the deployment of federal agents in Portland. He said that the use of tear gas would provoke further protests.

US President Donald Trump has deferred the Republican National Convention in Jacksonville in Florida in the wake of the Corona virus outbreak.  In recent times there has been a big change in President Trump's attitude towards Corona.  Trump, who has been enthusiastic at rallies and conferences during the Corona epidemic, has now deferred the Republican National Convention to be held in Florida due to Corona.  He said that the spread of corona in Florida is increasing.  This is not the appropriate time for the convention.  He extended the duration of this event.  Trump told reporters that this is not the right time for the convention.  The US president said he briefed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and other state and local officials about the decision.

Corona virus is getting worse day by day in America.  The epidemic has spread so much in this world's most powerful country that on an average more than 2,600 people are being found positive in the corona test every hour.  This is the highest rate of new cases in the world.  At such a rapid pace, new infections are not increasing in any country of the world.  So far, more than 41 million people have been infected in the US.  Over 19 lakh 40 thousand have been recovered.  is.  There are over 20 lakh active cases.  For the second consecutive day, the death toll of more than one thousand victims has increased to one lakh 46 thousand.

 According to data from the news agency Reuters, the number of infected people crossed 41 million in the US on Thursday.  Infections are increasing at an average of 2,600 new cases per hour.  The first case was found in the US on January 21 last.  After this, the number of corona victims in 98 days was one million.  Then in 43 days this figure was increased to 20 lakhs.  After this, the total figure had reached the level of 30 lakhs with the addition of one million new cases in 27 days.  While the total number of people infected in just 16 days exceeded 40 lakhs.  An average of 43 new cases per minute were found in this period.  Florida, Texas and California have become the new epicenter of the epidemic in the US.  In these three provinces, more than three and a half lakhs have been found infected.  In 40 of America's 50 provinces, the transition is growing at a rapid pace.  However, New York province, which has been the hub of infection, is witnessing a decline.  More than four lakh 35 thousand cases have been found in this province.

A record 68 thousand new cases were found in Brazil

 The Brazilian Ministry of Health said that about 68,000 new cases have been found in the country during the past 24 hours. Earlier, on June 19, the highest number of 54 thousand 771 new infected were found in one day. A total of more than 22 lakh 30 thousand victims have been found in this Latin American country so far. While more than 82 thousand victims have died. Here, President Jer Bolsonaro himself has not recovered from Corona. His corona test has been found positive for the third time.

Key points related to corona epidemic in major countries of the world

 Mexico: President Andres Manuel refused to wear a mask. So far, over three lakh 60 thousand people have been found infected in this country.

 South Africa: In the last 24 hours, the death toll of 572 victims has increased to 5,940. So far, about four lakh victims have been found.

Japan: 366 new cases have been found in Tokyo amid the threat of a second round epidemic. A four-day weekend has been announced in a prevention effort.

 South Korea: The total number of victims has increased to 13 thousand 938 due to 59 new infections. Of these, 12 thousand 758 patients have also recovered.

 Pakistan: The number of victims increased to 2.69 million as 1,763 new cases were received amid claims of infection reduction due to smart lockdown.

Australia: Out of 423 new cases found across the country, 400 patients have been found in Victoria province. The risk of a second round epidemic has increased in this province.

 China: Continuous infection is increasing in the northwestern Xinjiang province. 18 new victims have been found in this province. So far, more than 50 infected have been found.

 Ireland: Citizens coming from 15 countries, excluding the US and Britain, will be given relief from the 14-day mandatory quarantine rule.

Joe Biden, the Democratic Party's likely candidate for the US presidential election in November, has called US President Donald Trump the country's first racist president. He made this statement at an online event organized by the Service Employees International Union.

During the program, Biden criticized Trump and targeted him for spreading racism when a person complained about the Corona virus in relation to racism and the president terming it a Chinese virus. The former vice president said that 'the way he treats people by looking at their color, their nation, it is sad'.
 He said that 'no president has ever done this. never. No Republican president did this either. Neither did any Democratic president. We have racist people here and they have been. They also tried to be president. He is the first who can be made. Biden said Trump is using racism to hide the failures of dealing with the global epidemic.

Corona virus has been in havoc in the US. The Corona virus has killed more than 1100 people for the second consecutive day in the US. The number of people who died in Alabama, California, Nevada and Texas on a single day has exceeded 1100 for the second consecutive day in the US, according to a news agency Reuters report.

 In the US, no more than 1100 deaths have occurred in a single day since the end of May. This is happening for the first time. According to a Reuters analysis of deaths in the first two weeks compared to the previous two weeks, cases in 23 states have started to boom, fatal cases are also increasing. In the US, 1,111 people died due to corona on Tuesday and 1101 patients died of corona on Wednesday. After this, the death toll due to corona in America has increased to more than 1,43,000.

In the US, total cases of corona have reached close to 4 million. If we look at the data of corona virus in America, there have been 39,87,157 cases so far. In the US, the death toll from corona has also risen to 1,43,159. In the US, the highest number of deaths on Wednesday was 197 in Texas, 159 in California, 140 in Florida and 106 in Ohio.

 Deaths are increasing for the second consecutive week in the US, however, far below the levels seen in April, when an average of 2,000 people died due to the virus in a single day. After a doubling of COVID-19 deaths in a week's time, people in Texas where infection is very high, people are keeping the bodies in refrigerated trucks.

The number of corona infections in the world has exceeded 1.5 million. While 6,17,254 people have died so far. President Donald Trump has warned by tweeting that unfortunately the situation will worsen before everything recovers. Talking about the statistics, it took 15 weeks for the first 20 million patients, while it took only eight days to become 13 million to 1.5 crore patients. The official figure of corona patients has reached 1,50,09,213.

This number is more than three times that of influenza affected patients every year. The virus originated in Wuhan, China, but the US is the most affected. About 1,42,073 people have died in the US. While over 39 lakh people are affected. Brazil is at second place where 21.5 million people are infected and so far more than 81 thousand people have lost their lives there.

More than a thousand people died in America on Tuesday. This is the first time since June 10 that such a large number of people have died within twenty-four hours. On the other hand, the number of infected patients in California has exceeded four lakhs. Even though the epidemic is at a peak in the US, the governors of some provinces, mayors of cities and local officials are still not very serious about the disease.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has alleged that Hidalgo County has not ordered locals to stay home and observe physical distance. In Georgia, the governor has demanded the mayor of Atlanta to stop enforcing an order mandating the wearing of masks. The court was to hear the matter, but the hearing has been adjourned due to the two judges separating themselves from the case.

Talking about Florida, the State Teachers Union has sued the governor over plans to reopen the schools. In the past seven days, more than 10 thousand cases have been reported here. Florida and Georgia have not yet issued a mandate mandating the mask. However the Texas Governor has issued this order.

There have been 484 new cases during the last twenty-four hours in the province of Victoria, which is battling an epidemic in Australia. Health officials have issued a warning to increase the number of corona patients. Melbourne's largest city, Melbourne, has been under lockdown for the past two weeks. Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews reported two more deaths. He said that face masks have been made mandatory since Thursday. There have been 16 new cases in New South Wales.

A look at these countries

 China: Cinemas in low-risk areas of the capital Beijing will open from July 24. Currently only 30 percent of the total capacity will be able to watch cinema. There have been nine reported infections in China's Xinjiang province. All cases of infection are related to the capital city of Urmaki.

 Nepal: 100 new cases of corona have been reported. The lockdown has been lifted from the country since Wednesday. There was a lockdown since 24 March.

 Brazil: President Jer Bolsonaro's corona test has once again come back positive. He did this test on Tuesday.

 Hong Kong: Masks have been made compulsory as Corona cases have increased. This rule will remain in effect till August 5.

 Pakistan: 1332 new cases of corona have been reported. While 38 people have died.

 Spain: The Tourism Minister said that the escalated cases in Catalina have been controlled and he hopes that there is no need to close the border with France.

 South Korea: 63 new cases have surfaced. A day earlier, authorities in South Korea hoped to control the epidemic.

US President Donald Trump said during a briefing at the White House on Wednesday that China's diplomatic embassies in the country could be closed.  He was asked the question of what are the plans to close the Chinese embassies.  President Trump said, "As far as the closure of additional embassies is concerned, it is possible."  We think we closed it after a fire broke out in one.  I think they were burning papers.  I am surprised with what subject it was all about. '

 On Wednesday, the US State Department ordered China to close its consulate in Houston by Friday.
A top US Department of Defense official has said that the country is trying to become India's 'first option' in the defense sector. He mentioned that in the last 10 years, America's defense sales to India increased from zero to more than $ 20 billion this year. US Deputy Minister of Defense Procurement Affairs Alan M. Lord said on Tuesday that it is a top priority for me to promote procurement and aid initiatives with important international partners like India.

 He said in the 'India Idea Conference' organized by the US-India Business Council that in the last 10 years, US defense sales to India have increased rapidly and we are trying to become India's first option in the defense sector. Defense cooperation between India and America has made a big jump in the last two years. Lord said that this cooperation has established a close relationship between the governments of the two countries and this has also strengthened stability in the Indo-Pacific region.

 Hours before his remarks, US Defense Minister Mark Asper underscored the growing military cooperation with India and said that it is one of the most important defense relations of the 21st century. Meanwhile, in a fact sheet, the US State Department's Bureau of Political and Military Affairs said that defense trade with India has increased from zero in 2008 to more than $ 20 billion in 2020.

  The US Ministry of Justice alleged that two hackers working for Chinese companies targeted companies making corona virus vaccine and millions of dollars of intellectual property and business intelligence of companies Stole information The ministry made these allegations while declaring criminal charges against the hackers on Tuesday. The hackers have been identified as Li Xiaoyu and Dong Jiaozhi.

 The indictment does not allege that Chinese hackers actually learned the corona virus research, but it underscores how scientific innovation has been targeted by foreign governments and criminal hackers to find out We are trying to understand what American companies are developing during the global epidemic. Prosecutors said the hackers stole information not only for their own personal gain, but they also stole information that could be used for the Chinese government.

 In this case, hackers tried to find out about the weakness of computer networks of biotech and diagnostic companies making vaccines and test kits and doing research on antiviral drugs. The US administration is constantly taking aggressive steps against China. The indictment accused the hackers of stealing business intelligence and committing fraud.

Oxford University has released the results of the first phase of the trial of the corona vaccine. The vaccine is safe, according to the editor-in-chief of the medical journal Lancet. Scientists at the University of Oxford say their experimental corona virus vaccine has triggered a protective immune response in the initial trial of hundreds of people who were vaccinated. British researchers first began testing the vaccine in April in about 1,000 people, half of whom were given the experimental vaccine.

 Initial tests of this kind are usually performed only to evaluate safety, but in this case, experts were also looking to see what kind of immune response it would have. In research published on Monday in the journal 'Lancet', scientists said they found that their experimental Kovid-19 vaccine caused a dual immune response in people between 18 and 55 years of age.

 "We are seeing a good immune response in almost everyone," said Dr. Adrian Hill, director of the Jenner Institute at the University of Oxford. "This vaccine would have particularly strengthened both sides of the immune system." Hill said that atoms produced by neutralizing antibodies are important to prevent infection.

 In addition, this vaccine causes a reaction in the body's T-cells that help fight the corona virus. He said that large trials evaluating the vaccine's effectiveness included around 10,000 people from the UK as well as participants from South Africa and Brazil. These trials are still going on in a big way.

 Another major trial is due to begin soon in the US, with a target to include around 30,000 people. How quickly scientists are able to determine the effectiveness of a vaccine will largely depend on how much testing there does, but Hill speculates that they may have enough data by the end of the year to make sure Whether the vaccine should be adopted for mass vaccination campaigns.

 Hill said the Oxford vaccine is designed to reduce the disease and its spread. Hill said Oxford has partnered with pharmaceutical manufacturer AstraZeneca to produce its vaccines globally and the company has already committed to making two billion doses.

US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo has opened a strong front against China during his visit to London. He said that Beijing has adopted a policy of aggression in the South China Sea. This poses a major threat to the sovereignty of the small island states of the ocean. During a meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Foreign Secretary Dominic Rabb, he urged that an international alliance against China was needed. On this occasion Pompio has welcomed the UK stand on Huawei and Hong Kong. He blamed China for the spread of the corona virus. China has carried out this task in collaboration with the World Health Organization.

 China fully responsible for corona proliferation

 The US Secretary of State said that due to the neglect of China, the corona virus spread in the world. Pompio condemned Chinese President Xi Chinfing. China hid the disaster to advance its interests. Instead of protecting the world from the corona epidemic, he helped spread the epidemic. The Foreign Minister blamed China completely for the global spread of this epidemic. He said that this has revealed the true face of China. This disaster has exposed the exploited and disgusted face of the Chinese Communist Party.

The US Secretary of State said in a live-stream that the Chinese Communist Party has taken away Hong Kong's independence. Without naming the National Security Act, he said that the CCP ended Hong Kong's independence. Meanwhile, the CCP has started threatening the neighboring countries. He has praised the stand of the British Government on the Hong Kong issue. Pompeo said that I congratulate the stand taken by the British Government to meet these challenges. Supported London amid Britain's growing deadlock with China over the human rights abuses of Hong Kong, Huawei and Uygar Muslims.
Washington: Accusing China of not being transparent about the Kovid-19, US President Donald Trump has said that China could have prevented the infection from spreading to the world, but it did not. Trump has previously expressed disappointment at China's attitude in dealing with the Kovid-19 epidemic. In May, he claimed that it was the 'incompetence' of China that caused so many lives in the world.

 More than six million people have died worldwide since the introduction of the corona virus from Wuhan city of China. In the US, 1,43,000 people have died from infections. More than 14 million people in the world have been infected with Kovid-19, including 4 million people in the US.

 "It started from China," Trump told reporters at the Oval Office of the White House on Monday. It should not have spread. They could stop it. They could have easily stopped it. But they did not do that. "Trump said," We got a report on this further. But it came from China itself. China could have stopped it, but it was not stopped before spreading to the rest of the world. He did not prohibit going to Europe, America. "

 The US president said, "They should have stopped it." They did not show transparency. He took the opposite stance. This is not right. "Trump spoke to French President Emmanuel Macron and Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi on Monday on the state of the epidemic." He said, "We are all together. I have spoken with many leaders of the world in the last few days. This is an epidemic that is spreading everywhere. Some countries felt that they were in good condition and suddenly the cases increased. "

 Trump said the corona virus is a global problem and the US is helping other countries by providing ventilators. Trump said, "We are helping many countries. They do not have ventilators and we have sent thousands of ventilators to many countries. It is a global problem, but I want people to understand that this global problem started because of China. "

Corona Pandemic has changed the picture of the world. Every day there are different types of news about this virus. Meanwhile news is that a luxury car number is also COVID19. 

It must be surprising to hear this, but it is true. A number of cars have been parked in the airport parking lot in Adelaide, Australia since the lockdown, including a gray BMW. It has COVID19 written on its number plate.
 Steven Spry, an airport worker there, shared the photo. Spry said that at first the car was covered. The strong winds then removed the cover and the number plate started appearing.
 After this the car became a topic of discussion. Spry says it will be from a pilot. He must have taken the flight and got stuck there. This license plate registers until 26 September 2020. In South Australia, custom number plates go approvable.


The long jump of Mars in the Arab world by the United Arab Emirates is truly praiseworthy. In the Arab world, the UAE has become the first country to send satellite to Mars. The UAE satellite will reach Mars in February 2021 by covering a distance of 50 crores. The United Arab Emirates will also be celebrating the 50th anniversary of its formation in February 2021. The name of this satellite is Hope or Amal. In six years a team of 150 scientists has made this satellite.

 The UAE enlisted the help of NASA for the Mars mission launched in 2014. Experts from NASA's Mars Exploration Program Analysis Group (MEPAG) have helped create this satellite. The UAE contacted NASA regarding the information it intends to obtain under this mission. Let me tell you that it had to be postponed twice before launching successfully. Prior to the leap made by the UAE to Mars, it has done this work including India, America, Russia and Europe.

The UAE now wants to reduce its dependence on oil to take the economy to a new height. That is why he is constantly looking for new possibilities for himself. As far as the Hope Satellite is concerned, let us also tell you here that the risk of mission to Mars is high. Half the expeditions sent so far have failed. Omran Sharaf is the project director for the entire mission. They believe that even after the risk, they are moving in the right direction.

The UAE says that their mission does not want to do the research on Mars about which the world's scientists already know. Therefore, his mission is very special. Under this mission, Hope Satellite will study the weather and climate of Mars. The UAE's Hope satellite on Mars will also try to find out what happened on Mars that ended up with both air and water on it.

Apart from this, Hope will also study on Mars how the energy moves in the atmosphere there. The satellite will also study the dust spreading on Mars and consequently the change in the temperature of Mars. This satellite will also study the behavior of neutral atoms of hydrogen and oxygen present in the atmosphere of Mars. According to scientists, energy particles from the Sun also reach Mars. Scientists believe that there was also water on Mars at some time, but due to the constant change, it was destroyed. Hope will also try to find a reason for this. Hope Satellite will be investigating this from 22 thousand to 44 thousand km from Mars.

Significantly, on 5 November 2013, India launched Mangalyaan. It was successfully launched by the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) C-25 from the Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh. On 24 September 2014, Mangalyaan of India successfully reached Mars. India is the first country to succeed in the first attempt. Apart from this, it is also the cheapest mission sent to Mars. India became the first country in Asia to do so after the successful launch of Mangalyaan.

Washington, agencies.  The epidemic continues to increase in Florida and California provinces of the United States, which are suffering the worst of the corona virus in the world.  More than ten thousand new cases were found in Florida for the sixth consecutive day.  There is a similar situation in California.  However, there is now some stability in new cases in this province.  Things are getting worse in Texas.  These three provinces have become the epicenter of the epidemic in the United States after New York State.  More than three lakhs have been infected in these provinces.  While the pace of the epidemic has slowed in New York, more businesses have been allowed to be restored.

 The total number of corona infected people in the US is getting close to 4 million.  So far, one lakh 44 thousand victims have lost their lives.  The province's governor, Ron DeSantis, plans to reopen the schools, despite the transition to Florida increasing rapidly.  The teachers' union of the province is preparing to go to court to stop the move.  Here, California Governor Gavin Newsom, who emerged as the second epicenter of the epidemic, said that the new infection continues to accelerate in this state with the country's second largest population.  However some stability is also being seen.  The number of infected people in this province is going to be four lakhs.  By far the most infected in the US have been found in New York Province.  Four lakh 34 thousand patients have been found in this province.  However, the rate of infection has come down here.  Due to this, television and film production activities are now being allowed to be restored in New York.  Botanical gardens and zoos have also been allowed to open with some restrictions.

Record death from Corona in Iran in 24 hours

 A record 229 victims died of corona in Iran in the last 24 hours. Earlier, on July 9, 221 patients died in one day. In the West Asian country, the most affected by the epidemic, in this country, a total of 14 thousand 634 victims have died. While two lakh 42 thousand have been found infected.

 Strict over not wearing masks in Mexico

 The Corona epidemic continues to wreak havoc in Mexico. The Health Ministry said that the number of infected people has increased to about three and a half lakhs due to 5,172 new cases received in the last 24 hours in the country. So far, about 40 thousand lives have also been lost. In an effort to curb the epidemic, those who do not wear masks are now being toughened.

South African government sought help from people

 South Africa's Health Minister Jweli Makhije urged people to help the government fight the Corona epidemic. The number of infected people in this African country has exceeded three lakh 70 thousand. More than five thousand have died. While one lakh 91 thousand have been recovered.

United Nations. The World Health Organization has once again warned the world facing the Corona crisis. This time, this warning has been given about the impact on the tribals. It states that the risk of this Kovid-19 epidemic is high for the world's poorest and weakest people. According to the organization's Director General Virus Tadross Adenom Ghebreyes, the most affected are tribal communities, especially tribal people in the US region. He said that now this epidemic is catching up fast. He said that till July 6, 70 thousand tribal people have been infected in the US region and more than two thousand deaths have been confirmed.

 According to the WHO, as of Monday, 14 million people have been infected with Kovid-19 worldwide and more than six lakh people have lost their lives. In its report on the tribals, the organization said that more than 50 crore tribals live in more than 90 countries, which have a deep connection with their culture, language and environment. But they are facing many challenges. The World Health Organization has also expressed concern that they lack political representation, remain economically marginalized and have no access to health, education and social services.

Director General Ghebreyes stressed that tribal people often have to suffer from poverty, unemployment, malnutrition, communicable and non-communicable diseases. Because of this, they are more at risk of Kovid-19 and its serious consequences. In view of this, the US Regional Office of World Health Organization has issued guidelines for precautionary measures of Kovid-19 among the tribal people. Apart from this, work is being done in coordination with tribal organizations in the Amazon river basin to increase the scope and scale of the fight against Kovid-19. The Director General of the organization says that one of the important measures to control the infection in tribal communities and all communities would be to find contact tracing i.e. contact with the infected person. No country can succeed in overcoming this epidemic without detecting infected people. He reiterated that the spread of disease can be reduced by lockout and other measures but cannot be completely stopped.

China has expressed deep anguish over Britain's suspension of extradition treaty with Hong Kong. China has said that if it continues to interfere in its internal affairs, it will have to face serious consequences. Let us know that on Monday in the House of Commons, British Foreign Minister Dominic Robb had told that the new national security law of China has completely changed the systems of Hong Kong. In such a situation it has been decided to suspend this treaty indefinitely. Warning to China, Robb said that the whole world, along with Britain, is watching the steps taken by Beijing.

 Let us know that soon after Rob's statement, the Chinese Embassy in London and the Chinese Ambassador to Britain condemned the UK's move. Also, interference in the internal affairs of the country was wrong. Liu Jiaming said in a statement released on Twitter that Britain has not only interfered in China's internal affairs but has also violated the basic norms of international law and international relations. Since China has never interfered in Britain's internal affairs, Britain should not do so with China. If he does so, he will have to face serious consequences.

Britain protests against security law

 Britain, while supporting the ongoing movement for the establishment of full democracy in Hong Kong, has at times protested against the oppressive policies of China, but after the enactment of the Security Law, Britain's opposition became sharper. After the Corona virus infection, the anti-China environment created in the world, Britain has broken the agreement with the government-interfering Chinese company Huawei to develop a 5G mobile network. Not only this, Britain has also announced to send its aircraft carrier HSS Queen Elizabeth to sea near China.

London, Reuters.  Scientists are busy making vaccines to prevent the corona virus which has caught millions of people all over the world.  Meanwhile, the University of Oxford's potential COVID-19 vaccine is expected to arrive by the end of the year.  On Tuesday, the major developer of the vaccine said that but it is not certain.

 According to data shown on Monday, the experimental vaccine, acquired for AstraZeneca, produced an immune response in early-stage clinical trials.  He said that we hope that it can be used towards the end of the year.  Sarah Gilbert stated that the vaccine is expected to arrive by the end of this year.  This is a possibility but there is no certainty about it because we need three things.  He said that it needed to be shown to work in further phase trials, needed to be manufactured in large quantities and regulators had to quickly agree to license it for emergency use.

 Let us know that Britain has got great success in making the Corona virus vaccine.  Human trials of the Corona vaccine prepared by Oxford University in Britain have shown positive results.

 This vaccine, created to fight the corona virus, has been found safe for the human body.  During the human trials, scientists found that this vaccine has developed immunity in people to fight the corona virus.

London, ANI. Oxford University of Britain has succeeded in human trials regarding the Corona virus vaccine. Announcing this, the editor-in-chief of the UK-based medical journal, The Lancet, says the vaccine is completely safe, well tolerated and immune. The British government has tied up with AstraZeneca to acquire 100 million doses of the vaccine previously being tested by the University of Oxford.

 Corona vaccine test safe

 Testing of the Corona vaccine developed by the University of Oxford appears safe. It trains the immune system. Tests involving 1,077 people showed that the injections gave them antibodies and white blood cells that could fight the corona virus. Its data will be published soon. Volunteers to whom it was given found antibodies against the Koreana virus in their bodies as well as white blood cells that gave the body immunity over a longer period of time. The findings regarding vaccine are very promising, but it is still possible to know soon whether this is sufficient to provide this protection. Large scale trials are going on for this.

 Results of phase 1/2 Oxford Covid-19 Vaccine trial published. Editor in Chief of UK based medical journal 'The Lancet' says it is "safe, well-tolerated and immunogenic."

 - ANI (@ANI) July 20, 2020

 The UK has tied up with AstraZeneca to acquire 100 million doses of the vaccine previously produced by the University of Oxford. The government has also given a crore of rupees to Imperial College London along with Oxford University to help in the discovery of this drug. Their vaccine started testing on humans only in June. Results have been found effective in the first phase. However, the results of the Phase III trial have not yet been announced. It is believed that it will be announced soon.

 Britain signed an agreement to purchase 9 million doses of the Corona vaccine

 On the other hand, the UK has tied up with three companies to buy nine million doses of a potential corona vaccine. British Commerce Minister Alok Sharma announced this on Monday. Cabinet Minister Sharma said that the government has signed an agreement to buy nine crore doses of the vaccine undergoing trials for treatment of corona virus by companies named BioNotech, Pfizer and Valneva. Sharma said the discovery of the vaccine is an international goal and the government is making every effort to provide a safe and effective vaccine to the British people as soon as possible.

Wellington, IANS.  New volcanic alert systems have been invented by New Zealand scientists.  They say the system could issue a warning before the White Island disaster last year.  Please tell that 21 people were killed in this explosion.  The country's most active volcano, Wakkaari, erupted suddenly in December last year and killed the tourists present on it.

 The new system incorporates an algorithm reading machine that analyzes real time data and gives information about future explosions.  Shane Cronin, a scientist at the University of Auckland for this project, told Monday that the process of the current system is very slow.  He said, "The new system collects data in real time but the information provided in it will be examined by the panel and then it will have to go through the process of expert which will take some time."  He continued, "We used to warn for volcanoes ten years ago but it slowed down over time."

Vakari volcanic eruption

 Investigations also began after the Volcano Eruption on New Zealand's White Island to find out the causes and conditions. Boats and drones were also sent to the island after the explosion. There was talk of analyzing the gases deposited there through drones. At the same time, security aspects for the island were also considered. The victims of this volcanic eruption were tourists from New Zealand, Australia, Britain, America, China and Malaysia. After this explosion, ash was spread up to 12,000 feet in the air. The country's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern also expressed grief over the accident and visited the site through helicopters and aircraft. It is worth mentioning that the volcanic department was already monitoring the volcanic activity. After this, a warning was issued regarding the blast, yet the tourists were not stopped.

Washington, agencies. In all polls, US President Donald Trump, who is trailing Democrat candidate Joe Biden, refrained from publicly promising to accept the result if he lost the election. He said that it is too early to guarantee it.

 In an interview with Fox News, Trump said, 'I have to see. I am neither going to say yes, nor refuse. I did the same last time. Trump said, 'The first thing is that I am not going to lose. All surveys are fake, sponsored. In 2016, such surveys have proved to be fake.

 Donald Trump's popularity decreased

 Indeed, Trump's popularity has declined drastically due to his methods of dealing with the Corona epidemic and the social upheaval that followed the death of African-American George Floyd in custody. In the latest survey, Biden has shown a lead of 15 points over Trump. Trump called it bogus, stating that Republican supporters were ignored in the survey. The American public will make the right decision.

It is worth noting that despite being President, Trump was unable to show full confidence in the American election process. Four years ago, Trump, who was in a tough fight with Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton, said shortly before the vote that if the Democrats won, they were not committed to respecting the outcome.

 Trump said of the well-known infectious disease specialist, Dr. Anthony Fassi, that he is a fear-mongering person with the corona epidemic. Trump was stunned when asked about his February statement, in which he said the virus would disappear within a few days. He said, 'Ultimately my point will be proved right'.

 Virtual rally in support of Trump, one lakh Indians

 President Donald Trump's support among the Indian community in America is increasing. This is the main reason for India joining the US on big issues in Trump regime. One of its hallmarks is the participation of more than one lakh Indian-Americans in a virtual rally organized in support of Trump.

Al Mason, who is prominently associated with Trump's election campaign, said during the rally that for the first time since 1992, the pro-Democrat Indian community is going to vote in favor of Trump. Indians are very fond of Trump.
US President Donald Trump has refused to make public commitments to accept the results of the upcoming White House election defeat. For this, he referred to speculations being made weeks before the 2016 elections.

Trump has been trailed by Democrat candidate Joe Biden in several surveys. In an interview to a news channel, Trump said it was too early to comment on the election results. He said that he is still going to say neither yes nor no and he did the same last time. He said that first thing, he is not losing the election because these are fake polls. There were also fake polls in 2016 and are happening again.
 Such a statement of the current president undermines total confidence in the electoral process of American democracy, but it is not new to Trump. Several surveys of the US election four years ago were said to have given a tough fight to Democrat Hillary Clinton and many were assessing their defeat, but they said that if the Democrat wins, he will respect the election results Will not show any commitment to

Washington, IANS. Novel corona virus is holding the world. So far all attempts to get out of the clutches of this deadly virus have been unsuccessful. According to Johns Hopkins University in the United States, there are 16.4 million infected cases worldwide as of Monday, while the death toll due to this is more than 6 lakh. According to the latest data released by the University's Center for Science and Engineering (CSSE), as of Monday morning 1 crore 44 lakh 48 thousand 7 hundred 51 people have been infected and the figure of the dead is 6 lakh 5 thousand 1 hundred 16.

 America remains at first position

 Among all the countries of the world, the highest number of cases have been found in America. So far, the total cases of infection have reached 37 lakh 68 thousand 55 and the number of deaths is 1 lakh 40 thousand 500. Brazil is at number two with 20 lakh 98 thousand 3 hundred 89 infected cases and 79 thousand 788 death cases, while the number of infected people in India so far has reached 10 lakh 77 thousand 7 hundred 81.
Abu Dhabi, Agency. Saudi Arabian Emirates (UAE) launched its first interplanetary hope probe mission on Mars in collaboration with Japan. The UAE's first space mission to Mars launched on Monday from Japan's Tanegashima Space Center. This mission of the UAE has been dubbed Mars 'Hope'. This mission was launched from Tanegashima Space Center at 3:28 am Indian time. The United Arab Emirates will be the first Arab country to have given its entry on Mars. The live feed of the mission was also shown. However, it was to be launched on July 15, but was postponed for some time due to inclement weather.

 The campaign started at the time of a special astronomical event

Five minutes after launch, the vehicle carrying this satellite was on its way. On this vehicle, 'Al-Amal' was written in Arabic. It also made the first separation of its journey. Emirates project is one of the three projects to go to Mars. It also includes China's Tainwen-1 and America's Mars 2020. The special thing is that this UAE expedition started when the distance between Earth and Mars is the shortest. According to NASA, the distance from Mars to Earth will be reduced by 38.6 million miles (6.2 million kilometers) in October.

Hope will reach Mars orbit in February 2021

 'HOPE' is expected to reach Mars orbit in February 2021. After this, it will rotate in its orbit for one Mars year i.e. 687 days. Although the purpose of this Mars mission is to gather accurate information about the environment and weather of this red planet, it is also believed to be a major goal - and to build a human settlement on Mars in the next 100 years. The UAE also intends to project this as a source of inspiration for Arab youth.

Scientists have confirmed for the first time that the corona virus causing the Kovid-19 pandemic cannot spread through mosquitoes. This reinforces the World Health Organization (WHO) claim that the disease is not spread by mosquito bites in humans. The study, published in the journal Scientific Reports research, presented experimental data collected for the first time to examine the ability of the corona virus to spread through mosquitoes.

 Stephen Higgs, researcher and co-author of the research paper at Kansas State University in the US, said, "The World Health Organization has firmly stated that mosquitoes cannot spread the virus. In the study that we have done, for the first time authentic figures have been presented to substantiate this claim. ”

 According to a study conducted by the University's Institute of Biosafety Research, the virus is unable to breed among three common species of mosquitoes and therefore cannot reach humans through mosquitoes.

 According to scientists, even if an infected person bites a mosquito, the corona virus in the person's blood cannot survive inside the mosquito, so there is no risk of infection if the same mosquito bites another person.

The outbreak of the Kovid-19 pandemic has resurfaced in the far western part of China and the number of infection patients has increased to 17.  The National Health Commission said on Saturday that there have been 16 new cases of infection in the Xinjiang region in the last 24 hours.  Earlier it was number one.  A new round of infection began in the city of Urumqi after the prevention of corona virus infection in China in March.  Earlier more than 330 people were confirmed infected in Beijing.  According to Chinese media, authorities in the city of Urumqi have reduced the number of subways, buses and taxis, as well as some residential areas have been closed.  Also, a ban has been imposed on people leaving the city.  Significantly, China has been accused of human rights violations in Muslim-majority Xinjiang.

On Thursday, Australia's Victoria State reported a steep decline in Covid-19 cases. Kovid-19 recorded 428 cases on Friday, followed by 217 new cases on Saturday. Subsequently, Chief Medical Officer Brett Sutton said it was a relief after yesterday's data. The Department of Health said on Saturday that a man and a woman died of a Kovid-19 infection in Victoria State. Both patients were over 80 years of age. With this, the death toll due to infection in the state increased to 34 and 118 in the country. Victoria's Premier Daniel Andrews said the latest figures were encouraging, but only one day. "We want to see a pattern where data stabilizes and declines," he said. During a six-week lockdown in the Melbourne metropolis, he urged people to be comfortable, saying, "Being bored at home is better than staying in the ICU."

The corona virus has killed more than six million people worldwide due to the global epidemic. According to data from the US-based Johns Hopkins University on Saturday night, the US tops the death toll. In the US, 1,40,103 people have died from this infection. After this, 78,772 people have died in Brazil and 45,358 people in Britain.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, 12 million people worldwide are infected with this deadly virus, of which 3.7 million are in the US. Two million people are infected in Brazil and one million in India. The World Health Organization recorded the highest 2,59,848 new cases a day of re-infection.

 10.77 lakh cases in India

 During the last 24 hours, record new cases have been registered again across the country. According to the Union Health Ministry, from Saturday 8 am to 8 am Sunday, 38902 new corona virus cases have been recorded across the country and the total number of corona cases in the country has increased to 10,77,618. With the increasing infection of Corona virus, the number of people who lost their lives due to it is also increasing continuously. During the last 24 hours, 545 people have died due to Corona virus across the country. Till now this deadly virus has caused 26818 deaths across the country.

A giant-sized asteroid planet Asteroid is moving towards Earth.  Its size is said to be almost double that of Qutub Minar.  US space agency NASA has issued a warning regarding this.  Please tell that Qutub Minar is 240 feet long.  According to NASA, this hidden planet will be larger than 550 feet.  NASA has named this hidden planet 2020ND.  NASA has placed it in the "potential danger" category.

 According to NASA, on 24 July, this black planet will be closest to the Earth.  NASA has warned that it will be only 0.034 astronomical units (AU) distance from Earth.  The Space Agency stated "Potentially Dangerous Asteroids (PHAs) are currently defined based on parameters that measure the asteroid's potential for closer approach to Earth.

NASA said on its Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) website, "Scientific interest in comets and asteroids is almost due to their position as relatively unchanged remains of debris from the construction of the solar system some 4.6 billion years ago.

 What is asteroid

 Small celestial bodies revolving around the Sun are called 'asteroids'. They are mainly found in the 'Asteroid Belt' between Mars and Jupiter. However, due to their passing through the earth many times, it is possible to suffer significant losses.

A spacecraft of the European Space Agency has taken the closest pictures of the sun so far, in which small number of small flames are seen everywhere. The scientists released the first images taken by the spacecraft 'Solar Orbiter' on Thursday.

 The vehicle departed from Cape Canaveral in February. When it took pictures, at that time it was about seven crore 70 lakh kilometers from the Sun i.e. about halfway between the Earth and the Sun.

 In these pictures of the sun taken by Yan, small flames of small flames are seen everywhere. European Space Agency project scientist Daniel Muller said the team named these flames "campfires".

Washington, agencies.  The corona epidemic is increasing all over the world.  According to data from the news agency Reuters, for the first time in the world, a record one million corona patients increased in just 100 hours.  Due to this, the total global figure of infected people has crossed 14 million.  The death toll has also crossed six lakh.  More than 70 thousand new infected were found for the second consecutive day in the United States most affected by the epidemic in the world.

 Unexpected surge in data

 The first case of corona was reported in China in early January.  After this, it took three months for the number of victims of the virus to become one million.  On 13 July last, the number of infected people reached the level of one crore 30 lakhs, whereas in just four days this number increased to one crore 40 lakhs.  Here, infection is spreading rapidly in most of the provinces of America.

70 thousand 674 new cases in America

 According to Reuters data, 70 thousand 674 new cases were found in the US on Friday. A day earlier, a record 77 thousand 499 new victims were found. On an average, 57 thousand new cases are being found daily in the US this month. California, Florida and Texas are emerging as the new epicenter of the epidemic. While hospitals in Alabama, Georgia, Montana, North Carolina and South Carolina are reported to have admitted a record number of patients on Friday.

 Things are worse in Brazil

 The total number of cases in America exceeded 37 lakh 70 thousand. More than one lakh 42 thousand have died. Things are also getting worse in Brazil. The number of corona patients in this Latin American country has increased to 20 lakh 50 thousand. Nearly 78 thousand have also died.

 China's infection increased in Xinjiang

Corona infection is beginning to spread in the western region of China. The National Health Commission said on Saturday that 16 new cases were found in the Xinjiang region in the last 24 hours. In view of the transition, movement in the area has been strictly prohibited. Prior to this, a second round epidemic was found in the capital Beijing. More than 330 victims were found here.

 Trump said, I will not give orders to wear masks

 President Donald Trump said he would not order US citizens to wear masks for the prevention of the Corona epidemic. People should have freedom. Earlier, Dr. Antony Fasi, the top expert on infectious diseases in the US government, appealed to all states to make masks mandatory. "I do not agree with such a statement," Trump said in an interview to Fox News. Fasi has warned that if such necessary steps are not taken to prevent infection, the number of new daily cases in the country may soon cross the one lakh mark.

 A look at these countries

 Mexico: The total number of victims has increased to three lakh 31 thousand due to 7,257 new cases. So far, 38 thousand 310 have also died.

 Pakistan: In the last 24 hours, 1,918 new cases were found, the number of infected people increased to two lakh 61 thousand. While five thousand 522 have died.

 Australia: New cases have declined in the province of Victoria. 217 new cases were found on Saturday. A day earlier, 428 new cases were found.

 Britain: The number of victims has increased to two lakh 93 thousand as 697 new patients are found. So far, more than 45 thousand victims have died.

 Nepal: With the confirmation of 57 new cases in this Himalayan country, the total number of infected people has increased to 17 thousand 502. 40 of these have died.

The way covid 19 patients are increasing in America, it is surprising the whole world.  In a country whose population is not even 35 crore, so far more than 33 lakh people have been infected with corona.

According to Johns Hopkins University, there have been more than 1,37,000 deaths in the US so far.  On July 7, the US filed record new cases in one day.  More than 60 thousand.
 Things are getting worse on the ground.  According to the Washington Post, the burden on hospitals has increased.  ICUs have also reached their potential.  Health care workers are once again lacking masks, gloves and PPE.
 According to USA Today, there are now more cases in China than in China, where the first cases of corona virus infection were found.  Even assuming that China is reducing its figures, it still has a per capita infection rate in China's 140 million population - one person in 16000.  At the same time one person in 110 people is corona infected.

 Not only this, every year more deaths in America are caused by corona than other diseases.  Like, 55,000 deaths occur in the US every year from common flu and 1 lakh 21 thousand from Alzheimer's.  More deaths have been reported from Corona in the last 4 months.

 The special thing is that the government says something else and the expert something else.  When President Donald Trump spoke about the Corona infection, he could not express the seriousness of the threat in his own words.

 Despite the situation still, the government is also talking about opening a school.  President Trump is still saying that the US is in a good position in view of the epidemic.  The US government is satisfied that the death rate from corona in the US is low and stable.  The people of the US government are repeatedly giving the same assurance to the public.

 Is the government not listening to the opinion of experts

 America's infectious disease specialist Doctor Anthony Fauchi is also a White House adviser on coronaviruses.  They are saying that it is wrong to insist on low mortality.

 He has warned that this is only the first wave of Corona in America and in that America is completely entangled.  If people do not take precaution, then there may be 1 lakh cases every day.

 In March itself, Fauchi estimated that between 1 lakh and 2 lakh deaths could occur in the US.  The figures which are present at present have proved their conjecture.

 Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the CDC organization, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of America, said that the case is being reported and in fact 10 more people are infected.  According to him, 5 to 8 percent of the population in the country has been infected.

 Last month, CDC deputy director Dr Ann Shukut said in an interview that the US is not in the same situation as New Zealand, Singapore or South Korea, where new cases are detected as soon as possible and contact tracing isolates people.  is done.  But at present, there is too much virus in the US.
 Government's emphasis on reducing death rate
 So, the emphasis is on the recurrence of mortality and the governments of many countries are doing this, experts warn about that.  According to the New York Times, elderly patients infected with corona are more likely to get hospitalized and the elderly are the most affected.

 According to CDC statistics, in eight out of every 10 deaths, the age of the patient was over 65 years.  But now even very young patients are coming corona positive and there is very less chance of death among them.

 For example, in the US state of Arizona, half the cases are 20 to 44 years old.  More than half of cases in Texas are under 50 years old.  So when the death rate is extracted, it comes out rarely.  Secondly, death is not just the result of Kovid 19 infection.  People continue to have physical and mental problems even after recovery.

 Why are cases increasing in America
 There can be many reasons behind this, firstly, the government did not show speed in the beginning.  The government did not understand the seriousness.  Reduced tests, did not take steps to control the virus infection. Apart from America, there are other countries that have not taken immediate steps and there are a plethora of infected cases, such as Italy, Spain and Britain.

 There were other problems, such as the state and local health departments not being allowed to make their own test kits, and so all samples were sent to the CDC in Atlanta.  After that it was the CDC that sent bad test kits to the states which caused further delays.

 Now summer has come and people are returning to their normal activities.  It is being said that there is a thinking among the youth in America that they do not have much danger.  There were reports that when the states relaxed the lockdown, young people were seen wandering.  Without masking and not following social distancing, that is, underestimating the danger.

 If we look at the case of such a large number of corona infects in America, then it seems that the government is saying different things, experts are saying different things and the message of its seriousness is not reaching even among the common people.

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