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Washington, agencies.  The danger of a second round of infection in America is looming.  This time Los Angeles seems to be its center.  Not only a record number of patients have been found here in a day, but there has also been an increase in the number of hospitalized patients.  In the city of Los Angeles alone, the number of corona patients has crossed the 100,000 mark.  The mayor of Los Angeles has deferred the decision to open film, theaters, theme parks and other entertainment venues in view of the transition.

  The impact of the second round of infection is visible in other US provinces Florida, Texas and Arizona.  The governor of Arizona has ordered the bar, nightclub, gym and movie theater and water park to be closed for the next 30 days.  Also, the school has been banned till August 17.  The bars have been closed again in Texas and Florida.  New Jersey has postponed indefinitely the plan to sit inside the restaurant since Tuesday.  Kansas has asked everyone to wear masks in public places.  On the other hand, the head of the Corona Task Force, Debroh Bricks, has demanded to increase the testing.

Trump signs executive order wearing masks

  New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has urged President Donald Trump to sign an executive order wearing masks amid the epidemic.  Not only this, they should also set an example by wearing masks themselves.  During the press conference, Cuomo it is time to awaken America.  At the moment, we as a nation are standing in a place where we have not yet asked people to wear masks while going to public places.  He also said that the haste to reopen the economy at this point would not help the economy.  This is not a smart policy.

Lockdown again in Leicester, England

 The number of corona patients is also increasing continuously in England.  In view of this, the East Midland area of ​ ​Leicester, England, has been put on lockdown again.  Leicester is home to a large number of people of Indian origin and the number of patients was increasing rapidly here.  The non-essential goods shops in Leicester opened on 15 June and are now once again closed.  Schools for select classes were opened from June 1, but will now be closed from school from Thursday, following a new order.  Health Minister Matt Hancock said that 10 percent of the country's total patients are infected in Leicester and we will review the lockdown for the next two weeks.

Researchers have detected a new strain of influenza in China's pigs that is capable of being transmitted to humans and may take the form of another global pandemic.  This claim has been made in a study published in the US science journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PLAS).  The virus is named G4 and is made up of genetic changes to the H1N1 virus caused by the pandemic in 2009.

Let us know that the G4 virus is being found prominently in pigs since 2016.  This recent study, based on the monitoring of pigs in China from 2011 to 2018, has found that the G4 virus virus binds to the receptor molecules in human cells and replicates itself in the outer layer of the respiratory tract.  Can prepare, that is, can increase the number of itself.
 There is no evidence of human-to-human spread yet
 China's Center for Disease Control and Prevention, along with authors and scientists from Chinese universities, have said that the virus has all the signs of becoming a potential global pandemic.  Although researchers are concerned that the virus may not have been mutated from animals to humans, there is no evidence of its spread from humans to humans.

  Two cases of G4 virus infection were reported in the years 2016 and 2019.  Neighbors of these patients reared pigs.  Of these, the age of the first patient was 46 years and the second was nine years.  As such, it is being suggested that the G4 virus can be transmitted from pigs to humans and may even cause death with severe infection.
 Not already immune to this virus in humans
 Researchers have said in the study that this virus is spreading more in pigs than other viruses.  He says that in such a situation it becomes necessary to strengthen the system of proper surveillance of the G4 virus in pigs and humans.  He further noted that the widespread spread of the G4 virus in pigs may increase the risk to humans.

 Studies have shown that the virus can infect ferrets (an animal of the mongoose) through aerosol transmission, causing severe symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, shortness of breath, and 7.3% of their body.  Weight can be reduced to equal to 9.8 percent mass.  The study also found that immunity to humans from other influenza vaccines could not protect against the G4 virus.  This is an indication that the body does not already have any immunity against the virus.
 It is important to keep an eye on the emerging situation
  At the same time, epidemiologist Eric Figl Ding of Harvard University of America tweeted that the virus is still only in pigs.  He said on Twitter, 'Only two cases.  And it is an old virus originating in 2016.  Has not spread from human to human.  Antibodies were found in 10 percent of the pig industry.  No intimidating evidence has been found.  Please tell that Ding is not associated with this study.

 In addition, Carl T. Bergstrom, a biologist at the University of Washington, US, said that despite continuous exposure to the virus, there is no evidence of its spread from man to man.  However, he said that it is important to keep an eye on the emerging situation.  Bergstrom said, "Investigations will be necessary, especially when there is an emergence of a group of diseases among the workers associated with the pig industry."

35-year-old singer Katy Perry has revealed that she began to have suicidal thoughts after splitting from actor Orlando Bloom in 2017.  Katie says, 'During that time I was also very upset professionally.  I had given my everything and had broken.  I had a breakup from my boyfriend.  Although now he is the father of my child. '

Katie told that it was my belief that I am alive today.  Katy and Orlando Bloom began dating each other in 2016.  The couple split in February 2017 after dating for a few months.
 Let us know recently that Katy's new music video "Daisies" has been released.  Katie's very bold style is seen in this new album.  Katie was also seen flaunting a baby bump in the video.  Before this, Katie also released "Never Worn White".  It was through this music video that he revealed his pregnancy.

Parry, who previously married Russell Brand, has been dating Orlando Bloom since 2016.  This is her first child while in relationship with fiance Orlando Bloom, 43.  Katie may give birth soon.  Let me tell you that Katie came to India in November last year.  Pop stars Katy Perry and Dua Lipa performed at the packed DY Patil Stadium with around 25,000 spectators.

 Katie Singer is a songwriter, musician and stage performer.  Katie is the third most followed celebrity on Twitter since July 2019, with 100 million followers.  Katie is also a social worker.  She works for fagot people.

After getting divorced in 2016, Brad Pitt was first seen in the Los Angeles home of ex-wife Angelina Jolie.  Pitt, after spending almost two hours at his house, was seen going off the bike.

Pitt wore light-colored jeans and a sweater during this time.  This couple lives only 10 minutes away from each other.  But both have met at home after almost four years.  It is believed that Pitt came here to meet his children.  In November last year, Angelina Jolie stated that she prefers to live abroad and that she will shift out with them as soon as their children turn 18.  At the moment his children can meet their father.

Earlier in an interview to Entertainment Today, Angelina gave the reason for breaking the relationship with Brat Pitt.  Actress Angelina had said that no relationship can be black and white.  I have a different ideology for everything than Brad.  The first reason behind the divorce was the idea of ​​how to raise children.  He had told that Brad's blatant behavior and alcohol addiction was the first reason behind his separation.

 Angelina had reported that she lost several opportunities in Hollywood because of her alcohol addiction.  He was jealous because I do not let my work promote him.  Angelina Jolie filed for divorce in September 2016.  Both are parents of six children.  Let us tell you that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were together since 2005.  Nine years later in 2014, the two got married .

 Brad Pitt's name has been linked with Jennifer Aniston since the divorce.  It is being said that this X couple can marry again.

Washington, ANI.  The United States threatened strict action against China.  According to The South China Morning Post, China imposed a visa ban on US officials.  China says that Hong Kong issue has been "treated very poorly" by US officials.  However, now this decision of China has ignited America.

 US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a tweet, "The Chinese Communist Party's threat to restrict visas for US citizens is the latest example of Beijing's acceptance of responsibility to break its commitment to the people of Hong Kong.  We will not be prevented from taking action to respond. '

  Pompeo's response came hours after Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian announced the sanctions.  On behalf of China, it was said that any attempt by the US to obstruct the introduction of National Security Act in Hong Kong by Beijing will not succeed.

Zhao said, "In the wake of America's misdeeds, China has decided to impose visa restrictions on American individuals who deal with Hong Kong-related issues."  Zhao targeted without name.  Meanwhile, China on Tuesday passed the controversial National Security Act for Hong Kong.

 According to the South China Morning Post (SCMP), the law approved by the National People's Congress Standing Committee provides for a maximum sentence of life in prison, contrary to earlier indications of a 10-year limit.

A former US police officer who created terror in California by committing serial theft, dozens of murders and rape incidents was convicted on Monday.  The name of this accused is James de Angelo Jr.  His crimes ended in 1986.

Accused James has been virtually silent in court since his arrest in 2018.  He has only said- I am guilty and accept the mistake.  He can face death penalty or life imprisonment without parole.  The 74-year-old accused did not cooperate with the authorities but admitted all his charges.

James says that he committed all of this crime at the behest of Jerry, an inside personality present in him.  Jerry forces her to all of these.  After the arrest in April 2018, the accused in the police interrogation room used to say to themselves, ‘I have done all this’, said Sacramento County Prosecutor Thien Ho.

 James said, "I didn't have the strength to push him out.  He made me so.  He went with me.  Looks like he was on my mind.  He was part of me.  I did not want to do all these things.  I should have pushed Jerry out and led a good life.  I have done all this.  I have wasted lives  So now I have to pay for it. '

 James began his career as a policeman at San Joaquin Valley Farm Town Exeter in 1973.  It is believed that he committed his first crime and murder here.  He is responsible for more than 100 burglaries.  He committed the crime while the police were trying to find a serial thief in the neighboring town of Visalia.

New York, ANI.  New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has asked President Donald Trump to issue an executive order to wear masks amid the Corona virus epidemic.  The number of people infected with corona in the US has crossed 2.5 million, while 1.26 lakh people have died so far.

 According to CNN, President Trump is consistently violating all the criteria necessary to stop the spread of the corona virus.  Cuomo urges him to do two things.  The first is to sign an executive order directing everyone to wear masks and second that the President himself should wear masks.

 During the press conference, the governor of New York sought to issue an executive order from President Donald Trump to follow in the footsteps of other states, directing people to wear masks.  He said that the President himself should wear a mask and set an example among the people.  It is time to awaken America.

Cuomo said that at the moment we as a nation are standing in a place where we have not yet asked people to ever wear masks while going to public places.  He also said that the haste to reopen the economy at this point would not help the economy.  This is not a smart policy.

  The United States has been the most affected of the deadly virus released from Wuhan, China.  America tops the list of countries worst affected by Korna.  Here, the number of deaths due to Kovid-19 has increased to 1 lakh 26 thousand 140, while more than 25 lakh 90 thousand people have been infected due to the virus in the country so far.

Tehran, ep.  Iran has issued an arrest warrant against US President Donald Trump, the world's most powerful country.  Iran has asked Interpol for help in arresting dozens of others, including President Trump.  According to the news agency AP, on Monday, a local lawyer has informed that this arrest warrant against Trump has been issued for the drone strike in Baghdad, in which Iran's top general Qasim Suleimani was killed.  .

 There is no danger of the US President being arrested with this warrant from Iran, but it is sure to increase the tension between the two countries.  Be aware that Tehran's nuclear deal with the world powers, while separating itself from the United States, imposed many restrictions on it.  Since then, there has been a tense situation between the two countries.

In a briefing to the news agency, Tehran advocate Ali Alqasimehr reported that Iran has accused 30 other people along with US President Trump in a January 3 drone strike.  Iran's top commander, General Qasim Sulemani, was killed in this drone attack by the US in Baghdad.  The US considered Iranian General Sulaimani guilty of murder and terrorism and had been looking for a general for a long time.

After the arrest warrant was issued, Iran is now attempting to issue a Red Corner Notice against Interpol, US President Donald Trump and others accused in the drone attack.  Interpol issues Red Corner notices for wanted international criminals in very serious cases.  The local authorities then request Interpol to arrest the wanted on behalf of their country.  This notice cannot compel the country concerned to arrest or extradite a wanted person.  However, on the basis of this notice, the local government may ban his visits, keeping an eye on the wanted.

Washington, PTI  US President Donald Trump on Sunday denied that intelligence officials had informed him that Russian officials had secretly offered to reward the Taliban for killing American soldiers in Afghanistan.  are doing.  Before the US President, the White House also clarified on this issue.  The White House said that on its behalf, all kinds of intelligence is not given to the US President, the information it considers necessary, only it is told to them, the rest of the information is kept hidden.

 In fact, the US newspaper 'The New York Times' said on Saturday that US intelligence officials believe that Russian military intelligence unit officials will secretly send Taliban-linked terrorist organizations to US to end the long-running war in Afghanistan.  Coalition forces, including soldiers, are offering a reward for targeting.  As soon as the news came to the notice of former Vice President Joe Biden, he attacked Donald Trump strongly.  He said that when Trump had been given the above information from the Intelligence Department, he should have punished Russia but he did not do so.

Now a clarification has been issued by Trump after the White House on this matter.  Trump has tweeted that no one has given me such information.  Neither Vice President Mike Pence or Chief of Staff Mark Middows have been given conspiracy information about our Russians in Afghanistan as claimed by the sources.  American President Trump did not stop here, he further said that all are denying it.  We have not been attacked anywhere.  He claimed that apart from our administration, no one has been so strict towards Russia.  Simultaneously, Trump also asked the New York Times to reveal the source's name.

Washington, ANI.  Bolton, a former National Security Officer (NSA), has criticized a statement by US President Donald Trump about an alleged conspiracy between Russia and the Taliban over the killing of American soldiers in Afghanistan.  President Trump on Sunday denied this information that he was aware of any deal between Russia and the Taliban under which Russia slaughtered American soldiers in Afghanistan.  Bolton on a CNN broadcaster on Sunday said that Trump's response confirms that they do not prioritize the safety of American troops.

 Russia Bounty Program

 Bolton on NBC News Broadcaster said, "The President's statement that he has heard nothing about this is something to note.  Somebody ask them why they are doing this. '  On Friday, the New York Times quoted unnamed government sources as saying that Trump had been given an intelligence report stating that Moscow had given bounties to the Taliban for killing American soldiers.  At the same time, Trump said in his statement that he was not aware of any such information, nor was he ever given any report about Russia killing American soldiers in Afghanistan through Taliban.  At the same time, Russia has also denied such allegations, Russia has called it the propaganda of US intelligence agencies.

Controversy over John Bolton's book

  Recently, the Trump administration also tried hard to stop the publication of John Bolton's book The Room Where It Happened.  Let me tell you that in this book of Bolton, President Trump has also mentioned the help of foreign governments for their victory in the election and has asked for an inquiry.  Bolton has made many allegations in his book.

Washington, AP.  US President Donald Trump has said that he did this to some circumstances because of not wearing a face mask at a rally.  Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said that the president did so due to certain circumstances, while he has also asked people to wear face masks and maintain social distancing.

 In view of the increasing cases of corona in some states, he said that people will have to take their own responsibility by taking precautions like social distancing and wearing face masks.  Azar says that Trump is not required to follow the guidelines issued by his administration because as a leader of the free world he is regularly examined and we are in very different circumstances than the rest.

San Francisco, IANS.  Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg tried to remove an inflammatory post by US President Donald Trump in 2015, but the company reportedly blocked him.  According to a report by The Washington Post, Facebook allegedly changed the rules to continue Trump's inflammatory post in the name of political statements.  Trump was then the Republican candidate for the 2016 US presidential election.

 According to a report by The Washington Post on Sunday, in 2015 a video post by Trump about banning Muslim immigrants had severely criticized several senior Facebook executives, including Zuckerberg.  They wanted to delete this post, but the company instead gave such posts a place in the name of political statements.  Such positions should remain in the name of political discourse, citing sources and internal documents.  According to the news agency IANS, the report quoted sources and internal documents.

Facebook will put warning signs on all posts that break the rules

 Reportedly, in 2016, Zuckerberg wanted to write a post criticizing Trump's decision to build a wall on the border with Mexico, but the company warned him that it would look as if they were favoring someone.  However, it has been decided to put warning signs on all the posts which are against the rules in the 'news category' of all the leaders including Facebook Trump.  The European company Unilever announced a boycott of the ads, accusing Facebook of hate speech and divisive discourse.  The company's shares fell more than eight percent.  Coca-Cola was also announced Facebook boycott a month.  Only after this, Facebook has taken this decision.

New York Times News Service.  A new information is coming out in the case of Taliban rewarding terrorists for killing American soldiers in Afghanistan.  It is now learned that US intelligence officials and special operations teams alerted their superiors about this Russian conspiracy as early as January 2020, but no specific initiative was taken by them.

 Intelligence officials received a special notice, while working on that information, the officers conducted a raid on the Taliban post, they got huge amount of American cash from there, which led to the suspicion that these terrorists were killed in order to kill the soldiers.  Money was given.  When the interrogated terrorists were interrogated, they also disclosed this.

Another officer said that when interrogated terrorists and criminals were interrogated, the intelligence officials also came to know that in the year 2019, these terrorists were offered such reward by the Russians after that they were paid.  Following this information, military and intelligence officials have been reviewing casualties over the past 18 months in combating the US and other coalitions to determine how many of these people have fallen victim to that Russian conspiracy.

Four Americans were killed in the war in early 2020 but Talibanis have not attacked US troops since the February agreement to end the long-running war in Afghanistan.

  In fact, former US Vice President Joe Biden on Sunday blamed President Donald Trump for not taking any action against Russia in this case.  While the White House denied that several months ago, intelligence officials had informed Trump that Russia was asking Taliban militants to reward American soldiers.

While giving information on the matter, The New York Times reported on Friday that a Russian military intelligence unit had secretly paid Taliban-linked militants to target coalition troops in Afghanistan, including the US.  Trump was briefed about it.

The Times article also reported that the White House's National Security Council had discussed the problem at an intergency meeting (inter-meeting) in late March but had not yet responded to the case.  Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden called it shameful.

 The White House does not regularly comment on perceived intelligence or internal deliberations.  The Intelligence Agency, the CIA Director, the National Security Advisor and the chief of staff all confirm that neither the President nor the Vice President were informed of this Russian reward.

A statement in this regard was also issued by the White House when the news in this regard was published on the Times website 25 hours ago.  Press Secretary Kayle McNee issued a statement in this afternoon.  In a statement issued by National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe on Saturday night, the White House's claim came true, saying such intelligence was not passed on to Trump.

 If there is support from Russia to encourage the killing of American and other NATO troops, it is a matter of concern in itself.  Knowing such things, soldiers will be angry with Russia.  However, this would be the first time the Russian spy unit has adopted such a strategy to attack Western troops.

 After such information comes out, the US says that if any such attacks with the Taliban resulted in the deaths of their soldiers, then there will be a great expansion of war against Russia.  Cyber ​​attacks will be carried out to create unrest, a strategy will be adopted to destabilize opponents.

Washington (New York Times).  In the upcoming presidential election, Donald Trump's rival Joey Biden has expressed his desire to close the Guantonamo Bay Jail.  However, he neither told how he would do it nor did he say what his policy was about the prisoners being held there.  But they have definitely said that if they win the election, they will definitely support the closure of this military prison.  Let me tell you that this jail is counted in some of the most painful and frightening jails in the world.  Many times its shocking incidents have come out through the media.  The accused of plotting 9/11 attacks are also closed here.  It is also necessary to mention here that former President Barack Obama also tried to close this prison but he failed in it.

  In response to a question asked by the journalist during his election campaign, he said that he will continue to support the closure of the jail for which Barack Obama also raised his voice.  Biden had earlier put his side in a debate on this issue in December last year.  Significantly, when Obama raised his voice about this, Biden was the Vice President.  At that time he accused the Congress of cheating.  But then, instead of suggesting the way forward on this subject, he considered it appropriate to talk on other issues.

Roy Neal, who worked in the Clinton administration, says Obama could not stop it even after making a promise.  They believe that this is an issue on which people have no attention.  This issue does not capture a single vote of the voters.  According to him, this is why Obama left it behind.

 Let us tell you that this prison was started by former President George W. Bush.  Once he also expressed his intention to close it.  But Dick Chini, who was the Vice-President at the time, backed down saying that it does not come under his purview.  However, he had talked about making this infamous jail equipped with all modern facilities and making it safe for prisoners.  Speaking of Trump, in 2016, when he announced the withdrawal of his forces from Afghanistan, he said that he would expand this prison.  But they did nothing.  Among the prisoners held here are terrorists from the terrorist organization Islamic State, who were brought here from Syria and Iraq.

On the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh, China is provoking neighbors by increasing military activities on a large scale.  The US will not stand with such countries, which are constantly trying to intimidate peaceful countries with military action.  Ted Yoho, an American MP, said, "The time has come for the world to unite and tell China that it is now enough."

Republican MP Yoho said, the world is busy in the corona epidemic, so taking advantage of this, the Communist Party of China is taking provocative action against India on a large scale.  China is not only doing this with India.
  Rather, he is also doing nefarious acts with the rest of the neighbors of the region like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam.  Earlier in the House of Representatives, Dr. Amy Berra, another Member of Parliament, who was an Indian-American MP for a long time, said, "China's aggressive attitude on India's border is very worrying."  China should resolve border dispute with diplomacy instead of army deployment
 Bera said in another tweet, China should resolve the border dispute with India through diplomatic and not military.  Bera, who heads the Parliament's foreign affairs sub-committee on Asia, said that the greater deployment of military forces on the LAC would not achieve anything, nor would it help resolve the dispute

New York, agency.  A Chinese submarine entered Japan's maritime border the same week that Chinese soldiers deceived their unarmed Indian soldiers in the Galvan valley in eastern Ladakh.  It was natural for the Chinese submarine to make a stir in the Japanese security system.  It is a matter of days when Chinese bomber planes infiltrate Taiwan's air range.

 China's intent is to send a message to America behind the show

 Actually, China's intent behind showing such a blowback with neighboring countries is to give a message to America.  Experts believe that due to Corona, China, which was targeted around the world, is doing such activities to divert attention.

  When the world was engulfed in Corona, the Chinese army was engaged in infiltrating the border of neighbors.

 Actually, when the world was engulfed in its problems due to Corona, the Chinese army was engaged in infiltrating the border of neighbors.  His work began in the spring and continued through the summer.  When this action was noticed, alarm bells started ringing in Washington along with many Asian countries.

China can now take direct confrontation with America as well

 The special thing is that there is a strange kind of self-confidence in this ding-dong of China.  It seems that he can now take a direct confrontation with the US for his national identity in Corona and Hong Kong.

 All my military operations are defensive, China claims

  China claims that all its recent military operations are defensible, but it seems unlikely that major military confrontations could occur in all operations, even if it did not intend to.  The largest bloody clash since 1967 took place between Chinese and Indian soldiers in the Galvan Valley of India on the night of 15 June.  Although the Chinese government and the media did not provide information about their soldiers who died, it is said that for the first time after the Sino-Vietnam War in 1979, Chinese soldiers were killed in a conflict.

A defense expert from China, Bo Sichuan, told a conference in Beijing in a report on the US military's activities in the region that "I think it is too late for an accidental accident between the two countries".

 China's strength is growing much faster than regional powers

 China has been guarding its interests and borders very forcefully till now, but in the recent past, the way the army is using it in this work has not been seen before.  According to Adam Ni, director of the China Policy Center in Canberra, Australia, China's strength is growing at a much faster pace than other regional powers.  This is the reason why China gets a chance to adopt different tactics to impose its will on the rivals.

China is more focused on Navy, Air Force and Cyber ​​War

  The period of modernization of the army started in China since 1990 has had an impact in the military activities of China in recent times.  The campaign to remove corrupt and non-loyal officers at the top level in the army has been continuously under the supervision of the Chinese ruler Xi Jinping.  Instead of strengthening military ground fighting, China is now focusing more on the combined form of Navy, Air Force and Cyber ​​War.

Defense spending also increased during the epidemic, China's defense budget of $ 180 billion

 China is constantly trying to increase its military strength.  Even during the Corona period, there was no shortage in his strategic preparations.  This time it has increased by a huge 6.6 percent in the defense budget.  This time its defense budget has been about 180 billion dollars.  This defense budget is currently only a quarter of the US defense budget.  During the budget speech at the National People's Congress, Chinfing said that for our military operations, we have to improve the army.

The challenge presented to the US Navy by increasing its fighter fleet

 The Chinese military is far behind the US military in many respects, but there are some areas where it has surpassed the US military.  While American has 285 fighter ships, China has increased the number of its fighter ships to 335.  There are reports that China has dominated the Pacific Ocean and posed a challenge to the US Navy.

Washington, ANI.  American F-22 jets have intercepted 2 Russian maritime patrol planes near Alaska.  F-22 jets from the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) intercepted two Russian IL-38 maritime patrol aircraft on the late night of June 24 as they entered the Alaska Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ).

 The commander of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) said in a statement, the Russian aircraft had arrived within the Aleutian Islands chain 50 miles along the Aleutian Islands.  He stated that the IL-38 remained in international airspace and at no point did the aircraft enter the United States or Canadian sovereign airspace.

  The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) employs a layered defense network of radars, satellites, and combat aircraft to identify aircraft and determine the appropriate response.  The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) said that the identification and monitoring of aircraft entering the US or Canadian ADIZ shows how NORAD executes its aerospace warning and aerospace control missions to the United States and Canada.

The NORAD commander said that for the fifth time in this month NORAD has demonstrated our readiness and ability to defend the borders by intercepting Russian military aircraft entering our air defense detection zone.  He further added that the mission assurance measures we are taking to protect our people, ensure that we are facing challenges and working through the COVID-19 environment to protect our nations  , As NORAD forces have for more than 60 years.  Operation Noble Eagle is the name given to all air sovereignty and air defense missions in North America.

Washington, Pret.  US National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien (NSA Robert O'Brien) has alleged that China also uses propaganda and influence-related operations to persuade it.  This top official of the Trump administration said this while addressing a group of people in Phoenix, Arizona.

 "When Australia demanded an independent investigation into the origin and spread of the corona virus, China imposed 80 per cent cess on Australian barley," O'Brien said.  He said that international organizations are also a part of China's plan and he campaigned to take command of several global bodies.  China currently heads four of the 15 UN specialized agencies that outnumber the other permanent members of the Security Council - the United States, Britain, France and Russia.

O'Brien alleged that China through these heads forces international bodies to reconcile themselves and put Chinese telecom equipment there.  He alleged that under the influence of Beijing, the Director General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Gabrayes, was shaking China's yes on the Wuhan virus.  Claimed that the disease did not spread from person to person and opposed international travel restrictions.  Tedros praised the domestic flight restrictions on the inhabitants of Wuhan i.e. they could travel abroad, but could not go to Beijing and Shanghai.
Washington, Agency.  The New York Times report can be shocking.  This report claimed that there was a military conflict between the US and China.  The report said that China's aggression and expansionary policy is a sign of a new crisis in the future.  If this is the position of China, then future confrontation between America and China is certain.  China's intentions suggest that it is in a mood to struggle.  The way China has aggressively submitted a claim from the Himalayas to the South China Sea, its conflict with the US in the future is believed to be fixed.

 Beijing's military campaign amid Corona epidemic

  At a time when the world, including the US, is battling the Corona epidemic, China has opened up several military fronts with neighboring countries.  He is encroaching the border with neighbors.  Beijing is using its military strength in this encroachment.  This intention of China has raised the bell of a new crisis throughout Asia and Washington.  The report said that China deployed its submarine near Japan within a week of the escalating dispute with Indian troops in eastern Ladakh.  Meanwhile, Chinese bombers were roaring in Taiwan's regional airspace.  China opened its military fronts on three fronts simultaneously.  By doing this, China made its intention clear.

American hitch increased in South China Sea

  The special thing is that the US has also increased its military activities in this area to counter China in the South China Sea.  The US has sent American warships to Taiwan via the South China Sea.  The US has extended support for military issues to Taiwan after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with China top diplomat Yang Jiechi.  On the other hand, China has blamed the United States for tensions in the region.  China accused the US military of regularly interfering in an area where it has no territorial claims.

Big challenge for US Navy after Cold War

 This report stated that the combat situation in the Western Pacific would be a major challenge to the ability of the US Navy to deal with the Chinese Navy.  This is the first such challenge presented to the US Navy after the end of the Cold War.  On the other hand, China has expanded its claims in the South China Sea, furthering its military activity near Taiwan.  In this sequence, it is developing two new administrative areas, which will be helpful in controlling the islands and other neighbors.

Kabul, Agency.  Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid on Saturday dismissed the US intelligence report alleging that Moscow could offer armed Islamic rebels in Afghanistan a reward for killing American soldiers.  The spokesperson said that these rumors have been made only to create hurdles about the peace deal, so that differences between the Taliban and the US arise.  The spokesman stressed that the Taliban activities are not related to any country's intelligence or foreign affairs.  He said that the Taliban is committed to an agreement with the US.  Its implementation will ensure comprehensive peace and stability in Afghanistan.  Significantly, this came to light when last week US Special Representative for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad, while expressing satisfaction over the peace deal, said that Kabul and the Taliban carried out an important exchange of prisoners.

White House denied

 However, the White House has meanwhile denied this.  The White House said that President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence did not disclose the intelligence findings, with a Russian military intelligence unit secretly offering a reward to the Taliban for the deaths of American soldiers.  White House press secretary Kayle McNee said in a statement that the United States receives thousands of intelligence reports a day and is subject to rigorous scrutiny.  He said the White House does not regularly comment on intelligence or internal consultations.  The CIA Director, National Security Advisor, and the Chief of Staff can confirm this.

A NYT article heated up the case

 Significantly, the New York Times (NYT) published an article on Friday.  In it, he cited unnamed government sources as saying that Trump was presented with an intelligence report claiming that Moscow could reward the Taliban in Afghanistan for killing American soldiers.  It further stated that Trump failed to act on the report.
New York Times News Service.  This news is a bit shocking but true.  US President Donald Trump is not given all kinds of intelligence from the White House.  The information that the White House considers necessary for the President is told only to him and the rest of the information is kept hidden.

 These things are now coming to the fore.  In fact, a story was published in the US website New York Times on Friday, which stated that Russia had announced a reward from the Taliban for killing military soldiers stationed in Afghanistan.  Russia somehow contacted the Taliban-linked militants and said that if they harm the American soldiers, they will be rewarded.  President Donald Trump was not informed about this by the US Intelligence Department.

Now when former US Vice President Joe Biden came to know about it, he said that President Donald Trump is there for it.  He said that when Trump was given this information by the intelligence department, he should have punished Russia, but he did not do so.

 Giving information on the matter, officials said the New York Times reported on Friday that a Russian military intelligence unit had secretly paid Taliban-linked militants to target American and coalition troops in Afghanistan, telling Trump about it.  Information was given in

The White House does not regularly comment on any intelligence or internal opinion discord.  The Intelligence Agency, the CIA Director, the National Security Advisor and the chief of staff all confirm that neither the President nor the Vice President had been given intelligence about this.  A statement in this regard was also issued by the White House when the news in this regard was published on the New York Times website 25 hours ago.

Press Secretary Kayle McNee issued a statement in this afternoon.  In a statement issued by National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe on Saturday night, the White House's claim came true, saying such intelligence was not passed on to Trump.

 The Times article also reported that the White House's National Security Council had discussed the problem at an intergency meeting in late March but had not yet responded to the case.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden called it shameful.  At a virtual town hall organized by the Voter Group, Biden said such things were a gross violation of international law.

 President Donald Trump did not take any action on Russia for this, instead he denied having such information only.  Trump has embarrassed himself by doing so.  His entire presidency has looked like a gift to Vladimir Putin.

He said that when we send the soldiers of our country to the harm places, then it is also our responsibility to save our soldiers and provide better things for them, if we do not do this then the duty of those who are doing duty for the country  This is betrayal.

Giving information on the matter, officials said that such intelligence was found in interrogation of the captured Afghan militants and criminals.  The officials had told that these interrogations of terrorists were kept secret, after which the administration was told about it.  But the administration noticed about it in the last one week.  But two days ago this shocking information also surfaced that White House officials had never told Trump about it.

 One thing has also come to light that there are links between Islamic terrorists and armed criminal elements.  It is also believed that he has amassed large sums of money to attack American soldiers in this way.  It may be recalled that twenty Americans were killed in the war in Afghanistan in the year 2019, but at that time these killings were under suspicion.

 If there is support from Russia to encourage the killing of American and other NATO troops, it is a matter of concern in itself.  Knowing such things, soldiers will be angry with Russia.  However, this would be the first time the Russian spy unit has adopted such a strategy to attack Western troops.

Washington, agencies.  Recorded new cases in one day have been found in the US, which is suffering the worst of the corona epidemic in the world.  According to data from the news agency Reuters, 45 thousand 242 new cases were found in this world's most powerful country on Friday.  This is the highest number of new cases in a day.  Due to this, the number of infected people has increased to more than 25 lakh 50 thousand.  While so far more than one lakh 27 thousand victims have died.

 Many US provinces are seeing a sharp increase in infections after the restrictions imposed for the prevention of corona and the opening of businesses.  Texas Governor Greg Abbott ordered the bar to be closed throughout the province in the afternoon as the epidemic escalated.  He has also made it mandatory for restaurants that they will not allow more than 50 per cent of their capacity to be seated.

In this province, the maximum number of six thousand infected were found in a single day.  Florida officials also prohibit serving alcohol at bars.  About nine thousand new cases a day have been confirmed in Florida.  Here, California Governor Gavin Newsom has also recommended new strict rules for people to stay at home.  Masks have been made mandatory in Alaska in public places.  The surge in new cases has also been reported in the United States of Alabama, Arizona, California, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, Nawada, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Tennessee.

New guidelines for corona prevention in Beijing

 The Chinese capital, Beijing, issued new guidelines for the prevention of corona virus on Saturday.  It calls for constant wearing of masks, maintaining physical distance, and regularly washing hands in Corona-affected areas.  The first new case was found on 11 June in Beijing.  Several strict restrictions have already been imposed in the city in an attempt to avert the threat of a second round of epidemic.  Officials said 21 new cases were found in the country.  17 of these infected were found in Beijing.

Business will be restored in Mexico

 Mexico's government said on Friday that it would be allowed to reinstate more businesses in some parts of the country despite an increase in the rate of infection and death.  In Mexico City too, shops, markets and sports complexes have been announced to open from next week.  With the arrival of 5,441 new cases in Mexico, the number of infected people has increased to 200,000.  While 25 thousand 779 victims have died.

Key points related to corona epidemic worldwide

 Despite increasing infection in Egypt, cafes, clubs, gyms and theaters have been opened since Saturday after three months.

 -The total number of people infected with corona in Pakistan is close to two lakh, more than four thousand died

 - The total figure of corona hit by 6,800 new cases in Russia is six lakh 27 thousand.

 A record 30 victims died in Italy in one day, 16 of these deaths occurred in the epicenter of Lombardy

Oakland, Agency.  Facebook has said that it will put warning signs on all posts in the 'news category' of all leaders, including President Donald Trump, that would be contrary to its rules.  In fact, Unilever, a European company offering brands such as Ben & Jerry and Dove, had announced a boycott of advertisements on Facebook by the end of this year, accusing Facebook of hate speech and divisive discourse.  After which Facebook shares fell more than eight percent.  After this company, Coca-Cola also announced a boycott of Facebook for at least 30 days.

 Zuckerberg refuses to take action against Trump's disputed post

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg refused to take action against some of Trump's disputed posts, saying that people had the right to hear leaders' statements as they are.  However, on the contrary Twitter had put warning signs on these statements.

Zuckerberg announced a change in policies on his Facebook page

 Facebook did not take any action on Trump's post on which Twitter has placed warning signs.  It was also criticized by opponents of Trump and current and former employees of Facebook.  Zuckerberg announced a change in policies on his Facebook page.  In it, he said that the policies that are being implemented today, they are aimed to deal with the challenges that our country is facing today.

Zuckerberg said - Facebook will also ban false claims

 Zuckerberg said the social network is taking additional steps to deal with misleading election-related information.  It said that Facebook would also ban false claims that discouraged voting.
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