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Israeli President Ruvan Rivlin has called for Benjamin Netanyahu to form the government. Despite elections in the country for the fourth time in two years on March 23, neither party got a clear majority nor any coalition was able to form a government. In the last 70 years, no party has managed to get a majority in Israel so far. Netanyahu has 28 days to form an alliance. Apart from this, if required, he can also ask for additional time of two weeks to form the government.

Must prove majority in 28 days

If Netanyahu fails to form the government, the president can give another candidate a chance to form a coalition. 52 MPs have recommended Netanyahu's name, but the magical figure is still far from 61 seats. Netanyahu's Likud Party has won the most seats out of 120 seats in Parliament. It is believed that Netanyahu can use influence to form the government.

Despite elections for the fourth time in two years, no party or coalition has been successful in forming the government.

Former Finance Minister Yar Lapid recommended 45 MPs and former Defense Minister Naphtali Bennett seven MPs. Netanyahu is facing trial for corruption and taking bribes, but he has not yet been charged with the case. President Rivlin said that at the moment no one has the strength to form a government, but I believe that Netanyahu's claim is the strongest among those who can form a government.

Fueled by US President Joe Biden's statement, North Korea said its comments were provocative. Biden (US President Joe Biden) criticized North Korea's recent missile tests and warned that it would be prepared to bear the consequences if it increased tensions. North Korea's official Korea Central News Agency (KCNA) on Saturday quoted a statement issued by senior officer Ri Pyong Chol as saying that President Biden's remarks were provocative and an encroachment of North Korea's self-defense rights. .

North Korea will continue to step up to increase its military strength. Biden told reporters on Thursday, 'We are in consultation with our allied countries. If they follow the path of tension, we will respond accordingly. North Korea tested the new guided missiles on Thursday. KCNA had reported that the two guided missiles were fully successful in hitting targets on Thursday. While Japanese officials said that North Korea tested two ballistic missiles.

Experts believe that North Korea is acting in such a way to put pressure on the Biden administration, so that any kind of dialogue between the two countries can be taken advantage of in the future. However, both have been holding nuclear talks since 2019. The then US President Donald Trump and North Korea's supreme leader Kim Jong Un met three times but nothing was made. In the talks held in 2019, the US rejected North Korea's demand to lift the sanctions. North Korea has so far ignored attempts to negotiate the Biden administration (US President Joe Biden).

Changes in the electoral system in Hong Kong and the massacre of Uygar Muslims in Xinjiang will create trouble in the meeting between China and the United States in Alaska. China has once again criticized China on both these matters. It has also said that this could make diplomatic negotiations difficult. The US has expressed its commitment to raise these issues vigorously.

 White House press secretary Jane Saki said that on March 18 and 19 in Alaska, with China, Foreign Minister Antoine Blinken and National Security Advisor Jack Sullivan would not back down from taking up these issues. Along with this, the issue of democracy and Taiwan in Hong Kong is also important for us. The massacre of Uygar Muslims is very serious.

 On the US statement in the case of Xinjiang, Taiwan and Hong Kong, China has already described it as interfering in the internal matter. China wants to avoid these issues and insist on resolving differences.

There will also be talks with China on the issue of climate change

 Foreign Ministry spokesman Ned Price said on the issue of change in the electoral system in Hong Kong that it is directly an attack on the democratic system and independence here. Ned Price has said that there will also be talks with China on the issue of climate change.

 He said that we are not just talking. Beijing will have to show seriousness on all issues. So that the relationship between the two countries can be normal.

It may be known that the Biden administration of the United States is reviewing relations with China afresh. Meanwhile, the biggest hurdles in the talks are the massacre of Uygar Muslims, issues in Hong Kong and Taiwan. A few days before the talks on all these three issues, China's stubborn attitude remains.

Former US President Donald Trump will join political enthusiasts for the first time since his exit from the White House.  He will attend the last day of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida on February 28.  It is believed that this conference will get a response to the steps taken by President Joe Biden on the decisions taken before Trump.  He may also consider issues related to Iran and the United Nations and Mexico's border policy.

 Future Movement Profile

  Trump may also illustrate the future movement of the Republican Party and the Conservative movement in the CPAC.  The former US President has recently completed a four-year term and is also free from impeachment in the Parliament (Capitol Hill) violence on 6 January.  This will be his first speech among Conservative supporters after his departure from the presidency.  The conference will also be attended by former Secretary of State Mike Ponpio, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and South Dakota Governor Christie Noam.  Trump has had a major role in the CPAC and it also increased his political power.

China became active in Taiwan as soon as the newly elected President Joe Biden took over power in the US. China's war planes continuously entered the Taiwan border. After all, what are the implications of this power show of China. Why did the Chinese army become active in Taiwan as soon as Biden took over. On Sunday, 15 aircrafts from China entered the border in Taiwan. However, the US reacted sharply to China's move. After all, what are the implications of this Chinese activity on Taiwan. Especially when Biden took over power in the US.

 China becomes active on Taiwan after Biden's oath

 In the past few months, China has flown regular flights to the watershed between the southern Taiwan-controlled Pratas Islands in the South China Sea. China used one to three reconnaissance aircraft or anti-submarine warfare aircraft for these flights. Taiwan's Ministry of Defense claimed that on Saturday, an anti-submarine aircraft, a Chinese bomber ready to carry eight nuclear weapons, entered the Taiwan zone. On both occasions, a Taiwan Air Force had alerted the planes and deployed missiles to monitor them.

America has given a strict response

However, recently the US has reacted strongly to this military action of China. The US State Department spokesperson said that the Chinese will continue to intensify its relations with Taiwan once Chinese planes enter Taiwanese territory. Price has further said in his statement that the United States has been watching with great concern the efforts of China to threaten its neighbors, including Taiwan. He urged China to stop Beijing from putting military, diplomatic pressure on Taiwan. Price further asked to initiate dialogue with the democratically elected representatives of Taiwan.

Taiwan-China and American Factor

 After the end of the Chinese Civil War in 1949, China and Taiwan have had separate governments. Taiwan has also received official acceptance from some countries. Its democratic government also maintains strong trade and informal relations with many countries. Like many countries, the US does not have diplomatic relations with Taipei, but under a law, the United States can assist Taiwan's suicide. Last week, the American High Commissioner of Taiwan Shia B. Khim who was called at Biden's swearing-in ceremony. This move by the US is also seen as a support for the Biden administration over Taiwan. On the other hand, China has been influencing Taiwan's international activities for a long time. Both have also tried to increase their influence in the Pacific. Tensions between the two have increased over the years. At present, China has not yet said that it will not use power to regain the island.

The number of corona patients in America has exceeded 20 million. While the number of dead has reached 3,46,408. According to The Center for Systems Science and Engineering, based at John Hopkins University, the number of patients in the country reached 10 million on November 9, but it took less than two months to get 20 million patients.

 23 percent of corona patients worldwide are in the US alone

 The pace of the dead is also increasing rapidly. On Wednesday, 3,750 people died for the second consecutive day. This is a record. 23 percent of the world's patients are in the US alone. Almost the same figure is also of the people who lost their lives in the epidemic.

 Corona epidemic kills 585 people on first day of year in California

The extent to which the US provinces are affected by the epidemic can be gauged from the fact that in California alone, 585 people died on the first day of the year. According to the provincial health ministry, 47 thousand new cases were reported in the province on Friday. California has become the third province with more than 25 thousand deaths. In case of epidemic patients, California has 22,97,336, in Texas 17,66,791, while in Florida it is 13,23,315.

More than 1.25 lakh people are hospitalized

 The New York and Illinois provinces have over 9,60,000 patients. The provinces that have more than 5,20,000 patients are Ohio, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Arizona. According to the Kovid Tracking Project, more than 1.25 lakh people are currently hospitalized in the US. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention forecast that by January 23, the number of dead in the US will be between 3,83,000 to 4,24,000.

Trump said- very slow vaccination in some provinces

  In some provinces, US President Donald Trump has expressed his displeasure over the vaccination campaign being so slow. In a tweet, Trump said, "In spite of the large number of vaccines being provided by the federal government, the vaccination campaign is slowing down in some provinces." Let us tell you that the vaccination campaign started in the US on 14 December. There are two types of vaccines (Pfizer-BioNotech and Moderna) approved.

New strain of corona virus 70 percent more contagious

 The figures came amid a recommendation from advisors to the British government, urging them to make it mandatory to wear face masks at workplaces, schools and crowded places to prevent epidemics. Please tell that the new strain of corona virus was first found in England. The new strain is 70 percent more contagious.

France: The curfew period implemented in 15 areas has been extended by two hours since Saturday. Now curfew will start in these areas at six o'clock instead of eight.

 Brazil: 462 people have died during the last twenty-four hours. While Corona report of 24,605 ​​people came positive.

 Japan: Given the growing cases of Corona, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is believed to be urging the Central Government to declare the State of Emergency.

 Russia: More than 26 thousand new patients have been detected while 447 people have died. The number of people who lost their lives in Russia from Corona has exceeded 58 thousand.

 Thailand: The Ministry of Health has recommended a stringent ban in all 28 provinces after new cases of corona were revealed .

The US Parliament has rejected the veto imposed by Trump on the $ 740 billion Defense Spending Fund (National Defense Authorization Act). Earlier, Trump had vetoed a total of eight Bills, after which those bills could never take the shape of law. However, this time the Parliament unitedly removed Trump's veto. This is the first time in Trump's four-year presidential term. Explain that the Parliament had approved spending of $ 740 billion on the country's defense policy in the next one year.

  President Donald Trump vetoed some of the provisions of the bill, refusing to sign it, as disputed. Trump had objected to the provisions regarding the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan and Europe.

  The US constitution requires a two-thirds majority of parliament to remove the president's veto. The House of Representatives has already rejected veto from 322 votes against 87 earlier this week. On Friday, the Senate voted, rejecting Trump's veto by a majority of 81–13. Trump's Republican Party MPs also voted in favor of the veto being lifted. The Democratic Party criticized President Trump for vetoing the bill. Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that Trump's move had jeopardized America's national security. Two days from today, new members of parliament will take oath in the US. Joe Biden will take charge on January 20.

The federal judge on Friday dismissed a lawsuit filed by a Republican lawmaker. The lawsuit calls for Pence's role in counting the electoral votes from states and paving the way for Biden's victory at a congressional meeting on 6 January. The lawsuit was filed by Texas lawmaker Louis Gohmert with 11 residents in Arizona. The Republican Party appointed these 11 people as electors.

 It stated that Vice President Mike Pence (Vice President Mike Pence) should be allowed to attend the meeting of the US Parliament on January 6 to process the election of the US President to elect Joe Elector The college was able to reject the votes. In this meeting, US President Donald Trump will try his last and big bet. During this time, Trump hopes to have the support of several fellow Republican lawmakers to oppose the counting of Electoral College.

Donald Trump is consistently claiming his victory in the presidential election and has also pressured Republican lawmakers to come forward for a legal battle. 140 members of the House of Representatives will vote against counting the electoral vote. Explain that a group of electors is called an electoral college of electoral college. This group chooses the President. Talking about the rules, according to this, if the election of the new president is being approved in both the houses of the Congress (House and Senate), if a member lodges a protest, then the electoral college can be voted for counting. . On January 6, Pence will preside over the joint session of Parliament where the votes of Biden and Trump will be finalized. Electoral colleges of all provinces cast their votes two weeks ago.
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